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Carbon 60 Status Report

18th December 2020

Dear Reader,

Happy Christmas!

I'd like to thank everyone who took a leap of faith and purchased our charms. We sold hundreds of them and they are still selling well even though it is Christmas time.

We're still working on Alchemical Silver Water. I am testing it on myself at the moment and very pleased with the results. I take 7-10 drops daily and even though that is minuscule, my body is absorbing water far more easily.

This absorption effect should be a great boon to people with low blood pressure [hypotension], as that is the cause of low blood pressure in my opinion.

The Wheat and the Chaff

I was chatting last week about 'the left', when I really meant extreme liberals and socialists. What I noted is what the bible has said about this time- separating the wheat from the chaff. Yes, these times are Biblical!

We can expect a difficult time ahead with the 'chaff' against the 'wheat'. What's happening is, frequencies are rising and people of a low frequency- socialists/communists extreme liberals, feel the Government should mind them and keep them. They are 'another is responsible for me' type of people.

The rest of us feel we make our own luck in life and therefore we are the type; 'I am responsible for myself'. But the chaff cannot stand the higher frequencies and will scream and blame anyone who crosses their path. So be prepared.

The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on Monday afaik is akin to the Star of Bethlehem and significant in this new age of Aquarius. So it is super important we clear old issues at the beginning, or they will be stubborn to clear later.

I think many will be glad to see the back of 2019, and by June 2021, we should be back to normal. After any great upheaval, there is always a boom period. For example WW1 and WW2 or any of the great depressions.

So you can expect an economic boom for the summer and this one will be different because this was not a financial collapse. All the finances are still there and healthy. So this boom will be phenomenal as I have indicated before.

Cutting ties

Christmas appears a happy time, but it really is the death of the year. Many people suffer loneliness and depression at this time. But regardless of that, it is best NOT to carry old negativity forward into the new year, and we sure had a lot of negativity this year no?

Consider the beginning of the year like the 'childhood' of the year. We don't want a bad childhood for the rest of the year!

Drinking lots of water when clearing flushes out the negative energies because water is magnetic. We use water to clean because it takes dirt into itself, washing it away in the process. It is the same with negativity.

Say you had a bad experience with someone. Now imagine cutting an imaginary string or cable or connection to that person. And then completely forget about cutting the tie and the person. This is called letting it go.

The person will likely feel this and want to get in contact with you- to suck more of your life force out.

Try not to ponder what you just did, is it working? how do I feel? why does it work? when? et-cetera et-cetera.

You can also cut ties to painful experiences like bankruptcy, physical pain, abuse a.s.o. But with these strong emotions, it is best to also dissolve the thought form into the Akasha principle.

The Akasha principle can be imagined as a blue black color, and in the form of a limitless sea with a vast infinite feeling. The feeling is important. Once a negative thought form is placed in the Akasha principle, it is dissolved and this technique is a very powerful way to rid oneself of painful memories.

So imagine the situation or person is connected to you by a thread. Cut the thread and watch the thought form dissolve in the Akasha principle. Even if you think you have done this badly- it will work because it is your intention that is the key here.

With a little practice it takes seconds and you will be happier. Other things like poverty can be dissolved or anger, depression a.s.o.

Keep your power - Stay in your body

When we get frustrated or upset with someone, we give them our power, in fact we empower them. Then what happens? We feel gutted, we feel empty, we have given away our power so we have none left for work or play.

Feeling 'gutted' is a very good description. We are literally gutted of our energy. And without energy, we start to get bad luck. Things like a puncture, or missed delivery. Isn't it odd when we are low, everything seems to go wrong?

Low is another good description- low on energy because all that energy was given to someone who made you feel upset, frustrated etc.

So lets say a salesman spends two hours with a customer and the financial dept. made a mess of the sale. The sales man might thing Oh my gosh, those total muppets. They ruined my sale and now I'm not going to get commission. Why do I have to deal with these people OMG.

The sales man has just gutted himself of energy and now he doesn't feel like going into work the next day, why? Because he has no energy. How could those numbskulls do this to me!! OMG. Even more energy lost and now the sales man must take days to get his old form back.

Meanwhile, the financial dept. feel empowered! Em-powered as spiritual power from the sales guy makes them feel wonderful. They feel great because someone has just transferred energy to them.

Don't get angry, get even!

The appropriate response for the salesman is to not get the slightest bit frustrated, so that he keeps his power. So he should report the financial dept. to head office and explain how they are ruining sales by taking too long, and remain calm.

But you can also give your power away to things. So your car window doesn't go up one day. Oh my gosh this stupid car!!! I Hate this car the stupid window doesn't work now. If you do this, expect to feel gutted and low on energy as you have now given it to your car.

Living in the present moment is the ultimate way to keep your power and in fact it will only grow. How do we do this? Feel the seat you are sitting on, the smell of the air around you, the surroundings you are in. Live in your body and try not to think about anything else happening except where you are right now.

Then you will feel light and happy, learning the ability of not letting the World affect you no matter what happens. That is when you begin to master yourself.

Thank you for this report from Ms. K.T.

I have been using the new Sekhmet C60 oil and would like to tell you that every time I take a dose, about an hour later and for many hours I get the SAME soft high frequency whisper in my ears as I experience when taking large doses of my homemade Dead Sea Salt Ormus!
From time to time I also get a high meditative feeling.

Very cool stuff!! But I bet you already know that.
Thanks so much for all you do to help so many people better their lives and raise our vibration. Your newsletters are priceless to me.

May our Father bless you for the coming year.

Best Regards