Red Lion Report- 27th March 2020




Dear Reader,

Sales are very strong right now obviously due to ‘the bug’. We have ordered and received 7000 glass bottles and 2000 X 250ml plastic bottles because we’re expecting sales to continue to gain strength into July.

But we are on top of orders and working furiously to build a large inventory.

From today people who’ve signed up to the newsletters can avail of a discount coupon of 20% up to 1 liter of product. I had it only available for one bottle but now the discount is for up to 10 bottles.

This is help to get as much product to people as possible and hopefully people will give the product to their friends and family. The coupon code is: redlion-coronavirusaid

Our offer of a free 20ml syringe of pulverized carbon 60 still stands to anyone who is infected with coronavirus but they must document their experience over 2 weeks.

It’s heartbreaking to see so many suffer. People have fears, is my job safe? Will I be able to pay my mortgage? Will the stock market crash? Will the World economy change?

But you know the answer to these questions.

The answer is yes, the World will be changed forever. We are blindly going into the future. You have every right to be afraid even terrified.

Or you can accept the change- it’s happening regardless.


Now you know why some young people are dying with no underlying conditions or ill health.

There is a strong link between covid-19 and cocaine.

Cocaine gives easy access for the virus particularly the nasal passages. Death comes very quickly if there is cocaine in ones system particularly the 30 something age group.

Cocaine multiplies the effect of covid19 and we should be in tears because of our beautiful young people dying so fast without warning.

Cocaine drastically lowers the body resistance to the virus. The precious immune system is drugged.

Please get the word out to as many as possible. Cocaine now carries a ‘grave risk’ literally.

C60 Sekhmet

The new version of carbon 60 is nothing like any previous version. The timing is curious btw but there is an extreme reaction with our latest alchemical version of carbon 60 and covid-19.

I hesitate to tell you the full truth of this new product because I’m worried people will think they are invincible and do stupid things like oh, I’m young I wont get it..

The new elixir will be like a pot of magic is the only way I can describe it.

It will make a very speedy recovery if people get coronavirus. It’s tricks the body into making it feel younger.

Again I’m not saying RL carbon 60 olive oil and elixir will cure covid-19 but people will make a very fast recovery.

It strengthens the immune system massively, it goes to where the most damage occurs, heals at the DNA level and pushes the virus out.

The elixir is far more powerful but as I’ve said before- it is magnetized straight to the most damage first and begins to heal at the DNA level- repairing DNA, healing on an emotional and spiritual level also. Please see the teloyears results below.

The new C60 oil and elixir is amazing. It affects peoples sexuality in a very positive way, effects them in staying power and makes them feel young not just look young but feel young.

The combination of both the elixir and C60 olive oil will give one twice the age reversal as oil only or elixir only because they will be working inside out and outside in.

Here is another report from Ms. K.T- the lady who has arthritis since she was 12:

I took your advice to break ties with the past, and let go of my grief for my 15 year old dog that passed away last year.

I used your Akashic Meditation Technique to break ties with the HURT AND PAIN..thank you Marten. My life is so much better now that I am healing in so many ways, thanks to your sharing this Secret.

While walking the puppy 2 days ago (which was impossible for me before taking all your products daily) I did have a nasty fall down a hill onto street pavement, and basically had ripped up my hands and arms terribly.

I woke the next day and could not bend my fingers without sharp pain, but after using the Elixir….well you know….it instantly made my sprained hand and fingers strangely flexible.

I think you are right about the Elixir being sacred part of the Universal Energy.

Funny thing…I left the Elixir on until later when I used a chemical for cleaning the house…the pain and swelling and inability to use my fingers immediately cane back. Whoa! I’m talking INSTANTLY!

I knew right away that as long as the serum was on my injury, I was healing. The second it was “polluted” with chemicals or cleaners the healing stopped.

Honest to God this is true…after the pain came back, I put some Elixir on the wounds once more as an experiment, to see what would happen… and 20 minutes later…flexible fingers once again! This revelation makes me so happy!

PS. I want you to know that my husband got Bronchitis in January, so I large-dosed him daily with your C60 and rubbed Elixir on his throat and chest…he healed in 3 days!

He came down with Bronchitis again this month, and again I nursed him back to health in 3 days!! No Doctor Needed for us.

***The most miraculous part is…I NEVER GOT SICK ONCE! I usually get sick 3-4 times a year, but since using your C60 and Elixir, I HAVE ONLY BEEN IN HEALING MODE. NO ILLNESSES CAN STICK…. WOW!!

I have no fears about CORONA VIRUS. I wonder how may people can say that.

I have also been using the C60 and Elixir DAILY with my new puppy, and she is so healthy!! I encourage your customers to try your products on their pets in small doses based on weight. They are part if the family too and should not be forgotten. 🐶. My puppy begs for the C60 every day. She LOVES IT! ❤️


Here is another excellent report from Mr. J.B.:

Hi Marten

Hope all is going well! Probably really stacked up with orders at this point, which is a good thing!

So I wanted to write you back about my experience with using PC60 straight out of the syringe.

Dose 1.
Took 2ml… felt very energetic and strong, very uplifting mood the day of and at least 3 days later… no negative side affects, no negative thoughts or feelings

Dose 2.
5 days later took 3 ml: almost no difference from 2ml, same thing felt very energetic and strong, very uplifting mood the day of and at least 3 days later… no negative side affects, no negative thoughts or feelings.

Dose 3.
5 days later took 5 ml: felt more direct physical energy, as though I’m 5 years younger, it was quite noticeable, but felt very short lived, about 5-8hrs maximum and then can feel the heightened strength and energy leaving body by end of the day, back to baseline… reminded me of how it feels taking higher dose of caffeine pills before exercise. spike up, spike down…very uplifting mood the day of and at least 3 days later… no negative side affects, no negative thoughts or feelings.

What’s interesting at 5 ml, the effects were not that much more pronounced as 3 ml, so decided to prolong the experiment and break out the rest of the 10ml into 1 ml doses but more frequent.

Dose 4-10: Took 1ml roughly every 3-4 days from here on out
The 1 ml dosage is the most puzzling to me… its very subtle energy and strength wise, I feel a slight energy boost, but not very much, about the same as 5 ml of red lion C60 olive oil itself, but the biggest affect is emotions…

I feel great the day I take it, but then the next day, or sometimes even 2-3 days later, I have this big low, feel down for no identifiable reason, surrounded by negative thoughts and feelings, really hard to snap out of on your own…

For the first 4 dosages of 1ml, I would get those feelings several days later and just couldn’t figure out why, everything I typically try to get myself back on track like exercise, various supplements etc did not help, until on my 5th session I was taking a shower and it hit me what you mentioned how this would feel afterwards and the newsletters prior that you wrote how to deal with it… wow, I couldn’t believe it, honestly did not think this would happen to me, thought myself to be much more mentally strong!

Once I remembered that connection, from then on, when I took 1ml dose, the down days surely followed, but this time I knew to expect and it was so much easier to deal with, almost like a light switch, I was able to neutralize the feelings w/out too much effort, but it does force you to deal with past negatives quickly or else the mood does not seem to want to go away on its own, requires to be addressed and dealt with.

So there is my experience thus far, will continue testing at some point at higher doses as I think there’s much to gain and learn at that level as well, but its just out of budget at the moment.

Looking forward to testing out the new stronger version of elixir.
Thank you again for all you do!

Here is a follow up email from Mr. J.B.:

Great feedback, I will keep breathing in mind, can imagine that would help a lot, I know about Wim Hof breath work…. and you are right about almost not wanting to shake the feeling off, as though it would be better to sit with it and let it work itself through, would be nice to do something like that in a retreat type setting, otherwise during normal routines, the lows take too much time away from productivity, its hard to concentrate on meaningful work….. perhaps will try taking it right before bed for a sessions and see if that helps…

My next round of pc60 I’m going to need to write out some rules/guidelines to go by before I start the sessions so its like a road map in the dark because you forget so many things during the lows!

For example the hot/cold method, I’ve been doing that for several years after gym workout, go into sauna for 15-30 minutes, then take as cold of a shower as possible and then leave… but I haven’t been doing that for a few months lately, and the thought never hit me to even try it this time around either! lol so interesting because typically for me the sauna/cold shower routine is very euphoric, it boosts glutathione and testosterone levels for several hours, so it would certainly help break the low somewhat, if not fully.

Having felt what PC60 is capable of, how it behaves, as though its a living thing and knows where to go first, reminds me how people describe the Immortalis Klotho probiotics formula behaves… although I have not tried it yet personally, its on my list for the future…

I’m drawn to do some serious 5ml sessions, perhaps like 10-20 over a set time and see how I come out the other end.. but ofcourse with careful planning ahead of time, a solid road map of action steps to mitigate the waves. I had no idea what to truly expect internally, honestly thought you were just throwing precautions out as a general blanket disclosure, now I know how to approach it, just like they talk about set and setting is important for internal work, its the same here.

Yes you can share in the newsletter, just use my initials JB instead of full name, I don’t mind as I like reading others feedback as well, it helps to get a deeper understanding of what we are working with.

Here is another interesting report from Mr. T.H. (with thanks):

You may like to know this: .5ml a day for 6 months: I went from 31.5 years old (chronological) to 26years old based on my telomere length. Before May 5th 2019, After: Nov 8th 2019

My goal is to be celebrating my 21st birthday AGAIN in Las Vegas After another 5 months haha!

Blood test via
Right now, I am also using Epitalon, 1 nasal spray a day.
My friend said that a 60 year old chrno and telo length man Said “in a few months” went to a 20 year old telomere length I’m guessing it was 3 months, but I’ll ask.

So if I am getting 5 years younger every 6 months, my thought/hypothesis is that syngergistically both Epitalon and C60 daily might double the rate of telomere lengthening.

Now, considering I was taking it since nov 2018, my telomere length might have Been as high as 37 years old.

I never took any products that teloyears sell either.
But in the end, we will see.

Thank you for the elixir! I’m a C student for Orgo Chem 1 and 2, so Any links to help me understand appropriate application as more a lay person.

Also, I would love to understand the mechanism if you have that easily accessible. Might want to read “The World of Carbon” by Isaac Asimov again and take a 2nd look.

Here are Mr T.H. ‘teloyears’ results May 5th 2019

Here are Mr. T.H. teloyears results 6 months later…


The new elixir will have the capability of Unlocking latent abilities. It will bring up negative emotion for them to be cleared but you need to be grounded.

If you cannot sleep or your mind becomes over active it means you’re ‘in your head space’ and you need to ground yourself.

Try standing on soil or sand or grass with bare feet (no socks) for 6 minutes and you’ll feel the energy drain away through your spine. This grounding exercise is quite important.

If you live in a city, get a plastic container and fill it with earth and stand in that for 6 minutes.

Again be prepared to cut ties when emotion comes up. Expectations kill relationships and other things but you can expect strong emotion if you use too much.

The strong can take more but obviously the less you take the less emotional effect there will be.

Emotions are connected to illness and like stress cause many negative symptoms, when the negative emotions are gone, they cannot cause you illness or disease- yes cutting ties again!

Healing should always be on three levels not just physical.

Use the cutting of ties technique and akasha principle mentioned in a recent newsletter to let go of fear with this covid-19 thing and other fears like financial worries.

Send them to the Akasha principle and they are sealed for good.

Everything is going to be more than ok, it will be wonderful and we will bounce back so fast it will make your head spin.

Keep taking c60 olive oil to build your immune system in case the worst happens

Novus ordo seclorum

There will be a new world order but not the intended one. To me this is an amazing time of reflection for the whole world.

There will be huge changes and we will get through it. We always get through it!

We are champions!

There will be an enormous bounce-back. The World will all pull together and economic damage will not be like previous recessions with a slow recovery.

There will be a massive, massive effort planet wide to bring us all into a new time of prosperity but this wont take years of recovery. This will be months.

The recovery will be the fastest in history and we will bounce back like the World has never seen before.

And when we do, the prosperity will be astonishing, but even better the World will be astonishing.

So although there will be economic consequences, they will be short lived and we’ll move into an abundant time we’ve never seen the like of.

Large companies will be scrutinized and God hep them- they will feel the wrath of the people who will no longer tolerate any abuse.

Large negative greedy organizations will be wiped out overnight.

Integrity and respect will be the new way of doing business and anyone not having these qualities will be wiped out too.

You can feel it already no? Everyone feels it. Bad people will not be tolerated, there will be a new respect for each other.

This is in fact what we’ve been waiting for all this time.

People have now stopped to think who they are, who their friends are, who their leaders are, what is happening to their countries and the World.

For the first time in decades dolphins are swimming in Venice. Air pollution has been drastically cut.

Before we were too busy to notice large corporations abusing the public. But no more. They will be wiped out and ‘small is beautiful’ will be the new model.

Small communities, small businesses, small organizations but united as one World.

This event is karmic and if you’ve read previous newsletters you’ll know what ‘cutting to the point to clear it’ means. But this clearing is on a planetary scale.

The poison is being brought out to release it and then there will be no more poison.

As an alchemist this is the World going through putrefaction and every alchemist knows what comes next- the birth of the new.

A new world will emerge. This is an incredible time. The day the Earth stood still but for wonderful reasons.

No-one saw this coming but I think July will see covid 19 receding but our reality will be totally different.

People will not be as greedy. People will be kinder to each other and tolerance for criminals will be zero.

People will come together against criminals and God help them too is all I can say.

We as a World! OMG you are going to see the good people of the world suddenly turn into warriors standing in their power.

Because we have literally been prevented from touching, when this thing is gone we’ll be shaking hands and hugging non stop!

Our whole reality is changing and for the better.
What’s coming is a glittering future filled with love, joy and abundance.


Best Regards

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