Dear Customer, we have retired this product for the new much more powerful C60 Sekhmet version. Please click here.





Dear Customer,

This product has been treated Alchemically.
The quantity of carbon 60 is much smaller but it’s potency is twice as strong.
We supply the new alchemical carbon 60 in olive oil.

We’re offering this extra potency as a gesture compliments of Red Lion.

  1. Please shake the contents before use.
  2. 20ml of Alchemical C60 is equal to 2 grams X 2 times potency of regular pulverized carbon 60 but our advice is to use 1 syringe to 2.4 liters of carbon 60 olive oil.
  3. Inject 1 syringe into 2.4L of olive oil.
  4. Heat alchemical carbon 60 + olive oil to 85 degrees centigrade for 24 hours.
  5. Leave for 2 weeks then heat again to 85c for 24 hours.
  6. Let the oil settle until clear.
  7. Best settling temperature is 29.4 degrees centigrade.

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100% water free.
No toluene.
No metal used anywhere in the process.
Red Lion Labs invented the machines necessary to pulverize carbon 60 as it’s a very hard molecule.

Intended Use

Dear Customer, Red Lion Pulverized Carbon 60 is described as
vegetal carbon’ and is intended to be added to olive oil for research purposes only.

Use under medical supervision only.
Not for pregnant women.
Patch test first.

Some are rubbing PC60 on their skin. DO NOT RUB PC60 ON SENSITIVE SKIN for example inner arm, wrist and especially do not rub PC60 on ‘undercarriage’ !!!  People with sensitive skin should avoid getting PC60 on their skin.


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20ml (2grams of C60 equivalent), 40ml (4grams of C60 equivalent), 80ml (8grams of C60 equivalent), 100ml (10grams of C60 equivalent), 120ml (12grams of C60 equivalent), 140mg (14grams of C60 equivalent), 200ml (20grams of C60 equivalent)