Voluptus Elixir is based upon Maca root and is extraordinary in what it can do for women.


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Voluptus Elixir


This a female version of our Elixir comparable to what Adonis potion does for men.


It is best applied to the face in a thin coat.

This product was originally created for women to help them let go of abuse from the past, particularly sexual abuse.

It is so powerful in this regard, it will heal any sexual abuse in the emotional body even rape within 9 weeks. I know that is a big claim but we make it nonetheless.

Voluptus helps with all female reproductive issues and is extremely good for perimenopausal or menopausal ladies because it helps balance hormones.

But, what we did not expect when we created this product was the beauty aspect of this Elixir.

It will make women look younger, more beautiful with skin soft and glowing.

Voluptus will also give women great confidence and strength but will become ever more feminine.

The more feminine a woman is, the more attractive she is to men.

When men see gentle femininity, naturally they want to protect, provide and love that precious lady- the one they have found.

Here is an email review we received from a lady and her own experience of just how amazing this product is for women…

Hi Marten!

I meant to email you sooner but I wasn’t able to. Recent events, however, have made me glad that I have waited as I now have more to share.

For reference I am a 23 year old girl. I was put on birth control around the age of 15 or 16 because my doctor thought it would be a good remedy for severe cramping.

I was first on the pill but it made me even more nauseous and I never finished a month. I went onto the patch after that and lastly I had an IUD placed.

Prior to birth control, I had cramping so unbearable my legs would become weak, I would feel faint and nauseous and I would bleed for 10 days. I was also very emotional.

Once I met [my partner] we figured out the bulk of the emotion came during the 10 days prior to me bleeding.

My experience with birth control was pretty mild until a couple of months after I had the IUD. I started to experience acne. It was mild while I lived in the south but once I moved up north and experienced the winter it became very severe cystic acne.

I managed to clear it up for a short while but it came back and was much more difficult to free myself from. [My partner] purchased [Sekhmet] Elixir to help and I was very hopeful of the product.

I also had gotten off birth control and thought that would clear up the acne. Unfortunately after months of use I saw very little difference.

It was hard emotionally for me because I saw this [Sekhmet Elixir] as my saving grace and I began to lose hope of ever seeing my face blemish free again.

Then I got a yeast infection and began applying the elixir in that area. Within that week my face became noticeably clearer!

I realized that my acne stemmed from my use of birth control. Once the elixir was applied in the region it helped immensely.

Today my face is very clear and I only experience one or two blemishes a month. I would be completely thrilled with just that result but there has been so much more.

The Voluptus has drastically improved my cycle. As I said I used to have horrifyingly painful cramps that would last for the entire cycle of bleeding along with a few days before. Now my cramps are so mild I hardly have to take ibuprofen.

The most beautiful and happy improvement has been my mood. I cannot tell you the joy and peace I experience daily now.

I have always been a joyful person but the 10 days prior to bleeding was very emotionally exhausting for both [my partner] and myself.

It is currently two days into the 10 days and we have had so much joy and love between the two of us. We are going on 3 months now of a very joyful cycle. It has felt triumphant.

On top of that: I have reached a new level of sexuality. [My partner] and I have shared a very active sex life but I have always felt my arousal at the mercy of the situation.

Now I feel like I can cultivate my arousal and bring us both into pleasure just as an artist can paint with a brush or a musician can create a beautiful song.

The air between us becomes pure desire. I no longer feel at the mercy of the ‘mood’. I now create the mood in myself while [my partner] leads and shapes the activity.This is a very long email and if you share it you can take things out as you please but I wanted to illustrate the amazing changes your products have created in our lives.

The Voluptus has been truly life changing. It is the greatest change I have ever experienced. That being said, we are running low on it.

I know [my partner] was able to purchase it even though it’s not listed on the site and in your news letters you said you are currently working on it still, but I would really love to purchase more! Please let me know how I can go about this!


Thank you to Miss A. for this report, it is priceless information for women and for the men in their lives.

Vulcan’s Fire will multiply the power of this product many times..

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