Hi there,
I hope you are doing well today! 🙂
I’m currently on a healing journey and my goal is unconditional self-love.
Which product would you recommend that I take to compliment the shadow work I’m doing?
Heart Glue or Love Potion? or both? Again, the desire is to come home to myself.
Further, I would like to let you know that I’m absolutely in love with my solar charm, it gives me an overall sense of wellbeing and protection. I’ve also had very intense insightful dreams that have helped me in doing my shadow work, so that’s brilliant! I’m very excited to see what more it will do for me as time goes on. 🙂

We would recommend heart glue first of all. It is very powerful. In order to move towards self-love, all blocks need to be removed first.
Heart glue will prepare you for Liquid confidence, and then we would recommend Love potion after that. Love potion could be mistaken as another in love with you, but it is primarily about self-love AND both in-love with each other.
We are bringing out a product which will contain both Heart Glue and Liquid Confidence in one bottle.
Begin with 1 or 2 drops of heart glue daily, and slowly increase the dosage until you experience a detox of the emotions- reflecting on the past for example, bringing up old, perhaps painful memories to be cleared. Feelings of being low are an excellent indication that the Heart Glue is working well.
If you take too much, you may become ‘tetchy’ and irritable. If these feelings are too strong for you, then dial the quantity back to a level which suits your tolerence.
Patience is a must! But please be aware that although progress seems slow on the surface, you will likely be clearing enormous negative energy not only from this life, but from former lives too.
Sometimes during this clearing, odd marks or unusual mild pains can appear and disappear on one’s body. These are usually injuries from past lives being brought to the surface, again to be cleared. They can often look like birth marks which remain for many months and disappear for example. But these marks are not painful or itchy and completey smooth.
So although progress may seem very slow, it is in fact extremely fast considering one is clearing all the past of this life and former lives, which is centuries of clearing in one go.
Of course, living in the moment is very important.
Can we use your experience in our report please? Only Initials used of course.
We would be grateful as it would help others and help us to get products out to as many people as possible- thank you 🙂