Please find genuine reports from customers on Dragon’s Blood below. These reports explain what Dragon’s blood does for a person, how it empowers a person.

What is the difference between Dragon’s Blood and Heart Glue?

Heart Glue is a process, whereas Dragon’s Blood cuts negativity out. For example if one has lost a partner, should Dragon’s blood or Heart Glue be taken?

If Dragon’s Blood is taken it will cut all that negativity out is a strong way, but perhaps that is not the best thing in the event of a trauma such as loosing a partner.

One needs to grieve and go through a process, gently letting go of the grief, trauma and loss. Heart glue will bring out the anger, frustration and distress to the surface for it to be healed and let go gently over time.

Dragon’s Blood is not so gentle. It will cut all that negativity out.

However Dragon’s Blood is excellent if one has been through trauma and grief and now wishes to move on and cut negativity out completely.

Hi Marten,

I wanted to let you know how things are progressing with the Dragons Blood.
I have discovered over a short time that my personal will and strength is so much stronger compared to before, that I am recognizing my old self once again. …my stronger self before I was married.
I stand up for what I WANT now. My husband really is shocked… but it’s a good thing. Maybe my life needs to change in ALL WAYS. We shall see.
Before taking the Dragons Blood I was suffering from what some would describe as PTSD. I was afraid of any confrontations and would cry often. I had no strength to fight for myself and for what I wanted in life. I felt the life essence and joy was gone.
This is not a joke or exaggeration…The Dragons Blood has transformed me from night into day.
I feel as if those old sad connections to my heart and soul from deep childhood have been permanently severed. I no longer feel ANYTHING of that trauma from the past. My heart HEALED!!
I can say it feels like the old depressed me actually died and I can say I have no feelings about that old me dying whatsoever. I no longer recognize the past belonging to me… nor do I want to think about it…It’s an amazing product you have!!
My tastes have changed. I don’t crave bad food any longer. I find myself craving certain nutrient rich foods as if I were pregnant. My body must need the nutrients. I started making my own milk kefir and drink it daily. Yumm!
All I can say is if this were advertised on TV as a way to permanently break from pain and sadness from the heart… you would have a million customers overnight, and the world would be a much better place.
So many people need this and don’t know it What do they have to loose…pain? A new life to gain?
“I AM Dragons Blood!!” It’s really at a bargain price for what it did to my life!
For one example, I went to my Doctors apt last week. Usually I get anxious, cry and become a quivering mess when I go. For the first time EVER IN MY LIFE. I was calm, and strong. When I got home I was so blown away by that… I giggled! Too funny! 😀
I will continue to take your Alchemical products forever!
Western medicine has provided nothing effective for me… thank goodness I found your website!
Keep it up Marten. You are making this world a much more bearable place for me to live, and now thrive.
Here is another report 21st July 2021

I was really excited to receive the  dragons blood after reading about it. l had already done a number of years doing emotional and belief work so i thought it would be ideal to get down deeper. I am also seeing an eft practitioner so I thought the 2 would work amazingly together. I was not disappointed. After a couple of days I started to get my energy back as i had been suffering from Chronic fatigue, post op for cancer. I found that i was managing my life with more ease and not being victim to my circumstances, very quickly. I was also becoming more aware of deep seated beliefs I had never been aware of before. I also received a bottle of liquid confidence and the 2 together were really powerful. my confidence levels and my creativity soared. One day I realised how much excitement I felt, and how i felt my confidence was really taking a turn for the better. As a few more days passed the excitement was more intense than i had ever experienced, I had to stop for a couple of days, as it was so alien to me, though I was only taking 3 drops if each daily. Wow. I am really impressed at their potency and how I feel after taking them. I am really looking forward how these products will help my body, mind and soul heal from traumas and illness, that i have experienced in my life  and how these are contributing to being more of who I really am. I am also looking forward to trying new products. Thank you Marten for your amazing contribution to so many people and the world. With gratitude BL 
So blessed to have a connection here 
thank you 
Here is another report 22nd May 2021
Hi Marten –
I don’t’ know if you got my note, but I got an unexpected work bonus and knew I was meant to use it to try your Dragon’s Blood. 
I got it and was very excited to try it.  Here is what I have experienced over the past 11 days.  First day I took 2 drops and have built up to 4 drops and stayed there for the moment. 
When I held the bottle after it arrived, well I am not sure I can explain what it felt like very well.  I will say it felt like it was full of “life energy”. 
From the 1st time I took it, I felt myself begin to change.  Not in a superficial way either!  I am truly releasing things that have effected me all my life and influenced how I saw the world (like I have released much of my “fear view” of the world.)  I find it to be most definitely a very powerful and immediate results elixir. 
Since taking it, I found I was reviewing past heart hurts, looking at past life patterns and working through them in a very new and more thoughtful/reflective manner. 
It wasn’t that they were not still painful but I was a little more distant from them – like I had healed further from the events. 
I want to be sure to tell you that I am very much in a “willing to change” kind of mindset. 
I am wanting/willing to release old hurts and to be more compassionate towards myself and forgiving of past events.  Especially as they effect my  daily thinking and my daily interactions in life. 
This healing elixir for me is very powerful and it is working very well for me.  Is is neither very gentle or too extreme – it just is.  I feel it is working on me as much as I am willing embrace it and to release old patterns. 
I do find myself more joyful as I feel lighter, braver, more optimistic and willing to live my heart truth (vs a fear/worry approach to life). 
I also feel I am more open to new ideas and thoughts and less stuck in “but that is how it has always be done”.  I hope this is making sense to you!
Thank you again Martin, so very much!  You continue to use your alchemist mindset to create new and more creative healing tools for all of humankind and I am deeply grateful. 
Because of you and your products, I have more energy, joy and increased positive health and healing.
Big hugs to you and all that work with you,