Asklepios Hair Elixir


Asklepios Hair Elixir based upon a combination of C60 Sekhmet Elixir and Hair serum.

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Asklepios Hair Elixir

Update: We are sold out of Sekhmet Hair Elixir.
However, it is for sale on back-order. We will have more stock the 1st week of May ’22 and will ship all back-orders then.
hanks for your patience.

As we know, hair is normally slow at growing. Restoring aging hair is extremely difficult, but not impossible!

The hair follicle is still there albeit dormant. It needs to be awakened and fed powerful spiritual energies, repairing damage and making the follicle young again. Then it will begin to grow.

We take our Hair serum, concentrate it by two times and mix it with our incredibly powerful C60 Sekhmet based Elixir.

The Elixir then multiplies the concentrated Hair serum accelerating the follicle healing process.

This brings the healing time down to under 1 year of daily application, whereas the hair serum would normally take a few years.

However, if Vulcan’s fire is used as a multiplier, the time is reduced further to an estimate of only 3-4 months. Please click here to purchase Vulcan’s Fire.

Vulcan’s Fire multiplies the power of our hair Elixir by 7 times. So, in effect using Vulcan’s Fire and one jar of Hair Elixir is similar to buying 7 jar of hair Elixir if Vulcan’s Fire is not used.

We have many incredible testimonies of the spiritual healing power of our Sekhmet Elixir in our newsletters. Spiritual healing which then translates to physical healing of issues like Rosacea, heart issues, walking issues, psoriasis and dozens of other ailments.

All of these issues can be healed through powerful spiritual healing of the Elixir of Asklepios without Vulcan’s Fire.

But with the addition of Hair serum and Vulcan’s Fire, hair follicles are more than awakened! Like a lightening bolt, they are jolted into growing and restoring your hair.

In combination with Vulcan’s Fire, this Hair Elixir is so powerful that it could bring what we describe as ‘healing downtime’ which is emotional healing.

Therefore we cannot make our Hair Elixir any more powerful than it is, or these emotional healing symptoms would be pronounced.

We estimate a client will only need between 1 and 3 jars of Asklepios Hair Elixir to restore hair, depending on how severe the hair loss is.

However, the value to people who have lost their hair is beyond money, it is incalculable.

This Sekhmet version of our Elixir Of Asklepios is 3-4 times more potent than the regular version of the Elixir. But also it operates on a completely different level.

No solvents used anywhere in our manufacturing process- therefore no damage to the Red Lion carbon 60 molecule.

  • This is a combination of eight genuine Alchemical methods which raise the frequency of carbon 60 and coconut oil to phenomenal levels.
  • The coconut oil is also treated alchemically.
  • C60 goes through several extra alchemical treatments

Not for pregnant women.
Tell your doctor you are using this cream and ask them to supervise you- for use under medical supervision only.

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