Red Lion Report April 26th 2019



Dear Reader,

This week was very nearly a complete disaster.

We can manufacture carbon 60 and carbon 70 all we like but if it can’t be separated from soot, there’s little point making any more!

Separation was working fine but we didn’t realize there was a problem until we altered one of the machines. Then couldn’t figure out why it stopped working. I guess it’s the old ‘fix it until it breaks’ issue I have lol. But at the same time, this problem would have happened sooner or later.

Using a HPLC is not very feasible to separate C60 as it is cumbersome and very slow, requiring a lot of solvents to do it.

Cs2 for example is very expensive and requires days of form filling and then the EPA want to know everything you do including what you had for breakfast. CS2 also has a disgusting smell and is toxic. Toluene also has it’s problems and is toxic. So what do we do?

This was the option I genuinely considered as the situation was so bad. But there is no way I wanted to use solvents. The frequencies are wrong.

OMG the pressure we were under having all that fullerene soot and separation not working properly- very frustrating. Surprised I have any hair left.

But we kept at the problem almost night and day again and this is why I’m a bit late with the newsletter. The problem was solved this evening!!!

So we set the equipment up with all the various tweaks and fixes as to what we thought was the problem and crossed our fingers. First the soot flowed out in fits and starts, then…. the C60 🙂

You could tell instantly it was C60 just from the flow- like black water! Huge relief.

For the last months we were focused on the reactor, thinking the separation wouldn’t be a problem. Actually it wasn’t in the end; we just needed to be aware of certain phenomena.

In alchemical terms, the female and male were joined together (sticking) and this was a problem of the magnetism of the feminine. The feminine magnetism had to be removed but couldn’t be done by force. But they’re now divorced and the separation went perfectly.

So when we say we use zero solvents- we mean it!


The reactor is working as smooth as glass. Although last weekend the power supply wire to the reactor was coiled on the floor of the lab, heated, melted and tripped a breaker which meant we couldn’t open the shutters of the Lab! Thank God for breaker switches.

By the way, extra virgin olive oil is heavier than regular olive oil, so you may find the taste getting stronger as a bottle is used up. So it might be worth shaking the bottle of c60 olive oil occasionally.

Haven’t had time to follow up on the new reactor, but I phoned the engineers last week and they said it would be ready this week. I’m sure it is! Now the separation issue is sorted out I can see what stage it’s at this coming week. But I’m not too worried as our first reactor is working so well.

When we get the new reactor, we’ll put it into operation, then take our existing reactor offline and modify it with improvements. Fixing again! I don’t think I can help it lol.

If a reactor machine was inspired, what would that mean? It would mean a precious gift was given. A gift which could be taken away. To sell, give away or abuse such a gift (information) would be stepping out of authority and a slap in the face to the inspirator/s.

Inspiration implies a spiritual component. So what would a spiritual machine look like? It would look like it is making love 24 hours a day.

Alchemy Philosophy

At this point, it’s important to understand what we are attempting, the how and why and the reasoning behind our operations.

A lab doesn’t have to all glass and stainless steel. Many alchemists have their ‘alchemical temple’ in small room, or simply an area separated by a curtain. The word laboratory are the joined words labor and oratory- work and somewhere we pray.

So the alchemical temple/laboratory should be considered an extension of oneself. Never bring your anger, resentment or other dis-harmonies into the lab. One should not think about others but simply on oneself. It is encouraged to be ‘self centered’.

Why should we do this? Because every step we take in the lab leads to our evolution. Perhaps our power is growing 2 times a week and so on. If there are dis-harmonies, evolution/power will stagnate.

But there are other reasons to do with ritual. Why are the New Zealand rugby team so successful? Is it something to do with the Haka ritual? And if so, what mistake they are making? Perhaps you could meditate on this point and we can discuss it next newsletter- then use it’s tenets for our laboratory. Then you can make you’re own Haka ritual for success!! You might not even know it but you probably already are.

Thank you for sticking with us- we wont let you down.

Best Regards

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