Phoenix Blood brings pure Joy.

It can also be life changing with regards to mental illnesses for example Parkinson’s Disease.

How to take Phoenix Blood

It must absolutely be kept away from children.

Please begin with 1 drop in a glass of water for the first week and then increase to 2 drops in a glass of water the second week. However I would not go over three drops daily- even when taken with water.

After several weeks, you can take Phoenix Blood after taking Vulcan’s Fire. Vulcan’s Fire must never be mixed with anything like another oil or water.

Vulcan’s fire will amplify Phoenix Blood many times.

Vulcan’s Fire must be taken before alchemical products and after medical products. This means, take Vulcan’s Fire first and then take Phoenix Blood.

If amplifying Phoenix Blood by taking Vulcan’s Fire first- wait 15 minutes and then take Phoenix Blood.

Again- you must build up your tolerance to using this product. It’s power is too great. If you feel acid in your stomach, back-off for a while until you heal and your tolerance builds, then continue with a lower dose.

Get a water bottle and fill it up with distilled water. You can use bottled water or filtered water, but we prefer distilled 🝠 water as alchemically speaking, it is philosophical water. A quart or liter size bottle is fine.

Put 1 drop into the bottle of water and drink that throughout the day. With this product, there is a risk of people being greedy and taking more than they should, but please do not do this!!

Remember, it builds. One drop builds upon the drop taken the previous day and those drops add to the drop you take on day three a.s.o.

If you take too many drops, you will likely feel hot, you may have stomach upset and possibly dizzy spells.

Take note of how you are feeling and if you notice any contraindications, stop for a few days and go back to taking one drop in a bottle of water through the day.

After a few weeks, you can begin to take 2 drops in a bottle of water and again- sip the water over the course of the day. Never take one drop directly! Eventually, you can take three drops in water daily but there is no need to take 4.

You need to use the product daily for about 8 weeks to really begin to feel the effect, although joyful effects can be felt sooner than this.