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Carbon 60 Status Report

26th March 2021

Dear reader,

We're so busy oh my gosh! Apologies, we haven't had time to label the latest products yet. But people were asking for them, so we put them on the website.

Red Lion Carbon 60 oil as you may know is clear. This is because our carbon 60 forms crystal structures. If there is a solvent molecule attached to the carbon 60 molecule, light will be forced through the molecule which filters light to red.

Diamonds are crystal structures and they are made of carbon and allow light to come through, because they do not have solvent molecules attached to them either.

Our carbon 60 is a bit like that in that they form crystal structures which allow all light to pass through, not simply red light. However we have found a way to break the crystal structures and our carbon 60 is now back to red!

New Product

In the next few weeks we will be creating a new product. We have many new products, what's so special about this one ?

This product brings force, and strength. It is a little like Liquid confidence but powerful. The Elixir is obviously the most powerful product we have, but it is primarily for healing physical injuries.

Heart Glue and Liquid Confidence are also very powerful products, but this new product is more powerful than both combined! It could really be described like an exorcist, but in a good way, it is that powerful.

We have another new alchemical product which is capable of REVERSING age, based on the gleaming metal Bismuth. But I am not sure if I have permission (from friends in high places) to sell it as yet. I hope so :)

Liquid Confidence

This week, I'd like to clear up some issues with Liquid Confidence. It is potent! and is working too well in some cases.

Thank you to Ms. N.V. for these questions...

Hello Marten, I've been happily using your products (C60, Elixir and the charm) w practically no side effects ( I don't take into a consideration two nightmares I had when started the oil) till I started using liquid confidence. I stopped sleeping. Doesn't matter how many drops I take, three or seven, I still cant sleep more then two three hours and its freaking me out. I know its because of the liquid [confidence], since I never experienced something like that and my heart starts beating fast like I had 3 cups of coffee. I really cant use this product and don't know what to do with the whole bottle, this is my 5th day and and I used like 10-15 drops total (I was trying to regulate the dosage) Can you advise me a proper usage so I can have my normal sleep back?(( thank you!

We know that using alchemical products clears out fear energy? It is a little coincidental there were nightmares- two of them. Perhaps this was a deep clearing out of past fears, perhaps from childhood?

Healing 'downtime' can be physical in that one experiences healing pains. It can also be emotional on the form of disillusion or feeling a bit under the weather and sometimes, it can come about through dreams. I think these nightmares were very healing/clearing and that's it, they are gone now 🙂

till I started using liquid confidence. I stopped sleeping.
Yes, this is a problem. This is because of an active busy mind. Add the energy of Liquid Confidence and sleep becomes an issue. But on the other hand, it shows the power of the Liquid Confidence to energize a person, and that it is working too well which is better than not working at all!

It is super important to ground oneself when taking Liquid Confidence. There are several things you can do if you still wish to use LC. One of them is standing on grass, sand or earth with bare feet for 6 minutes, twice per day at the beginning and then once per day. You can imagine roots made of silver going into the earth from your feet, connecting you deep into the earth.

Another thing which will help is some kind of meditation- especially when going to sleep- try to think of nothing at all. This can be hard to do, but with a little practice it becomes second nature.

It is difficult to think in the present moment- every single moment, but this is the ultimate way to ground oneself and sleep will not be a problem. Tyler Durden knew of this secret.

But as I said it is difficult, but we don't have to go to that extreme of every single moment. We can do our best to live for the day, and be in our body most of the time.

Here are a few tips- try not to think of anything to do with the past, or the future or daydreaming, superciliousness, fantasy etc, but try to more or less concentrate on the present moment. Concentrate on ones breath during the day and filter what is important to think about, and what is not important.

Concentrate on 'where you are'. Even if you only do this poorly, it will have a significant effect to ground you and you will also get wonderful sleep.

Grounding the Red Lion Way

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the color red is a very grounding color. Try wearing a red cord or red sash tied about your middle under your clothes.
Special tip: try dark red, not purple or maroon, but a blood red color. There are few who know of this!

Sleeping Potion

We have a brand new product, which not available to the public yet. It is based on alchemically prepared Valerian root.

As with all our products, we always recommend starting with one drop per day, and building from there. The maximum should be 10 drops daily for Liquid confidence and Sleeping potion. But if one simply wants to feel relaxed and calm, then one or two drops of sleeping potion can be taken for relaxation.

I never experienced something like that and my heart starts beating fast like I had 3 cups of coffee
I am delighted!
The heart skipping a beat is literally the heart singing, it is the beginnings of pure joy, a prelude if you like. It is being 'in love' but being in love with self, or self love which is excellent and will influence every part of your life.

It is so important to take Liquid Confidence when you wake up in the morning so the effect will have worn off by the time you go to sleep.

Never take Liquid Confidence at night. Then in the coming weeks, you can try 3 drops per day, as one learns to ground oneself.
A follow-up email From Ms. N.V...

Dear Martin, I’m very grateful for everything that you do. And I am a strong believer in your products. Maybe it is working too well, since I am a very high energy person to begin with, and I got it to feel more sure of myself, not to have so much energy that I can’t sleep🙈. Although I have to tell you even though I’ve been sleeping only for three hours each day this week, I am not Destroyed, my days are full, with workouts and other things that I do with my crazy schedule. Maybe because Im using the oil in the morning, elixir at night , and wearing the charm during the day, all of that together is all too much? I’ll try again one drop after I catch up on sleep. I will let you know how it feels. Yes, you can use my feedback any time!❤️

Although I have to tell you even though I’ve been sleeping only for three hours each day this week, I am not Destroyed.
This is also a symptom of Liquid confidence, one is not drained of energy and can seem to survive quite well on only a few hours sleep. Even though the body is fine and no ill-health at all, one can become mentally tired- while the body keeps going! But mental tiredness will ground you sooner or later.

Maybe because Im using the oil in the morning, elexir at night , and wearing the charm during the day, all of that together is all too much?
There were no issues before this lady took Liquid Confidence- even though she was wearing the charm and using the Elixir. The charm does give energy, but not in such a mental way. Ask the Charm to help you sleep!

But do not have the charm beside your bed at night, and keep the Elixir jar, Carbon 60 oil and Liquid Confidence bottles in a different room from your sleeping area, as they radiate power.

What I would do is experiment- play with the products in different ways and learn what each one does and by how much. Then you can tailor them to your needs as they arise.

The Elixir is rejuvenates organs to perfect health, and one's entire body, even if you do not notice it. You will never become ill and will reverse in age and stay there, growing older very slowly, if you are using the Elixir.

Liquid Confidence is not like a drug where one can burn out physically, the only issue is mental tiredness.

Here is a report from a Mr B. who is using a Red Lion genuine Alchemical Charm..

Hi Marten
I would like to tell you about your prosperity charm sense. I have started wearing this thing about 3 months my net worth has doubled so i gained in 3 months what took me 3 years to do before the charm.
I do allot of stuff that is very High vibrational so some other things helped I believe but I have been blown away By how every time I turn around another stream of affluence comes my way.
But this little bottle is with me every day and I do believe its very powerful.
You can use this testimony.

Hair Serum

Just a note to those who purchased Hair serum. As I noted previously, three drops is all that is needed, three times per day. But three drops may not be enough to cover the entire scalp from the level of the ears up.

In this case, put three drops in a teaspoon of bottled water, and apply that to the scalp.

  • It is important to massage the serum into the scalp.
  • Do not wash hair daily or the build-up of serum at the roots will be washed away. Once ever few days is okay.
  • Try using saran wrap or a a swimming cap to prevent the serum drying too quickly. We want the roots to be soaked and not have the serum dry on the surface.
  • You may feel the need to scratch or your scalp is tingling. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about.
  • When the scalp dries out, you could apply more water or spray water on the scalp to help get more product to the follicles.

We are still offering anyone 25% off their next purchase for genuine user experiences, but only until next report.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, please use our contact form.

Best Regards