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Carbon 60 Status Report

1st January 2021

Happy New Year!

This year will see the back of the virus and I'd guess by June it will be all over. In my opinion, the virus can either be deadly or it can be infectious- it can't be both.

And that is what has happened. The virus has traded it's lethal nature for being highly infectious. So we see many infections but fewer deaths and these deaths are likely very sick people.

2020 was like being in prison. But soon we will be released and the World will have changed. We will find a new freedom, happiness, appreciation and much gratitude.

When it's over, we will find a doubling effect. Many lessons learned and a feeling of being released, so it is going to be an amazing summer.

Breakthrough Year

I cannot describe the breakthroughs we have made recently with alchemy because you simply would not believe me.

But one of the things we're working on is weight loss. This is very difficult for people and can lead to insecurity and health problems. So I have been trying to find a way to solve this problem and I think we have solved it!

We are still conducting trials but it looks like we have found a way to double ones metabolic rate And feel less hungry at the same time. I hoped for maybe a 10% increase in metabolic rate but surprisingly, it seems to be a 100% increase.

This means a man using 2500 calories per day to maintain weight would now need to eat 5000 calories per day to maintain the same weight. One side effect is more energy as obviously the body is burning more energy.

We will not be able to have it certified as a weight loss product because scientists will see the weight loss but will not be able to understand the mechanism.

But let me get back to you about this as trials are still ongoing.

Love Potion

This is something I have really wanted to develop for couples, especially men. Women have a 40% higher appetite for passion than men do on average- contrary to popular opinion.

Many couples have little or no passion in their relationships and it is so important to ground love physically for a healthy relationship.

We are developing two types of genuine alchemical love potion. One is for passion/libido only and the other is for a feeling of being 'in love' AND passion/libido.

The population of Christians all over the World has been declining to levels which cannot be recovered from in the next 100 years. It is sad and heartbreaking. The media is promoting 'a carefree life' for their own nefarious reasons. Let's hope this will lead to more babies because we cannot have enough babies!


I have come to the view that once a person begins to use the Elixir, they will never be ill again, and in fact their longevity will increase with more youth and health.

For reason I cannot go in to, I happen to know that my age personally has gone above the 100 year mark. Even my bones are stronger and my body has no weak points, which is highly unusual. My body is a force health wise and in top condition.

Using the Elixir on the gonad area for testosterone has been a shocking experience! My muscles have muscles, by body has become 'ripped' and I am much stronger now than I was back in May 2020.

What was shocking was the speed of this transformation. Literally within one month my body transformed- without any extra exercise or weight training.

But if you are using the Elixir in this way, please only apply a fingertip smear to the gonad area once every two weeks to begin with, and then when your body is used to it, apply once per week.That is all that is needed.

It would be very easy to apply too much too often and then one would run into issues for example blue gonads and we do not want issues in this area! So be careful and patient and do not underestimate the strength of the Elixir for this purpose.

Thank you for this report from Mrs. W.

On a side note, we have been using the elixir all wrong, but we are really happy with the results. My husband who is 69 years old has had trouble in the past with low Testosterone and even went so far as to have slow dissolving beads inserted under the skin in his buttocks. Which worked, but only until the beads dissolved and needed to be replaced. Which was a hassle.

So for three weeks of vacation he has been putting a little smear on his prostrate area daily. I now read that it should be only three or four times a week, but once daily at bedtime is working for him. So not sure he should dial back the dosage. What do you think? Bottom line is that it is working for him and he is feeling great about it....

[N.B. please dial the quantity back to once per week and get regular testing, this could lead to unwelcome complications. I am used to the Elixir and even I would NOT use it daily for this reason. I now only maintain the benefits once every two weeks]

I also have been using it on my face, but made the mistake of putting my toner underneath and night cream over the top. I have not noticed much difference but will now use only on clean skin with nothing on top. I was putting it around my eyes, not sure that's a good idea, what do you think? I have dark circles underneath my eyes and I was trying to eliminate those.

Anyway, we are very happy and can't wait to try the Carbon 60 Olive oil. I hope it can be taken in conjunction with the elixir. Let me know if that's not a good idea.
So thank you again for all your help. We are happy customers.
Warm regards, K.W.

Using Red lion carbon 60 olive oil in conjunction with the Elixir will reverse age and heal from the inside out and from the outside in.

Here is a follow-up email from Mrs. W.

Good Morning,
I have not forgotten you and your test, however, here in Mexico things are still a little bit weird with the Covid 19 situation. We will have that test done in January of next year [2021] and send it to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, the Elixir is amazing. My husband is so happy. It's helping him immensely.... Nothing else we have tried has worked like this little bottle of blue oil. So thank you a million times. When we have the test, we will know for sure, but he is very happy.... and so am I....
I would love to purchase some more of the Carbon C60 olive oil.
Thanks for your help. We are loving your products and can't wait to get more.
I am a little camera shy lol, and like my privacy. But it looks like I will be thrown into the spotlight and will be giving many talks around the World in due course. I will only be able to talk around alchemy because if I were to go into details- my karma would be destroyed and so would I!

This is a year of action and a tremendous leap forward.

Best Regards