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Carbon 60 Status Report

28th August 2020

Dear Reader,

We have made a breakthrough as regards the red color. As you may know the red color is visible because solvents are attached to the C60 molecule. In our case, we don't use solvents and our C60 forms natural crystals which hide the red color. The new color will not be as red as before but we're delighted nonetheless.

Wine matures as it ages a bit like people, but our carbon 60 olive oil and elixir do the same thing. Our products become more powerful as time goes on.

We're not getting much feedback, not because there is nothing happening but I think people are tired of writing and reading online.

Covid times

It's true covid was man made but it is also an enormous spiritual event. One of the things which covid 19 is doing is breaking peoples routines and habits. So people cannot sleep walk through life anymore.

Astrologically tomorrow the 29th of August is very important. The last few weeks have been very stressful but come Monday things will be much better.

Bank on it- not

Just a word of caution but did you know when you lodge money in a bank it is considered a share in the bank? Guess who gets paid last in the event of a crises? Governments have been snooping into peoples accounts to see what they have for anyone with over $5000 in their account.

Much better to keep your money safe in for example a metal like gold and especially silver, but physical metal not certificates!

So what is happening?

We are leaving all the stuff from the past behind and September will have a wonderful sense of freedom about it. This is great because it feels like we've all been in prison since February.

But September will have a huge sense of movement about it, a sense of freedom and moving forward. People's sleep has been badly affected in the last several months but from Monday there's going to be a sudden lift for people.

September will have a happier and much more optimistic feel to it. Literally it will be like a light switch going from August to September where August has been extraordinarily challenging.

People will be looking at new ways of of doing, thinking outside the box even looking at new careers. September is going to be such a positive month.

But people can't be stuck anymore, if they remain stuck in old ways, that's when not good things happen. Mental health issues, physical issues, anger issues, relationship break-ups, financial issues, if people don't move forward they are not going to be in a good place- it's time to make a decision sink or swim.

Making a bad decision is much much better than making no decision at all because no decisions can last for decades. Whereas making a bad decision, at least it will become apparent and one can change direction.

But we at Red Lion are here at this time to help! Using the Elixir will make one positive and through clearing emotional baggage- move people forward in their lives emotionally.

The Emotions are our burden, the suitcase we carry through our lives. The Elixir makes one feel like starting a new business, or changing old worn out habits and feel motivated.

The oil as I've said before works more powerfully on the emotions to heal them and clear out old emotions, whereas the Elixir is more physical because one works internally and other externally.

Now there is a release from old ways and habits that would never have come about without covid 19. All old paradigms are falling away and the puzzle we've been in will be gone and we'll emerge fresh and clear.

Have you noticed how many people are discovering the truth about the world? We're gradually setting ourselves free of encumbrances which held us back and then we'll be released! This covid thing is not what we think it is.

It's time to celebrate, it's time to be joyful and take the shackles off, move forward and not look at sickness but to look forward and never look back. How can I chance things? How can I move forward? These are the questions we should be asking and with the power of positive thinking we can achieve anything.

So next newsletter I'd like to chat about cutting ties again, cutting ties with your old life and old situations and people. How use positive thinking but positive thinking bordering on true magic the Red Lion way :)

Best Regards