I have been taking C60 for some time now. I thought I would try a cheap brand of C60 (sold on Amazon), because if it was good, it would certainly save me some money. People have lots of different experiences taking this stuff.

Two effects that I have noticed from C60 from red lion for myself are:
A boost in energy throughout the day. Not speedy, just a real increase in energy and endurance.My wife also experienced this.
The odd effect that alcohol does not have any affect on me. At least in the small quantities that I might consume. For example, at a family gathering a couple weeks ago, I had three glasses of wine, a lot for me. Normally all I could drink would be one glass, which would make me tipsy. If I would drink more, I would get a headache and then get very sleepy. I drank three glasses and experienced none of these effects.

Both these effects are pretty common amongst people I know taking it. You can read about many who experience these effects. Supposedly the C60 affects the liver and makes it very able to process toxins.

After taking the Good and Cheap C60 for a week and a half. The daily energy boost is gone, and a glass of wine the other nite got me tipsy, followed by a headache and getting sleepy. My wife also lost the energy boost. We switched back to the other brand (purple power) and the effects are back.

My opinion is that this stuff (sold on Amazon) has little or no C60 in it. If you look at prices for the ingredients, it would be almost impossible to make and sell it for this price. The raw C60 sells for $65 a gram. I say don’t waste your money or time with cheap c60.

Note: In our opinion, the cheap brand of Carbon 60 did not contain DISSOLVED carbon 60. C60 must be dissolved correctly or the effects fail to materialize. The color is a good indicator. Initially, C60 dissolved in olive oil, turns the oil to a purple color. But as more C60 is dissolved, the color matures to a deep ruby red color.

C60 which is not fully dissolved in oil is simply flushed out of ones system, just like any other foreign particle. It’s when C60 is dissolved in the oil, that carries it to the cells and the strands of DNA.