Red Lion Report- June 5th 2020

  Dear Reader, Very sorry, the contact form on our website had a PHP conflict with another plugin which meant it hasn’t been forwarding emails to our email service. So we didn’t realize there was a problem because we were still getting emails from the website in other ways. I think there’s about 320 emails!… Read More

Red Lion Report- May 22nd 2020

    Dear reader,   We’re experiencing a lot of shipping delays due to flight restrictions and so on. But the new elixir is selling incredibly well. People are not even waiting to run out of elixir before buying more. They are buying almost immediately- within several days after receiving it. We haven’t updated the… Read More

Red Lion Report- May 8th 2020

    Dear Reader, As I said in the the last report, when we make the elixir, the coconut oil is treated alchemically separate from the carbon 60. But the carbon 60 goes through a very different complicated process. One follows another, the female is always larger and second as the fire clears the path.… Read More

Red Lion Report- 23rd April

      Dear reader, Sales continue to increase. We’re under pressure to fulfill orders but we’re ramping up production. We’re about to ship many orders but restrictions have caused delays. However after these have been shipped (Monday), we should be up to date again. Sekhmet Elixir Delighted that people have taken to the new… Read More

Red Lion Report- April 10th 2020

Coronavirus No child under 10 has died in China from covid-19. If anything they get mild symptoms and they’re fine. That should tell you something about the karmic nature of the virus. But age is a big factor. So if one’s immune system is younger or for example ones telomeres are younger due to taking… Read More

Red Lion Report- 27th March 2020

      Dear Reader, Sales are very strong right now obviously due to ‘the bug’. We have ordered and received 7000 glass bottles and 2000 X 250ml plastic bottles because we’re expecting sales to continue to gain strength into July. But we are on top of orders and working furiously to build a large… Read More

Red Lion Report- March 13th 2020

      Coronavirus In our report of January 17th before the outbreak of covid 19, A Ms. D.R.S. wrote to us saying she has not caught a cold or flu this season despite working in an environment which could be described as a perfect breeding ground for colds and flu. Coronavirus is not the… Read More

Red Lion Report- February 28th 2020

      Dear Reader, Lots going on! I said I would explain about the new alchemical techniques which are astounding but I’ll have to leave it for next report. Elixir As noted previously, the elixir is magnetized to the worst area first despite what we’d like it to heal. But there is a work-around.… Read More

Red Lion Report- February 14th 2020

      Dear Reader, We have found several new alchemical techniques. You may begin to wonder if Marten is smoking his carbon 60 because this will sound very weird. Elixir As you may know the elixir is a genuine ‘elixir of life’. So we discovered (or more correctly were given) an alchemical technique which… Read More

Red Lion Report- January 31st 2020

  Dear Reader, Nearly finished moving, now all we have to do is sort everything out! Something big is coming for Red Lion in March- we’ll see. I said last time the Latin root of the word matter is matr or mother which is female. Time relies on space and distance which are matr-ial therefore… Read More