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Carbon 60 Status Report

23rd April 2021

Dear Reader,

We're still playing catch-up and giving the development of new products a rest for now while we concentrate on developing the ones we have.

Deborah our shipping manager is out sick at the moment. She has had ongoing issues with her back- disks 3 and 5 are prolapsed but she has been able to live with this for many years.

I suggested she apply the Elixir to her back area 2 months ago, and that is what she has been doing. Of course astute readers will know that this will cause a massive healing reaction and it did!

For no reason at all, she was struck with debilitating nerve pain in her hips and legs, so bad she can barely press the pedals on her car. She is barely able to walk at the moment.

But the fact that this happened for no reason at all- no lifting anything, nor did she twist in any way, is a sure sign the Elixir is responsible!

I joked that she has me to thank for helping her heal so much. But she is hardly thanking me ATM lol. But give it a few weeks and she will find the healing crises caused by the Elixir will lead to her back being better than it has for 20 years.

So for now, I have advised her not to apply the Elixir and wait until her body heals. Give it some more time, then begin to apply the Elixir once again, this time there should not be a serious healing reaction. She can then apply more and accelerate the healing process.

Eventually, her back will be healed to better than it was before. The Elixir is bringing out past deep relationship stress emotions, which are being felt as physical pain. It's bringing these emotions up to the surface to be cleared- that is how things work.

Dragon's Blood

What is the difference between Heart glue and Dragon's Blood?

Hear Glue is like watching a movie, Dragon's blood is like going straight to the end of the movie.

Heart Glue is like a process some need to go through, like an evolution. It's like saying to a partner you are leaving- let's be friends and we'll still live together for the next year, while we slowly ease apart.

Dragon's blood is like- right, that's it, I'm out of this relationship, best wishes and goodbye while slamming the door!

Heart Glue is about hurt like loosing a child, loosing a partner or a friend. Healing the loss of work opportunities. It is very much about gently removing grief, loss and healing the heart plexus.

And because the Heart plexus/chakra is healed, the physical heart also heals itself because negative energy in the heart plexus causes physical heart complaints.

Dragon's Blood on the other-hand is far more powerful. You do not want to take Dragon's Blood after loosing a child for example- you need to go through the process and Heart Glue is best for that.

Dragon's Blood transforms. It is the death of negative energy and past hurt. Dragon's Blood is about trauma, for example loosing one's leg. It is dynamic and abrupt- now my leg is gone, how can I get myself working again! There is no going backwards!

People who are very traumatized need the gentleness of Heart Glue. They couldn't cope with Dragon's Blood. They need to start on H.G. for a few months, and then move on to D.B.

Dragon's Blood can remove issues from people's hearts, which is amazing. 70% of people's issues is dealing with hurts in the heart, past hurt and negativity.

As said previously, it can go beyond the womb like a sword, cutting and slicing out things we simply never dealt with for one reason or another. Things we carried with us from life to life and into this life.

It will also give a huge boost of energy, a feeling of being invigorated, feeling joyous and uplifted in a powerful way. It is about control, direction and control, direction of relationships, direction of career. I abruptly want to leave this job right now and things will arise for me!

Thank you for this report from Ms. K.T.

Hi Marten,

I received the Dragons Blood.

I am very sensitive to energy. The moment I held the bottle, my hand tingled... I knew there was something very powerful inside!

The Opaque Pink Liquid is color of Love and Healing. The Flavor is slightly sweet, and tastes like flower petals. The fragrance is like fruit and citrus. In one word I would describe this as DELIGHTFUL!!

The first time I took some, I was meditating and calm, in order to notice any changes in my body. I held the liquid under my tongue, and suddenly felt a strange wonderful high feeling...a whoosh... I felt like I was lifted slightly above my dense my frequency was raised.. like I was above my negativity, looking down on it, with no feeling of depression or negativity whatsoever.

I no longer had feelings of need or want for things that were not in my best interest any more.

Later on I felt a soft but pleasant high frequency in my ears. That’s the same experience I get when taking my homemade Dead Sea Salt Ormus.

All day I was positive and calm. It was like the best antidepressant I ever emotional mood swings were gone. No highs and lows, just calm happy and positive, and self assured. I just had a KNOWING that everything would be all right. How funny is that??

Not even my husbands usual negativity toward me had any emotional impact. I was so blown away! He did not know how to react. What a wonderful thing this is for me.

I have had a sort of mental abuse from my family growing up, and my whole life trying to resolve this with doctors and medicine, to no avail...always depressed, emotional, and fearful.

I can only describe it like The old me died and was reborn! No Kidding! All I can say is try for yourself....and then you will see what I mean. 😀 This is the wonderful truth!

I also noticed that the Dragons Blood started to heal my gums which were usually irritated and red! Now healed.

An important part. Based on how much you take, it may make your tummy feel like you have “knots in your stomach.” This is just a healing pain, and for me only lasted 2 days Of mild tummy upset, then better. I slept most of the time anyway.

I have had ulcers since 2000, due to stress. I personally felt my ulcers twinging while the Dragons Blood was healing them for the first 2 days. By snacking every time I felt the subtle twinges, it felt better. Now I no longer feel the stomach healing twinges. I am convinced the Dragons Blood healed my stomach!

I love this new product Marten! You have provided tools to heal my body and soul, and start again.

Thank you for all you do. Please never give up... you are very much needed!!
This product will cost $98. However, consider what it will do for you.

  • Purified, you will work smarter being more easily connected to inspiration.
  • You will work harder with more vitality and energy.
  • You will be unconcerned by petty issues with people!
  • You will have happier relationships as nostalgia is burned and the past is incinerated.
  • Your health will continue to improve.
I would recommend starting with one drop per day and increasing that amount to suit your personal tolerance.

At 3 drops per day, each bottle contains enough for 1 year and 9 months. I think that is pretty good value at $98 considering what Dragon's Blood can do.

Where would one be after taking 3 drops of Alchemical Dragon's Blood daily for 1 year and nine months?

Alchemical Dragon's Blood gives highs and lows but strong mind control- downtime is there but it is off set by elation. So ones goes through their healing 'downtime' but in a happy way.

However you can concentrate on one or the other. If you have poor thought control, expect to veer towards downtime. If you have mediocre thought control, you will veer towards elation as you go through downtime.

Remember to slide!

But as usual, we have a special offer only available to you, our readers. We're knocking 40% of the price off. So you can have a bottle of this magical alchemical liquid for $58.

Please click here to take you to the Dragon's Blood discount page.
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Be a showoff to yourself- not to others.

Best Regards