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Carbon 60 Status Report

29th January 2021

Dear Reader,

Hold fast!

Because of the virus, people have been saving money and now AFAIK, personal savings have increased so much, they are breaking all time records.

There are a lot of restrictions- people cannot physically touch or move around much. So what happens when the public have billions in savings, they are free to hug, hold and touch and they are released from 'covid prison'?

There will be a massive World wide party! The virus will disappear as quickly as it arrived but our World will be very different in a very positive way. I see the heartbreak, but it is a wonderful time.

We are only only weeks away until we reach the top of the roller coaster before we make our decent!

Remember, all your emotions begin with a thought. Let your mind wander where it will and you will be like a boat tossed about on the Ocean.

Live in the present and you will be Master sooner or later. If you do not control your thoughts right now, that's fine. I just hope you don't get sea sick!

Liquid Confidence

We shipped a Solar Charm to Ms. K.T.. Somehow the charm was broken, so we are sending her another. She also made a special request of a bottle of 'Liquid Confidence', AKA Red Lion Silver Water.

Many thanks for this feedback:

Hello Marten,
Even though my charm is broken, I had been wearing the empty vessel and for the first few days had very strange effects I wanted to mention.

It is very powerful and seems to be the magic bullet for me. I ALWAYS seem to need stronger more powerful “medicine” doses than most people to be effective. The other products you provide are AWESOME ....BUT THIS and the Silver Water IS F**K**g AMAZING for building Confidence and Self Esteem!!
The first day I received the package and while talking to you via email, I felt like pure love had entered my body and gave me the will to live so to speak. I welled up with emotion and strangely weeped after speaking to you., but I did have tons of energy in my body all of a sudden which allowed me to move without much pain! I did not understand the weeping at all. But there it is.
Over the next few nights though, I experienced dreams that were disturbing, but seemingly necessary to remove old illness blocks from my lifetime.
I suffered from a lifetime of lack of self esteem due to childhood emotional abuse/neglect. Illness seemed to appear in my body as a body was attacking itself basically.
All my dreams were lucid and I was actually battling all my Demons one by one. Very ugly and evil, but I would triumph by confronting them, and they would disappear. I would be in the past and would be yelled at and verbally abused by terrifying faces; but I was brave and triumphed.
Each morning I would wake up feeling more and more confident and lighter and more healed in my SOUL.
SO STRANGE AND WONDERFUL. What are your thoughts about that??


When one is using several things, for instance the charm, the Elixir and liquid confidence, it's difficult to see which one is doing what. But in this case it is definitely the liquid confidence Ms. K.T. is describing as the crystal from the broken charm would give some energy, but not very much.

As regards the new product- Liquid Confidence, I don't think I could give a better description of what it does than K.T. did. We get the exact same results in testing here at Red Lion.

K.T. is taking about 5-7 drops daily. Other qualities L.C. gives is motivation, direction, creating a new business, pushing forward, drive a.s.o. And because it belongs to the Air principle, ones intellect should be improved with clearer thinking.

This lady should rub a little smear of Liquid confidence on her temples. It may help her to control the physical pain she is in and also emotional pain- to heal all the tears she never cried..

Here is a follow-up email from Ms. K.T.

Hey Marten,
I did stop wearing the charm 2 days ago to see what happens. I will wait a month.
I do take between 5-7 drops of the silver water per day but I can slow it down.
I do notice with the silver water a strong Ormus effect. The high frequency vibration in my head is noticeable but comfortable.
I have noticed a stronger personal will and positive attitude when taking it. My outlook on life has been changed and gives a slight high happy effect for me after 30 min. I start smiling which is so nice.
I am no longer affected by my husband or family trying to negatively impact me emotionally, which is outstanding...and something I felt was impossible. I didn’t have the will to fight for myself and deal with the pain at the same time.
I’m not sure if it is placebo or not but don’t care. I have not felt so good about my future outlook ever. It’s coming from inside me.
I owe you my life literally. Now I have the will to peruse it again. It’s better than any antidepressant or therapy I have ever been prescribed by so called doctors.
I hope this fill you with accomplishment because it’s a big deal to me.
Btw: I just got my Infrared laser device out of storage and will experiment with the C60.
Coincidentally K Elmer just covered a Swiss medical study about the use of C60 and red light on biological healing.
I KNEW there was something do do with the extra healing I experienced using both IR light/heat and the Elixir.
I will let you know what happens.
Please keep me informed about your latest discoveries and keep letting me know any tips you have for me.

The infrared idea is something I have not thought of before, so we decided to do a bit of investigating.

As it happens, the outcome of using infrared light in conjunction with the Elixir is fantastic. One is tuned into spirituality much more. The red light amplifies the power of the Elixir and grounds it.

It's an odd effect; that one becomes grounded while reaching higher spiritual levels. But please do not be so heavy handed with the Elixir!! Remember the Elixir is Alchemical and very potent.

Love Potion

We've noticed keen interest around this product. We're still waiting for labels to be printed, but shouldn't be too long now.

This is a powerful product! We know about aphrodisiacs and various herbs used in love potions.

But an Alchemical love potion is not the same thing at all!! It is far more potent.

What we do in Alchemy is purify the soul of the product- it's oil. We also purify the material part of the product using extreme heat, so that only the white minerals are left.

Then we separate the product, purify it's spirit and re-combine it. It could be said that God the Father created everything with a certain amount of life force.

Because the frequencies are low on this planet, herbs and crystals have a reasonably good effect, albeit painfully slow.

But that is not what happens with Alchemy. With Alchemy we increase the power and frequency of a product to enormous degrees- like a coal fire at home compared to a smelting plant!

We are very lucky to be given this knowledge. So you can see by K.T.'s report, what 5-7 drops of silver water can do for confidence and empowerment. Compare that with ordinary colloidal silver. There is no comparison and the Love Potion will be the same power except in the area of relationships.

As I said ast week, the love potion will clear you out. This could be called a detox of the emotions. So you will experience some downtime. But it is in your control how much downtime you experience, as it depends on how many drops you take.

But then one begins to love them self, and is open to love and being loved and in-love. Also, ones partner will feel the same thing. So don't be sneaking drops into peoples coffee! It's best with a partner and a partner should know what is happening so they can take steps to mitigate any detox of the emotions.
Love potion

Many thanks to Father for all his help. Notoriously shy haha, I have just opened an Instagram account if you have any questions

Best Regards