This new product is a genuine Panacea in that it is a Spiritual/Etheric cure for many illnesses, not just cancer.

We all have Spiritual, Astral, Etheric and Physical bodies. When the Etheric body is healed, physical healing happens almost instantly.

How is this Panacea made alchemically?

The laws of the Universe state that everything is made from 4 principles- Fire 🜂, Air 🜁, Water 🜄 and Earth 🜃.

Cancer is a fiery disease- it expands and devours. ALS is a water principle based disease in that it contracts and shuts down.

To cure cancer, we need the opposite polarity of cancer which is the water principle.

To explain it’s manufacture, I must use alchemical terms. First we make philosophical alcohol. Alchemists call this Mercury as the god Mercury is god of the Air principle. It’s symbol is ☿.

Philosophical Mercury is 100% alcohol but made in a special way. Many things like metals will impart their frequency to Mercury thus polarizing it, but it must be neutral, ‘now’ or the akasha principle. A thing is said to be philosophical when it is in this non-polarized state.

Sulfur is then distilled 🝠 from plants using a soxhlet extractor and dissolved 🝢 in philosophical Mercury ☿ (nothing to do with the metal). We then end up with a tincture 🝈.

What is left is the caput mortuum 🝎 which is useless to us for this operation.

The oil or sulfur 🜍 and ☿ are placed in a prison. Then a sword is used on it for 4 drams 🝳. The Sword purifies, but too much will destroy the female nature of this particular sulfur. Other sulfurs can take a lot more.

Next, the opposite polarity of the goddess Frigg ♀ is used to further purify the sulfur, and then a Frigg vortex with a blade on it is used to stir and draw in Hyle.

Interestingly, the old Norse goddess Frigg is where we get Frigg’s day or Friday.

The goddess Frigg
Grace is used between the 2nd and third stage of Frigg. The third stage is a combination of negative and positive Frigg, but the sulfur must be left overnight to allow it to settle before the third stage can be applied.

When all previous stages are completed, the sulfur is treated on an Uitta ∞ for 90 drams 🝲.

Panaceia’s Tincture

From a Client…

Please can you help me choose which of your products to start with. I have gut dis iOS is issues and have suffered with SIBO for the least 5 years and have also had breast cancer in that time period. I’m keen to feel better but really don’t know where to start and what to choose. I’ve tried CBD hemp supplements before and they have aggravated my symptoms. Any help would be much appreciated.

Jayne wrote back to us 2 weeks after receiving her order for Panaceia’s Tincture..

I’ve recently started to take Panaceias Tincture I had them sat in the cupboard as I was as hesitant to try them, my SIBO has been uncontrollable for 5 years and I’m very sensitive.

Long story short I slowly took the plunge and I’m fine 😝!

My stomach is the best it has been in years. I’ve been even been able to eat food I haven’t been able to for a very long time.

I’m still trying to work it out, it’s not been long using it at all! As I’ve now ordered more oils I wanted to know how to add them too.

I’ve ordered Dragons Blood having had Breast Cancer, so do I take this with the PT after the VF?

Also I really want to use the Sekhmet Elixir on my face can I do this along side the other internal oils?

I was just going to follow the instructions 3 VF drops on face thin layer on face?

I’ve only just found out about all this C60 stuff and really feel that you guys are the best I’m slowly making my way through all the past newsletters there’s so much to learn.

Can’t wait for more results-exciting!!
-Jayne Wilson

ALS disease

We recommend Panaceia’s Tincture for ALS disease.

Panaceia’s Tincture is exceptionally good for the stomach and for cancer. We believe it to be spiritually the most powerful anti-cancer treatment in the world.

You may have emotional issues which are causing these illnesses, for example regret, loss, hurt, trauma, anger, fear  etc. and to solve these emotional issues, you should take Dragon’s Blood.


For a regular person with no issues, dosage of Panaceia’s Tincture should be only 1 drop per day. Gradually increase your daily dosage until you feel contraindications like lack of sleep, too much energy or emotional healing downtime.

Feelings which are low down or quiet are what is called a ‘healing crises’ and an excellent sign the products are working as they should because Alchemical products heal on three levels- Spiritual, Astral and Physical.

But because the above client is experiencing stomach issues, the dosage should be much more gradual. An increase of one drop daily every two weeks is fine.

To be clear if one is suffering with stomach issues, try one drop daily for two weeks, then increase the dosage to 2 drops daily for another 2 weeks, then 3 drops daily after 6 weeks and so on.

In a few months, after your system can tolerate Panaceia’s Tincture quite well, you can experiment with 6 or 7 drops or more of Panaceia’s Tincture daily and gauge your systems reaction before you continue.