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Carbon 60 Status Report

11th September 2020

Dear Reader,

We're still researching and perfecting the red hue for our carbon 60 and maybe some other good news coming! But we've retired our pulverized alchemical carbon 60 product for the far more powerful pulverized C60 Sekhmet version.

Although pulverized C60 Sekhmet is more expensive, it is at least 4 times more potent, so in our view it is better value for money.

Deborah hurt her back recently, it was an old injury but after doing gardening for several hours her back was very painful. But she took pain killers and rested, and the pain went away.

I asked her if she was putting the Elixir on her back? She said she did a few months ago but when the pain went away, she stopped. I suggested she continue to apply the Elixir to her back as I felt there must be more healing that needs to happen.

She told me that her back is fine now, but I insisted she keep applying the Elixir to get deep healing. A few days later she could not stand for very long, she could not sit for long either and was on pain killers and basically couldn't come into work for a few days.

I asked her if she did any work after her back felt better and she said, no, I don't know what happened, I'm buckled with pain and no idea why.

Of course we know why! A healing crises or herxheimer reaction to the elixir! Sometimes it's hard to put two and two together and easy to forget that the Elixir will do this physically and emotionally.


As explained previously, what we can do for our dwelling is to place a smear of Elixer in the corners of every room. This removes negativity, arguments, disagreements and bad feelings that may have been building up for years.

Think of a smear of the Elixir as a bright light in the corner banishing all dark feelings/energies, radiating light and peace. But this also means you should not have a jar of Elixir beside or above your bed at night unless you like staying awake!

Only very ill people should keep the jar close by and for very ill people, it's better to rub a smear of elixir on the four corners of the bed- every few weeks. But for healthy people it's best to keep Elixir in another room completely so that it doesn't interfere with sleep.

Try having a jar of Elixir beside you or on your desk at work especially if you deal with say customer complaints! It is very energizing, makes one feel lighter and ones energy lighter, again very energizing.

But let's take this concept to a new level. Amethyst and various crystals and stones are strong because of their frequencies. But they could not compare to a genuine Alchemically prepared charm!

A genuine Alchemically prepared charm is 100 times more powerful than any natural stone because what creates a stone of high vibration, we can do with purpose, faster that nature and keep multiplying its power.

I've been doing a great deal of research on the right material. Plants for example are not suitable in this case at all. One must be quite fussy about minerals like stones a.s.o. because the spiritual energies and/or the energies of the mineral will clash with the spiritual energies we're attempting to put in.

A metal is much better, and we've discovered that silver in the form of a colloid or colloidal sliver will condense the energies correctly and will not clash. Silver is a female metal and so making a genuine charm with silver will naturally bring feminine advantages.

What we're going to do is make a genuine alchemical charm with colloidal silver and put it into a pendant to be worn. A slight problem is metal cannot be used so we must choose a glass vial with no metal cap.

One can drink colloidal silver in water but not in this case. What a charm made from colloidal silver will do is give protection and prevent hurt in the future, but it cannot clear past emotion, as that is a process one must go through. But it will give great protection, a feeling of moving forward, new or renewed.

A charm like this will help clear negativity from relationships and will help attract positive relationships, developing intuition, a feeling of joy and all the feminine qualities.

We're also going to create a charm using colloidal gold and this will naturally bring abundance, confidence, drive, strength but mostly for attracting wealth.

Gold has been used in ancient times as a panacea but the first paper on colloidal gold was written by the Alchemist Francis Anthony in 1598 after receiving his Master of Arts degree in 1574 from Cambridge University.

As you may know we cannot make the Elixir as powerful as we would like. We make it as strong and as potent as possible without the risk of a severe Herxheimer reaction. But we're not limited with colloidal silver in a charm! We can make that 10 times more radiating power or 200 times more potent if we wish, but we'll see what is best without harm.

So, we'll be offering genuine magical charms for sale in the next month or two.

Best Regards