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Carbon 60 Status Report

20th November 2020
Dear Reader,

What we are going through at this time is what an alchemist would call- putrefaction. We are coming into the Winter cycle. Things will get a bit rougher, but then we will come into a wonderful period.

Spiritually speaking, the virus is breaking people's habits and ways so that they no longer sleepwalk through life but wake up.

And this 'awakening' is Global. Then things are going to go OUR WAY finally. We will only accept people of integrity in our elected leaders. Even right now, corporations are trembling at our awakening and doing everything they can to prevent it.

Because those ignoble people in power will be swept away with a world of people fully conscious. Abundance, comfort and celebrations will be in order, but first, the others must be woken and that is what is happening.


We're nearly there with the charms. getting the correct supplies has been tricky with the World situation etc.

As regular readers will likely know, our products heal on three levels, and one of them is emotional healing. But this can bring 'downtime' which is negativity being brought to the surface to be cleared, But the charms will help reduce this downtime to a more tolerable level.

For people looking for a good relationship, it might be best to ask the charm to make you open to a relationship first, and then they can use the charm to bring the relationship.

It's best to have one wish or work on one wish at a time. So, let's say you work a week on abundance, working on emotions to clear blocks to abundance. Next week working on bringing the abundance a.s.o.

The following week, one could work on anxiety or stress levels. The charms can be multi wishes, but it's better to focus on one wish at a time for at least a week on whatever subject. Of course, that will vary depending on how deep-rooted blocks, anxiety levels etc are.

They could get confused or overloaded if there are too many wishes and will be slower to work.

The most sensitive chakra is the third eye, so for that, we're making charms which are only 1/4 the power of the other charms or people would have visions and strong dreams.

The charms for the third eye will certainly bring psychic abilities and awaken people psychically, but we must be very gentle here.

As I said in the last report, the solar plexus chakra can take a lot more, which is why we
solar plexus can take more though.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is like anything- if you take too much of it, it can be detrimental. Silver can make one go quite mad. What happens is, if you take too much, it can bring out the psychic side of a person and that can be very dangerous.

If one doesn't keep grounded constantly while taking a large amount of colloidal silver, eventually it could connect so much with the psychic side, one loses touch with reality. It begins with vivid dreams, psychic events which get stronger slowly over time.

We're still working on making alchemical colloidal silver and will let you know how we're getting on in due course.

Thank you to Mr. C.P. for this report in mid September:

I have finally returned from my forced fire evacuation I am in California among the 3 million acres burning as I write. Fortunately I am not in the fire area this time. But the smoke is toxic enough that the C60 can barelyt keep up with it.
I have deleted the old order and place a new order and paid for the new Sekmet C60 . thanks for your support,

Then we got another report from Mr. C.P. last week:
I am just getting to the bottom of my emails and found this old message that I had wanted to reply. I thank you very much for checking in and love you concern. And want to assure you that I appreciate very much your mention my story.
In general I always intend to stand by what I say and give you permission to print and copy anything. I think the work you are doing is ground breaking, exceptional, in-valuable and intriguing. I am happy to contribute to your efforts in any way I can.

I also owe you some feedback on my experiment with putting C60 Sekmet directly on my chest. I found the cough disappeared after 2 days. And I did feel a slight sore area on my chest after the first night. Surprisingly the spot that felt like a slight bruise was high up on the left side of my ribs.
It was slight and barely noticeable if I hadn’t been looking for it. I cannot say however that The C60 was the strongest variable because I also left the smoke filled area and went to the redwoods on the northern ca coast to get away from the smoke for a week. The air there was pristine.

Since then I have been experimenting with adding some C60 Sekmet to the area around my occipital ridge just at the soft spot at the first vertebra. I found over time that this is decreasing congestion all around that area. It also however keeps me awake at night. It seems to add energy even though I am already taking a tablespoon of C60 daily. So far my neck and occipital area feel great. Much more mobile and flexible. It feels like that area can breathe now.

Sincerely, Thanks for you work,

As we know, Red Lion carbon 60 olive oil will heal physically, but will also heal one's emotions, bringing them to the surface to be cleared in the form of 'downtime'. But overall, one will be happier.

One's power will also increase as there are less emotional blocks a.s.o. So aiming that energy-power at business or life in general leads to winning and achieving.
It is likely the oil which is keeping Mr. C.P. awake. So, it may be best to take a spoonful in the morning.

Also, grounding as discussed will help ground those energies, helping one sleep and reduce 'downtime' by at least 50%

Tying a red cord or sash around one's waist acts as a lightning rod, which reduces sleeplessness and downtime down to 30% of normal.
If wearing a red cord or sash is difficult for some reason, try using cherry red underwear, e.g., red boxer shorts.

Someone owns you when your curiosity belongs to them.

Best Regards