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Carbon 60 Status Report

4th December 2020

Dear Reader,

Things appear a little crazy right now, and I except the World situation to get a bit rougher before it gets better.

The World is learning just how much power their governments have over their lives. But when over three hundred million people decide something, nothing can stop it happening. That is why governments are fearful of public opinion.

We are being shown how things have changed drastically and offered a choice to be in charge or go with the flow.

There's no question the public will make the right choices- when they have the truth; everything will change. We will enter a golden period of prosperity the likes of which has never been seen before.

So what is happening with all these people of the left and people of the right?
The left believe the state should look after them and look after everyone, whereas the right believe everyone should look after themselves.

So the left see the right at uncaring, that they have no compassion and poor people are suffering while they make themselves better.

The left really believe they are victims and are not capable of looking after themselves and want the state to look after them.

The right believe in themselves and believe the power to create their life rests with them.

The right believe if the state looks after everyone, people end up being no-good, useless, soft and spoon fed.

Elixir tip

A problem with your ears? Try applying Elixir inside ear canal using a cotton bud. Remember, you might feel pain in the ear, but they are healing pains. See how you feel, if the pain is too much, stop using it for a week and you should not have any pain on the next application.

Works like a Charm..

There are two charms in the photo. One is meant for the Third eye and the other is designed for the solar plexus.

The one for the third eye is not as powerful because a user could end up have unwanted effects like visions and so on.

What do the Charms do exactly?
Literally in the spiritual world, the charms shine like a Star. They lift people up and cutting ties with the past. These Charms have actually got emotional energy in them which is quite shocking.

Can they help with health?
Consider these Charms as a bright light illuminating ones spiritual body. That means the structure behind the cells, the spiritual structure of the cells is strengthened.
If the cells are strengthened spiritually, they have the power or more correctly, the Life Force to fight illness and disease.

And corona virus?
Charms basically keep evil away. They wont stop one getting the virus but instead of it taking 10 days of misery, it should take only three days to heal and with milder symptoms.

Will they help with sleep?
Most certainly they will- if you wear them during the day. But they should not be used while sleeping and may need to be kept in another room at night. They are grounding, they help ones emotions, for example helping to get over a bad relationship a.s.o. but they are not conducive to a good sleep at night.

Charms are very much about healing the past for example they will help one get over the tragedy of bankruptcy.

If people have had financial worries in the past, or stress around finances in the past, Charms can sort that issue out. Also memories of surgery, memories of pain. As I mentioned, there is an emotional value to the charms.

We have made two versions because some people could not wear the more powerful of the two. For example if they are highly sensitive, they might not be able to wear it for long periods of time.

So if you purchase a Charm and feel dizzy or overwhelmed, simply take it off for a few days and try wearing it again later.
Is there any way of knowing that they are working?
Yes, try wearing the Charm for a week and then take it off. You will know if you took the charm off because you will feel different. People who have been testing the Charms took them off after a week and quickly began to wear them again.

That is because they miss wearing the Charm, they feel moody, out-of-sorts, a feeling of not being quite right with the world. So yes you can test them.

Special offer for readers of our reports.

These charms will retail at $98 for the lower power one, and $148 for the more powerful one. But we are giving a 40% discount to our readers.

Please click here for the special offer. They are not available to the public just yet.
There will be 7 charms but these first ones are to bring abundance, confidence and wealth. Don't forget these are genuine alchemical wishing charms and should be treated as living things.

There is a LOT more coming with Red Lion- watch this space. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know.

Best Regards