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Carbon 60 Status Report

9th April 2021

Dear Reader,

Our offer on a discount for genuine feedback is now closed. We are still playing a game of catch-up as business is increasing exponentially. We are under pressure, what with so many new products, more in development and so many orders.

We have added a new component to Love Potion which will increase it's effectiveness. Liquid confidence is getting rave reviews as people find out just how powerful it is.

We are still learning and researching all the various benefits to the new products and will update you with more information in this report as we get it.

Coagula Et Slove AKA Alchemical Lemon Oil

As I noted previously, this product was not good enough as it only led to weight loss of about 8%-16%.

But we have vastly improved it, and now research is showing it will aid with weight loss by increasing metabolism by up to 50%, depending on the person and their circumstances.

However, this product needs a few weeks or several weeks to build up to that level. One should begin with a single drop, say in a glass of water. Do not take it directly! It is far too strong, but harmless nonetheless. It must be taken with a glass of water or fruit juice- except it should not be taken with cranberry juice.

This is a very fiery product. It rejuvenates organs, giving them new life. At the beginning you may notice some acid reflux- especially if you take 3-5 drops. If this happens, then back off to one drop daily.

This acid reflux is usually healing of the stomach and after a while, one can take up to 8 drops daily with no reflux, because the stomach being an organ will have been healed and rejuvenated.

It's best to take Alchemical Lemon Oil in the morning and evening. You will notice you are not as hungry. It's also best to eat small meals every three or four hours. If you fast- expect the body to hold on to every molecule of fat it can!

Coagula Et Solve is not called that name for no good reason. We have discovered that this product is phenomenal at dissolving negative energy in ones Plexus or Chakras.

This is especially good for men's sexual health. It should be applied to the prostate area, but only 1 drop to begin with.

When it is applied to Plexus or Chakras, it will sting- if 3 drops are used. So I strongly advise not to apply 3 drops. But the stinging sensation is harmless- not harmful at all. It is simply uncomfortable.

Applying one drop will not lead to discomfort. In a way, the stinging is good at it prevents people from applying too much!

But what it will do for men's sexual health and passion when applied to the sacral plexus is quite amazing. Applying Coagula et Solve for a few weeks will burn out decades of negativity, and increase performance one would think is simply not possible.

For women, it will help a great deal with monthly cycles. It can be applied to other Chakra's but with caution. I would not use it on the Third eye plexus and be careful on solar plexus.

Dragon's Blood

This product is difficult to make alchemically, but it is ferocious! It is not harmful, but ferocious in a positive way.
dragons blood
What can you expect from Dragons Blood?

Energy, you will feel much more energetic, much more energetic, but the sense of well-being is very strong. Each person will have a different outcome, but it is Transformational.

It is like your old life went through a death and is gone completely. Clearing of the past, getting rid of the past, clearing emotions, clearing negative energy, feeling invigorated, feeling joyous, feeling uplifted. Alchemical Dragon's blood is very powerful.

Dragon's blood is so powerful, it can get rid of spiritual darkness, even entities! Like being reborn with new comfort and abundance. Where there has been negativity for a long time, it is attacked with great speed and is quite capable of ridding past life issues we carry with us. Past issues we simply never learned how to get over. Alchemical Dragon's blood goes even beyond the womb.

I will explain the difference between Heart Glue and Dragon's blood in our next report, but Heart glue is about loss and getting over that. You woould not take Dragon's blood if you are a victim of crime for example- that would be a job for Heart Glue.

Alchemical Dragon's blood is also Extremely good for clearing negative energy from a dwelling. Initially, we were going to use a combination of 4 elements. But The way we have created this product means only this one is needed and is more than capable and better than all four elements!

However, if you are quite a balanced person, you will love Dragon's blood. It should be ready for market by the next newsletter.

Best Regards