Red Lion Report- February 14th 2020

      Dear Reader, We have found several new alchemical techniques. You may begin to wonder if Marten is smoking his carbon 60 because this will sound very weird. Elixir As you may know the elixir is a genuine ‘elixir of life’. So we discovered (or more correctly were given) an alchemical technique which… Read More

Red Lion Report- January 31st 2020

  Dear Reader, Nearly finished moving, now all we have to do is sort everything out! Something big is coming for Red Lion in March- we’ll see. I said last time the Latin root of the word matter is matr or mother which is female. Time relies on space and distance which are matr-ial therefore… Read More

Red Lion Report- 17th January 2020

    Dear Reader, Sorry the report is a little late- tons of info to get through. Things at Red Lion are going well. I have a few ideas up my sleeve but will keep them on the back-burner for now and just keep working steadily. We’re still in the process of moving and anyone… Read More

Red Lion Report- January 3rd 2020

    Dear Reader, Christmas was for me wonderful and quite transformational. But that doesn’t mean I’m not glad to see the back of 2019! This year should be spectacular for us and we’re getting ready as much as possible. I’m getting inquiries to speak at events and would be glad to share what I’ve… Read More

Red Lion Report- December 6th 2019

    Dear reader, I’m pleased to report we have finally caught up on all back-orders including all present orders up to last Wednesday. After a year of being under huge pressure I can finally breath relief! In hindsight we should never have taken back-orders but at the time we were promised a kilo of… Read More

Red Lion Report – November 22th 2019

      Dear Reader, Interesting few weeks. We’re moving the lab to a new premises and would like to welcome our new P.A., Deborah. Don’t know how I survived without her, a phenomenal woman and we’re delighted to have her. I’m delighted with the new lab, it’s bigger, has a large storage area and… Read More

Red Lion Report – November 8th 2019

    Dear Reader, We’ve been shipping hundreds of grams of alchemical carbon 60 and are now poised to clear much of the back-order list up to spring this year. We’re expecting a Christmas rush so we’re also stocking up on carbon 60 olive oil and many jars of elixir. Interestingly enough a lot of… Read More

Red Lion Report – October 25th 2019

    Dear Reader, Not sure where to begin! As noted previously, we’re offering alchemical carbon 60 [AC60] as a replacement for regular pulverized carbon 60 [PC60]. Delighted to report uptake on alchemical carbon 60 is very strong with only 2 customers opting for regular pulverized carbon 60 out of hundreds. As Mr. D.F. said,… Read More

Red Lion Report – October 11th 2019

  Dear Reader, The huge demand for pulverized carbon 60 has been a constant problem for us. No-one has achieved what Red lion has achieved. We have achieved this because we are part of a team and the Boss is really the One directing this project. What we’ve decided to do about the supply problem… Read More