Heart Glue is the beginning of a process that takes one from tears to glory.

Many thanks for this email we received from Mr. C.E. It explains what Heart Glue does very well.

I’m also in the process of Heart Glue so I don’t know exactly when I will be getting into the new products anyways. Heart Glue is leading me to an incredible transformation!

I’ve let go of tons of resentment and woke up a few times to reliving memories of violent events happening with my Father in my dreams and was able to put them behind me! I also decided on deleting all the texts I had ever exchanged with my ex-girlfriend.

These products are miracles in a bottle! Your last newsletter shared a letter from K.U. that’s my friend, Him and I started our alchemy journey at the same time in October! It has been life changing so far!! Thank you Marten and Red Lion team for changing the world the way that you are!!!

Heart Glue is what one would take for trauma- it is a powerful product as you can see from the above testimony.

But it is gentle enough for the worst kind of trauma. Heart Glue is a process whereas Dragon’s Blood- there is no process! Dragon’s Blood cuts the trauma or issue out in a brutal but healing way.

Heart Glue gently but effectively mends broken hearts in a process over time.

One should begin with Heart Glue. When one is ready- move on to Dragon’s Blood. Finally, when one is healed of past issues, Phoenix Blood can be taken to complete the path to Joy.


Like all Red Lion products- begin with one drop daily and keep increasing the amount you take until you feel challenging symptoms.

These challenging symptoms can take the form of healing downtime or lack of sleep.

Healing downtime is when emotions come to the surface to be cleared and can make one feel low down or quiet.

If more drops are taken daily even with healing downtime- expect this to turn into depression as enormous and deep emotions are brought to the surface.

If this happens, stop immediately, allow yourself time to recover and begin again albeit at a lower dose.

One should find that over months or 1 year, one can take many drops daily without any healing downtime.

This is a sure sign it is time to move on to Dragon’s Blood.