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Carbon 60 Status Report

6th November 2020

Dear Reader,

Things look grim on the World stage but look a little deeper. Society is being rejuvenated and we will make a great leap forward soon.

Since last our last report, we have made great strides in the field of alchemy, particularly around metals and carbon 60. We have made inroads into alchemy no other alchemist in history has made so far.

We're still working hard making charms, but different materials are difficult to source in these covid times.

Also still waiting on our Solaris Chem certificate which we have been promised. But we've been told- we're on it!

Colloidal Silver

If you are taking colloidal silver, be careful, you can over dose on it. A teaspoon a day is all you need. But that depends on the concentration.

We're not selling colloidal silver as there are many commercial products out there which you can buy off the shelf. I just question the quality of some of these.

What will colloidal silver do for you? Taking a teaspoon a day is like drinking 10 liters of water. Our research is showing it completely revitalizes the organs, gives power to the organs and body. It's like having a new body in many ways.

And as silver is a 'silver bullet' to bacteria, colloidal silver water is a very good idea as a preventative measure against the virus.


What are charms and how can they be used?

The charms are silver in 2ml of oil in a tiny glass vial. We cannot use a metal cap so are quite limited in the type of vial we use or the metal will clash with the alchemical nature of the charm.

The oil used in the charms is treated alchemically for about 90 hours. Consider the charms a bit like crystal healing stones e.g. herkimere diamond or amethyst. Crystal stones are powerful but compared to a charm, the are only a throb compared to the beat of a genuine charm.

What is also placed into the charms is something called Divine Energy. You could also say blessed with Divine Energy. What is Divine Energy? It is a very pure energy which some call love and can be used for lots of purposes. It has been given many names throughout time, for example it has also been called Grace.

What charms can do is heal blocks to money/abundance, create work opportunities, heal relationships, attitude towards relationships and are said to have infinite power.

Yes crystal stones have infinite power too but there is a huge difference between the power level of a genuine alchemical charm and a crystal.

They are also self cleansing. When they draw negative energy from ones chakras, the charm is easily capable of burning that energy and remaining a pure bright light. They are similar to crystals in that they do not have a beginning or an end.

Consider the charms like living things. You can ask the charm to do something for you, but you must ask every day and not simply once. The wish must be renewed. So you could tell the charm to remove anxiety, or make you open and ready for a relationship- and when that is done- ask the charm to help you have a good relationship.

Or if you have downtime, tell the charm to remove the negative energy and bring you joy. But it is best if you work on only one wish at a time for at least a week before you move onto the next stage of your wish, or even a completely new wish. The charm could get confused or overloaded if there are too many wishes.

But the charms are so powerful, the one used to open the third eye is only a 1/4 the size of the others. If it were the same size, it could be frightening as one would begin to have vivid dreams, visions a.s.o. But this particular charm will help those who wish to develop psychic abilities.

The charms will also help with covid 19, but how do they do this?
Well they wont stop you getting the virus. But imagine all your cells are imbued with Divine Energies. The charm changes the energy structure of the cells

So you may still get symptoms like a cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell but you will not get the full-on symptoms of being absolutely floored for 10 days.

It may take only 3 days for recovery instead, but using ones own precious immune system. It's the same for any illness, the charm empowers and brings light to ones cells in every aspect.

Very ill patients should not wear the charms but the charm should be placed near the persons bed. Only the smaller charms should be used for say a dialyses patient.

If you are a very sensitive person, you may find the charm working too well which could be uncomfortable. In that case, simply take the charm off and only wear it for an hour per day or what ever suits your tolerance.

But the main use for charms at this time will be for abundance, which is why we're making charms for abundance first. If you buy a charm for abundance, begin by telling it to remove your blocks to abundance- worry, fear, wrong attitudes, beliefs, lack of faith etc.

Then tell the charm to now bring you work, money, wealth and abundance. It is the solar plexus chakra which is the target here, as that relates directly to ones level of abundance. There is a lot more to discuss about these charms but we'll leave it until next report.

The charms should not be given to children.

Silver Water

So we're not going to sell colloidal silver water, but what we are going to do is manufacture Alchemical colloidal silver in water.

What this will do is give one an energy boost. It's a bit like taking a thousand milligrams of vitamin C, or a can of Red Bull but a boost on three levels, spiritual, emotional and physical.

Thank you to Ms. D. S. from Carolina for this feedback:
I just wanted to let you all know that the "letting go" aspect of your C-60 has been a big, BIG help during these difficult times of Covid 19 tyranny and with the increasing vibration for everyone and everything on our planet.

Raising vibrations are very, very uncomfortable and I don't know how I would be able to survive without Red Lion C-60 with its powerful healing aspects and superior mental AND physical healing.

I just feel so very grateful for the synchronicity of K Elmer/Red Lion/ and my innate curiosity. I am especially grateful for all the work that all of you do to make such a powerful healing product!

My next purchase will be your Elixir of Asklepios (I hope), which I find to be an extremely powerful skin healer. I don't know if you remember, but you sent me a "gift" of a bottle since I couldn't' afford it on my own. It is almost out and here is my update on it: I have used it on bruising, skin moles that I believe need to be healed, blood vessels on my legs that are inflamed, a shoulder that aches terribly when I try to sleep etc, etc. It has helped everything that I have used it on.

Remember I told you I got a dog bite last spring that I used the Elixir on? Well, the doctor said I would scar tissue under the bite mark (which I don't have) and the deep bruise and contusion of the bite is also slowly fading off the surface of my 66 yr old skin (and old skin does not heal easily from such things!!).

So - once again thank you all. Your products are a beautiful thing.
Sincerely, D. S.
For downtime, try tying a cherry red cord or red sash around your waist.

Release and let go, release and let go, your dreams will be realized through releasing and letting go.

Best Regards