I was skeptical of the benefits of C60 in olive oil but it’s not fakery. It takes a while of you to feel the results but they are definitely there. It’s been over 3 months since I started taking C60.

When I used to lift weights or do cardio at the gym, the next day after was the worst. I woke up with sore muscles all over my body; After C60, I don’t feel sore or tired. So, imagine you had to work really hard or had to lift a bunch of heavy boxes at work and then woke up to do the same thing over again the next day. Well, the next day feels like its not like the same regiment because your muscles have already healed and grown in strength; therefore, making the same job easier.

I’ve also noticed that my stress levels have dropped considerably. Both my short term and long term memory have gotten sharper. I can engage in light as well as deeper existential conversations move easily.

If you’ve decided to consider trying this product then be patient as it may take a while for you to feel better or at least gain some benefit out of this.

People who take C60 feel as if they are zinging with health. Ones skin looks and feels better. It’s not uncommon to get compliments on how healthy one looks. It’s astonishing.

Why would one feel so full of energy and health? Because finally, the body has a chance to repair itself without having to constantly repair damage to cells.

All the energy needed to repair damage goes into giving you energy and health. The carbon 60 has no health benefits in of itself. It’s benefits are stopping the slow destruction of your body and allowing your body to heal itself and glow with health!