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Carbon 70– 99% dissolved in Olive oil, pressed from Koroneiki olives.

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We are pleased to announce a breakthrough in Alchemical research– Carbon 70 Olive Oil.

C70 was discovered in 1985 by Robert Curl, Harold Kroto and Richard Smalley using laser evaporation of graphite.  For this discovery they were awarded the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Science has brought us some wonderful inventions, in almost every field one could imagine.
But science is the study of physical matter and completely ignores the spiritual component.  Even microwaves are the outer expression of spiritual and astral quantities.  Alchemy not only studies the qualities of matter, but also the qualities of astral and spiritual energies.  The Supreme Being created everything there is and everything there is has a spiritual, astral and physical counterpart.  This is why we chose the lengthy study of Alchemy.

Therefore we regard Spagyrics and Alchemy as a higher discipline than the physical science of today.  Genuine Philosophers can tell you much more about a thing than a physical scientist can because they include knowledge of all three worlds, and how they influence each other.

Carbon 60 versus Carbon 70

According to the philosophers, the number 6 represents the manifested light, life, the connection to the Supreme Being and sphere of the Sun.  It also represents the Hermetic axiom ‘as above so below’.

The Sun is male/electric/fire.  Carbon 60 is male/electric.  Some of the masculine qualities are focus, determination, motivation, will, force, power, mental clarity, fearlessness, confidence and so on.  Physical science is at a complete loss to explain these phenomena.

Certain diseases (cancer, diabetes to name a few) are male/electric in nature and fire added to fire will likely be a recipe for disaster.

The number 7 is a female/magnetic number and obviously rules the fullerene carbon 70 molecule.  It is the number of fertility, growth, mercy, virtuousness and happiness.  It is also the number of love in all it’s aspects regardless of whether the lowest form of love or the highest cosmic aspect of love.  The number 7 is also the number of beauty, purity and harmony, balanced emotions, joy, a sense of well being, happiness and contentment.

Pregnant women should not take carbon 70.

  • No contact with any vessel which contained carbon 60.
  • Separate sonication bath used.
  • Pulverized in separate machine never used by carbon 60.
  • No metal used anywhere in the process.
  • No solvents used in our process.
  • Highest quality Olive oil used, pressed from Koroneiki olives.
We make no claims, guarantees, assurances or warranties about carbon 70 olive oil whatsoever. The product is presented as a mixture of olive oil and carbon 70 and is sold for use by independent researchers and for lab research purposes only.


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