LOVE it….I can feel the difference nowl….after 5 months.

Good stuff

I’ve ordered this multiple times. Love it!


I ordered this brand which was recommended by the person who first told me about C-60. He did research at UCLA for many years and has a PhD in molecular biology. He also takes C-60 himself. I’m 70 and have no health issues but notice an added energy and vitality after taking C-60. I intend… Read More

Yep !! Something is definitely going on for the better. {~ “_>

Very pleased so far!

I’ve only been using this a couple of weeks. My brain fog is definitely lifted and it keeps my energy level consistent throughout the day. Also, a hip problem I’ve been experiencing for months now seems to be kind of fixing itself a little bit each day! If that’s due to the C60, then I’m… Read More

Five stars

Can’t wait to live longer and younger

C60 in Olive Oil is Amazing!

I noticed the health benefits right after taking one table spoon of C60 in Olive Oil. My workout performance increased 33%-50% and after the extensive workout my muscles were not sore. I am looking forward to see what additional health benefits come from this product. I have already placed a re-order for more of this… Read More

Basically put, I thought the whole Carbon 60 was a load of garbage . . . a fad pushed forth by new age mumbo jumbo. I will admit here and now that I was totally wrong. This stuff is amazing. Within minutes of taking it my mental fog lifted. My energy level boosted. And I’m… Read More