They work like a charm!

These charms have been enriched with spiritual energies for roughly 45 hours. The main component is nano-silver. Oil is used as a medium.

The quartz crystal tied to the side amplifies the power of the charm.

There are 7 charms for the seven chakras. The one pictured is the one we are currently selling. It is for the solar plexus.

Think of the charm as a bright light in the spiritual world. It gives protection simply because evil or darkness cannot stand to be near this bright light.

Not only do they give protection, they work automatically on your intention, for example you wish for more work. What ever your intention is, they will work to make it happen.

Power is difficult to measure, but as a general guide, they amplify wishes by about 9 times. In effect, that is similar to nine people all wishing the same thing.


Because these charms have been enriched with spiritual energies, they shine like a star- in the inner Worlds. So the spiritual structure of our cells is supported.

Cells which rely on a low life force, are vulnerable to attack, for example a person who is depressed will take ill more easily.

A disease like covid-19 would have more destructive power against cells with low spiritual energy.

The charms do not cure covid-19 but as an example, if a person would take 10 days to overcome this disease, with these charms, they would take 3 days, and with far less symptoms.

How to formulate a wish

The wish should generally be in the present tense.
Use feeling, that is very important, so wish and feel joy that you have lost weight or you have new business opportunities.

For example: “I’m so excited, business is increasing daily!” and then feel joy and feel happiness.

With thanks from Mr. S.S.

I would like to let you know that I’m absolutely in love with my solar charm, it gives me an overall sense of wellbeing and protection. I’ve also had very intense insightful dreams that have helped me in doing my shadow work, so that’s brilliant! I’m very excited to see what more it will do for me as time goes on