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Carbon 60 Status Report

7th May 2021

Dear Reader,

With this covid thing, we have been through a 'putrefaction' no? Society has gone through a death or winter of sorts and is being reborn in the coming springtime.

Giant companies are downsizing as we have decided small is beautiful. New ways of working are here to stay for example many people now work from home.

This means people will no-longer crowd into cities and there is an exodus to the countryside. Few changes are bigger than the trend to online shopping and home deliveries.

Our lives have been turned upside down. Can you think of a relationship that has not been affected, in a good way? In a good way can mean leaving a partner! Many have come closer to each other. And many will find new partners- simples!

People's eating habits have changed. In my own city for example, they are pedestrianizing many areas, so that people can eat outside and enjoy themselves without traffic buzzing by.

If you really look, you'll notice many other things are changing for the better.


If you wish to attract money to yourself, the correct attitude is one of nonchalance or indifference to money and abundance in general.

Many things in the Universe are a dichotomy and being indifferent towards money is no exception. It my seem counter-intuitive but I am the Hermit, darkness flees from me, so lets shine a light on the subject.

When you 'want' a thing what does that mean? It means you have wanting. If you have the feeling of wanting is that a feeling of lack? Or being incomplete?

It is a feeling of lack and a feeling that one is not complete until they have their wanting fulfilled, their desire quenched.

So if you think or say- I want money, it means you do not have it now. It is saying to the Universe- I now have a desperate wanting for x or y thing. And so the Universe fulfills your wish exactly as wished- you now have lots of wanting but no money!

However, if you are nonchalant, you are saying- I am complete as I am and need or want for nothing. Therefore the Universe will not give you more 'wanting' but waits for your directions.

The more desperate you are, the more you push money away from you. Imagine a person was desperate to become your partner? Oh, how this person wants you at all costs. How would you react? You might feel like keeping them at arms length right?

So, one's attitude should be- I am not bothered about money particularly, I can take it or leave it. If I have it, then I have it. If I don't well I'll be fine because I don't need money. BUT I am going to get huge sums of money, simply because it brings me joy. I like joy and I like security.

Then the Universe responds to your wish and brings you wealth.

The more nonchalant you are, the more indifferent you are, the more the Universe brings money to you- dichotomy!

So be not desperate for money and people, or loose them both.

Elixir stopped working?

Thanks for this report from our long time customers, noting they believe the Elixir appears to stop working...

The Elixir was amazing and in January. [My husband] was a twenty year old again (he is 68) and then it stopped working. We sent a note and you responded on how to use it and he is now very diligent.

We will have the blood test for the Testosterone on Monday and [will] send that to you. After we got your note and he starting using it the way you suggested everything was great until last week then it seemed to be failing again.

I keep telling him to relax, so we will see what the levels are with the blood test. When we have the results you will too. In the meantime, I'm ordering some of the Dragon's Blood.
Warm Regards, K.

I'm giving out this to help you understand the way alchemical products work, and how our body works. So here is my reply...

Dear K.

The sacral pelxus and it's physical manifestation, the prostate gland can be very difficult to heal.

The sacral plexus/prostate area is connected to 'who a person is' and that does not change easily or quickly. If someone is raped or suffered child abuse for example, the negative emotional energy lodges in the sacral plexus. But it also lodges in the heart.

So if the Elixir is going to heal sexual abuse for example, it will not do that in a few months. It may take years depending on how severe it is.

Negative attitudes of shame passed down from one's parents is another issue, but would not take 2-3 years to heal, much less time. There are many such issues.

So it depends on how much negative emotional energy is lodged in the sacral plexus and the length of time it takes to heal it. Some issues are very deep.

The other thing is, the sacral plexus is also connected to the heart and the nerve center- the solar plexus.I'm sure you can understand why the heart would be affected in the case of sexual abuse. BTW I am not suggesting anything about anyone here, just using extreme examples to make my point.

So [your Husband] may need to rub elixir on those areas too as they are interconnected. He should really be looking at 2 years to judge the product.

It is a good idea to rub Elixir on the heart and solar plexus areas- to heal them too. Even better, apply Dragon's Blood to the heart and solar plexus! But please be gentle with yourself and patient.

The Elixir odes not get weaker, it gets stronger. It is alchemical and alchemical products improve with age like wine does. They gain in power, not loose it.

If there 'appears' to be no effect, it means the issue is gone or clearing of old emotions called a healing crises is happening, where the old poison of negative emotions is drawn out, making it look like the Elixir is not working, when I know what I have created.

Alchemists call this healing crises- putrefaction. Putrefaction is where alchemical products go through a death of sorts to be reborn anew.

Alchemical Dragon's Blood

Thank you to the hundreds of people who purchased this product. I am very keen people try Dragon's Blood because I know how it will heal many broken hearts AND empower people beyond their expectations.

So we will include a 10ml bottle of Dragon's Blood FREE with every order purchased over the next 2 weeks- courtesy of Red Lion.

I'm just too good to you! sheesh.

dragon blood small blt
Many thanks to K.T. for the following report, who has been using Dragon's Blood for the past several weeks.

I do not think I could describe what alchemical Dragon's Blood really does as clearly and eloquently as K.T. You rock!

Hi Marten,
I wanted to let you know how things are progressing with the Dragons Blood.
I have discovered over a short time that my personal will and strength is so much stronger compared to before, that I am recognizing my old self once again. stronger self before I was married.

I stand up for what I WANT now. My husband really is shocked... but it’s a good thing. Maybe my life needs to change in ALL WAYS. We shall see.

Before taking the Dragons Blood I was suffering from what some would describe as PTSD. I was afraid of any confrontations and would cry often. I had no strength to fight for myself and for what I wanted in life. I felt the life essence and joy was gone.

This is not a joke or exaggeration...The Dragons Blood has transformed me from night into day.

I feel as if those old sad connections to my heart and soul from deep childhood have been permanently severed. I no longer feel ANYTHING of that trauma from the past. My heart HEALED!!

I can say it feels like the old depressed me actually died and I can say I have no feelings about that old me dying whatsoever. I no longer recognize the past belonging to me... nor do I want to think about it...It’s an amazing product you have!!

My tastes have changed. I don't crave bad food any longer. I find myself craving certain nutrient rich foods as if I were pregnant. My body must need the nutrients. I started making my own milk kefir and drink it daily. Yumm!

All I can say is if this were advertised on TV as a way to permanently break from pain and sadness from the heart... you would have a million customers overnight, and the world would be a much better place.

So many people need this and don’t know it What do they have to loose...pain? A new life to gain?

“I AM Dragons Blood!!” It’s really at a bargain price for what it did to my life!

For one example, I went to my Doctors apt last week. Usually I get anxious, cry and become a quivering mess when I go. For the first time EVER IN MY LIFE. I was calm, and strong. When I got home I was so blown away by that... I giggled! Too funny! 😀

I will continue to take your Alchemical products forever! Western medicine has provided nothing effective for me... thank goodness I found your website!

Keep it up Marten. You are making this world a much more bearable place for me to live, and now thrive. 😎

Carbon 60 Olive Oil

Recently a customer wrote asking for instructions on how to make C60 olive oil. Karen directed him to this page, please click here for instructions.

She also referred him to a friend's testimony of our products on K. Elmer's channel. The guy had a rash on his chest for 9 years. He tried another manufacturers carbon 60 olive oil and it did nothing at all.

He tried Red Lion carbon 60 and the rash healed in one night despite this gent trying everything from the drug store for 9 years.

THAT is the power of alchemy. Imagine what Red Lion carbon 60 can do internally if that is what it can do externally?

K Elmer video with amazing testimony please click here.

Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 03.45.56

To function well, surmise not.

Best Regards