C60 SEKHMET in coconut oil.

Limited supply- please allow a lead time of three weeks for delivery.



Elixir Of Asklepios- C60 Sekhmet Based Version

This Sekhmet version of our Elixir Of Asklepios is 3-4 times more potent than the regular version of the Elixir. But also it operates on a completely different level.

No solvents used anywhere in our manufacturing process- therefore no damage to the Red Lion carbon 60 molecule.

  • This is a combination of eight genuine Alchemical methods which raise the frequency of carbon 60 and coconut oil to phenomenal levels.
  • The coconut oil is also treated alchemically.
  • C60 goes through several extra alchemical treatments

Not for pregnant women.
Tell your doctor you are using this cream and ask them to supervise you- for use under medical supervision only.

How to use the Elixir

Tell your doctor you are testing this product.
Drink lots of water beforehand as the elixir is hydrating.
Clean skin as perspiration prevents absorption.
Patch test first on your leg for any contraindications.
Apply elixir at night, 1 hour before sleeping.
The elixir should be kept in the fridge in hot climates.
Apply elixir in a thin layer.
Apply once every two days and allow time to build layers.
After a few weeks, gradually increase the amount you apply until you feel any discomfort and dial back the quantity you use.

Serious illnesses

You must be careful with the Elixir.  It will attempt to heal a serious heart condition (if one exists) or another serious illness and the great healing power could cause a severe healing over-reaction.  If you have a serious injury for example high blood pressure or heart problem, apply the elixir to your face once a week for a few weeks and not over the area of the injury, in this case the heart.  You may experience healing pain or a herxheimer reaction. In the case of a heart condition, you may experience mild chest pains. This is normal and is an indication healing is occurring. The Elixir will travel to the worst area first no matter where it is applied.
After a few weeks, healing will have occurred, your body will be more accustomed to the Elixir and you can increase the amount you apply gradually.

Hair loss

Apply the elixir to scalp daily.
Do not apply the elixir to sensitive areas.


By very careful! Apply only a dot the size of a full stop to male privates once a week to begin with.
After a few weeks you can apply 2 dots but not on the same day.

Again very slowly and gradually increase the amount to a smear using only the top of your finger- once a week.
Then one smear every 4 days and eventually 2 smears every 4 days but your body must be accustomed to the Elixir for a few months to get to this stage. You don’t want to end up with blue appendages!

What our customers say..

From Ms. K.T.
PS…The ELIXIR made a pre-cancerous angry red mole on my scalp peel off and vanish FAST within days…I thought you would like to know. It has not removed other bumps yet…seems to be selective …may take longer for other things….seems to go where its needed 1st then moves on. Also New Hairs growing on my head all over…AMAZING!!

Please inform your doctor you are using this Elixir
– for use under medical supervision only.



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15ml, For Men- 30ml, For Women- 30ml, For Men- 60ml, For Women- 60ml, 60ml (For Women 30ml + For Men 30ml)