C60Ra in coconut oil.

Limited supply- please allow a lead time of three weeks for delivery.



Elixir Of Asklepios

A genuine Alchemical Elixir taking the form of carbon 60 in coconut oil.  The physical perfection of this ‘Holistic’ carbon 60 is only matched by it’s energetic power.

No solvents used anywhere in our manufacturing process- therefore no damage to the Red Lion carbon 60 molecule.

This is a combination of two genuine Alchemical methods to raise the potency of the carbon 60 molecule to phenomenal levels.

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Not for pregnant women.
Tell your doctor you are using this cream and ask them to supervise you- for use under medical supervision only.

How to use the Elixir

Tell your doctor you are testing this product.
Drink lots of water beforehand as the elixir is hydrating.
Clean skin as perspiration prevents absorption.
Try a patch test first on your leg for any contraindications.
Apply elixir at night.
The elixir should be kept in the fridge in hot climates.
Apply elixir in a thin layer.
Apply once every two days and allow time to build layers.


If you have an old injury, keep applying the elixir to the area.

Hair loss

Apply the elixir to scalp daily.
Do not apply the elixir to sensitive areas.

Please inform your doctor you are using this cream
– for use under medical supervision only.

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For Men- 30ml, For Women- 30ml, For Men- 60ml, For Women- 60ml, 60ml (For Women 30ml + For Men 30ml)