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Carbon 60 Status Report

26th February 2021
We're continuing to get busier and grateful to you, our customers for that. But we are super busy and now have so many new products coming out, we're doing our best to have art-work and labels done. So if you receive product at the moment, it may have a generic Red Lion label until we get around to everything!

There seems to be a big problem in the World with sleep. People are tired of the lockdowns and restrictions, but they cannot sleep. So we have used Alchemy to create a Genuine Sleeping Potion. Please see below.

Last report, I refrained from talking about the weight loss product because it wasn't good enough. It was only providing 8-16% increase in metabolism. But we have found the answer! I'll chat about it in the next report.

Hairy Head Serum

Last year I said that applying the Elixir to the scalp would help with hair regrowth. Like many men I was loosing hair above my temples. There were two bald patches there.

I have been applying the Elixir to the area, daily for the past many months and the results are in the photo below.
As you can see, the results are quite incredible. I only decided to check my hair line recently because I was creating the Serum. Such a pity I did not take a 'before and after' photo. But I had two completely bald patches on either side and now you can see 'baby' hair growing back.

With a photo is difficult to see this, but there is now a distinct hair line right above my forehead. Thank God it stopped there! I'd hate to have a hairy forehead- it would make shaving in the morning longer than necessary :)

But the Elixir is not meant for hair regrowth. The Elixir is a powerful healing tool. Aging is in fact only damage which can be healed. Consequently, one becomes younger, which is really only the healing of damaged cells. So the Elixir is reversing the age of my scalp, therefore hair grows back.

But we have made a specialist tool which is the Serum. Only three drops are needed, three times per day. I understand this may not be enough to cover the scalp, but any more is a waste of product.

So what you should do is put three drops of Serum into a tea-spoon of water, and apply that to your scalp three times per day. You should notice a very gentle itchy or tingling feeling. What is happening is, the body is bringing energy up and into the hair follicles, grounding them in the process. Then the hair follicles are grounded and can grow back.

I expect far more powerful results from the Serum compared to the Elixir. But sadly I don't believe it will reverse grey hair. But we shall see!

Sleeping Potion

With Alchemy, we remove the sulfur as the old alchemists used to call it. We purify that and then use calcination on the plant, in this case Valerian root.

We burn the minerals until they are white and combine the sulfur later. We also use what is called a mercury which is 'philosophical' or very pure to combine the sulfur and the earth part of the operation.

This multiplies the spiritual energies of whatever we are creating. In the case of Sleeping potion, it is quite powerful. So please do not take Sleeping potion if you are taking medication. It's best to start with one drop per day and build up from there. A healthy person should not take more than 10 drops per day.

But a great off-shoot is, that if you are a nervous person, you have a twitch, or going into an interview for example, take one or two drop of Sleeping potion which will make you relaxed and calm.
Thanks to K.T. for this review.

Hello Marten,
I received my package of new Potions today. 😎

I ordered the Love Potion, Heart Glue, and another bottle of the Liquid Confidence.

I wanted you to know I wear the charm night and day now, because I cannot bear to be without it. I do feel very protected with it especially at night.

I make a new wish every day, and the Manifestation turnover is FANTASTIC!! Wonderful changes are just falling into my world, as if by magic. ☺️😇

There are Many good changes that have come to my life, since your new products have come to me. I can’t wait to tell you.

Before I use the new potions I received today, do you have any usage suggestions or tips?

With Thanks Always,

With Liquid Confidence, I would take odd numbers of drops. For example 3 drops, 5 drops, 7 drops a.s.o.

Keep increasing the amount you take until you feel you are too energized and your sleep is being affected. It's very important that one grounds oneself. Try not to think too much for example and live in the place where you are.

Liquid Confidence is very good for removing disillusionment and healing downtime. But the Heart Glue is the important one of all three.

Heart Glue will bring one to a peaceful place. It makes one open and give enormous healing. Emotional and physical healing. It will bring one to a state of nirvana and a place of joy. It opens one up, while washing grief away.

But that grief or any kind of loss can be money, job, bankruptcy, a death. In fact all grief and is one of the most important products we have produced so far.

Don't forget the Charm should be treated like it is a 'familiar'- because it is!
You can ask it to tell a person something, or help you in a job interview. Build a relationship with the Charm and it's best if you don't let anyone touch it, or their frequency (tears) will be on it.

The Future at Red Lion

I don't know what I'm doing creating all this work for myself, but we have several more new products coming out and one of them gives Force. This is not confidence as such, but power, force etc.

Another new product will clear a house of negative energies. In fact it is so powerful, it will rid a place of highly negative spirits. For example say a violent death which happened in a house- it will clear the energy of that, which could have been hanging around for centuries.


We're offering a 25% money-back discount on next purchase to anyone who gives us feedback or a review. The condition is- it must be genuine feedback from your experience of using the products.

Best Regards