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Carbon 60 Status Report

15th January 2021

Dear Reader,

The evolution of products continues here at Red Lion and we have some very exciting products coming up now and in the coming months.

Have you noticed people seem to be more 'Christian' to each other? Christ is not a person, it is a frequency, one of brotherly love and good will. For example the Buddha had the Christ frequency- kind and caring.

People are being kind, generous and friendly to each other. Honesty in business dealing is growing every day, and dishonesty is being punished. So you can see, this covid thing is designed to break our habits and ways.

Habits of ignoring each other, being selfish and unkind. But please be careful for the next week or so, there are intentional influences which will try to create conflict and arguments.

So try not to engage with arguments, walk away. Dark energies are trying to push us into aggression. It could be arguments online et cetera but the aggression out there is huge at the moment.

This is not real, the arguments are not real, they are manufactured. Take what the media says with a pinch of salt and examine what you are being told!

The Elixir and weight loss

As mentioned last report, we have been trying to develop new products in this area as being over-weight can lead to many issues both mentally, emotionally and physically.

I would like to reply to Mr. S.S. in this report as I have new information. The Elixir if smeared on ones stomach area will cause one's metabolic rate to increase up to twice as much. With the increase of metabolic rate, we burn fat more easily.

Remember as children we could eat very little and survive for the whole day? Food can become an addiction just like anything else. So what the Elixir does is restore our stomach, getting rid of the addiction in the process.

But everyone has a trigger. Mine happens to be bread! I have a slight allergy to it and if I eat bread while trying to increase my metabolic rate using the Elixir on my stomach, the bread will ruin the effect. Sometimes we crave what we are allergic to.

Everyone is different. Some people's 'trigger' might be chocolate, or sugar, or coffee etc. It is generally what we crave will destroy this fat burning effect.

If you have a weight problem, try smearing the Elixer on your stomach area just below the ribs on the left side, every two days. It may take 4 to 6 weeks for your metabolic rate to increase and your hunger will diminish substantially. Hunger being reduced is part of the higher metabolic rate effect.

Also, when you apply the Elixir, do it with the intention that is it going to burn fat. Remember, the Elixir could almost be described as a living being and will accept directions/wishes. Crazy I know, but there you are :)

Alchemical Lemon oil

Because the effect of the Elixir on the stomach area and it's fat burning capabilities is a bit hit-and-miss, we have decided to create a completely new product to help with weight loss.

It ill be in the form of a lemon oil, but treated alchemically. Indications are telling us it is very powerful- far more powerful than applying the elixir to the stomach, as this treated lemon oil is taken internally, a few drops per day.

We are still working on it but watch this space! It will be a revolution.

Love Potion

We have now manufactured true love potion. We're waiting on labels to be printed and the product to be bottled.

Interestingly enough, one of the side-effects of the love potion is, it is very good for asthma and breathing issues.

But this love potion is very different to other potions in that it makes one love oneself first and prepares a person for unconditional love. It will knock any woman off her feet!

Besides the feeling of 'being in love', it also raises sexual appetite or libido in men and women.

However as always with alchemical products- it will give some 'downtime'. For new readers, downtime is when old negative emotions are brought to the surface to be cleared and healed and this can make you feel low down or quiet for a few days.

Emotional baggage is responsible for lack of passion, clearing out these old emotions leaves one at their natural loving passionate selves.

So one goes through highs and lows, but all the while, one is becoming more open to love and being loved and self love, looking at themselves and self care, with a matching increase in sexual appetite. This will be very good for couples who's relationships may have become stale over the years.

The love potion is water based and will be in a dropper bottle. We have another product coming up which one applies to the sacral chakra- but this is not about love! This is about passion only. It should be applied sparingly because 24 hours is a long time for a man to stand to attention! More details will follow in due course.

Love potion

Alchemical Silver Water

Alchemical silver water is a misnomer, I should really call it- confidence water as that is a better description. The product has now been manufactured and is waiting to be bottled.

What does it do exactly?
It dispels negativity or negative thoughts as it is very positive. It keeps one grounded and also brings passion because in removing negativity and increasing confidence, one's passion is increased.

But not only that, passion has been infused alchemically into the product, whether that be passion for life, passion for a loved one, work etc. But again, think of it as Liquid Confidence.

The product will also be infused with what I call Divine Energy. It's been called many things through the ages, grace being one of them.

Divine energy or grace makes one very happy and removes negativity again. But it does it in a way which does not cause downtime. It is extremely healing, gentle, powerful, it is mysterious and is the energy of Divine love.


We got the following question from a customer..

I received my charm today. Is it supposed to be worn around your neck? Or can one carry it in their pocket.
...And here is my reply.
You may find the charm gives you some 'downtime'.
For example, if we had no negative blocks to abundance and confidence, we would have unlimited abundance and confidence.

But we learned many blocks from family, society, and peers from birth.

So how is abundance and confidence able to bypass these blocks? The truth is, abundance and confidence will not bypass these blocks, so the charm will remove these blocks first, causing one to have some 'downtime'.

Try having the charm in your pocket for a day or two and wait a few days to test the effect. You should experience some downtime, if not, wear it a little longer maybe 3 or 4 days in a row, and then wait a few days to test the effect.

Eventually you will be able to wear it all week in your pocket. Then you can move on to wearing it on a piece of string to hang at your solar plexus, but try 1 or 2 days again, take it off and wait a few days etc. It is very powerful.

These are genuine wishing charms a bit like a familiar as mentioned before. So communicate with the charm, talk to it, issue it instructions for example, tell it to bring abundance to you, or confidence, or a life partner a.s.o.

I would be delighted to answer any questions you have or if you have feedback, that would be great : )

Best Regards