What do you feel would be the energetic lifespan of the charms? In other words, how long do you feel it will hold its charge?

They remain potent for about 1 year- after that, they loose their energy slowly over another 6 months. However, they are self healing. You should consider them as living things. You can boost their energy by interacting with them- talk to them, ask them to do specific tasks for you.
And should it be kept in the faraday bag when it is not in use in order to protect its energetic field? Or is it so strong that it does not need energetic protection from EMF’s, light etc? Also, does it connect to one individual or can it be shared between partners?
No, they do not need to be protected. But they should be treated as precious and to prevent damage to the crystal and thread, keeping them in a little bag is a good idea. The color of the thread is important.
I feel the charms work best if there is a rapport with one person only- one person vibration and in fact, it may be best if no-one else is allowed to touch the Charm.
Feedback from Mr. S of Norway..
Further, I would like to let you know that I’m absolutely in love with my solar charm, it gives me an overall sense of wellbeing and protection. I’ve also had very intense insightful dreams that have helped me in doing my shadow work, so that’s brilliant! I’m very excited to see what more it will do for me as time goes on. 🙂