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Carbon 60 Status Report

April 10th 2020


No child under 10 has died in China from covid-19. If anything they get mild symptoms and they're fine.

That should tell you something about the karmic nature of the virus.

But age is a big factor. So if one's immune system is younger or for example ones telomeres are younger due to taking alchemical carbon 60, then one should have only mild symptoms like children do.

And we know that according to Mr. T.H. in our previous newsletter that his telomere length increased by what he believes to be five years younger while taking Red Lion carbon 60 and a nasal spray over a 6 month period.

Alchemical Theory

Water is magnetic below 42.8f, you could regard 98.6f as part of the akasha principle because it is neither magnetic or electric. At higher temperatures water is considered to be electric.

This is why our body has a core temperature 98.6f because our bodies are in fact incredible alchemical machines!

If you meditate on this you'll discover many secrets.

But we can use the magnetic power of cold water to help remove negative emotions during 'downtime'.

Try taking a very hot shower or sauna then you'll be glad to take a cold shower. The colder the better and imagine all negativity from your body flowing away with the magnetic water.

Thank you to Ms. J.K for this feedback:

I am 79 years old and some health problems. I need to take more oil than is recommended but it works. Helps with my energy level, digestion, eczema, eyes, and more just keeps me moving better. I love your C60 and will never quit taking it. Thanks again

I know this is heartbreaking, I'm not a cold person but I'm sorry, I think this is an absolutely phenomenal time.

The old forms of control are dying, new found respect for our world is emerging. We're thinking differently aren't we?

I mean what were we like in December, can you remember? How we felt, acted and thought about things?

Yes we are totally different already in only a few short months. By July I said our reality will be totally different and when the virus is gone, the respect for each other and our planet will remain.

Will we go back to old ways? Only if we're really dumb and we're not dumb at all!

Alchemical C60

Think of it this way; we know that the elixir and alchemical oil brings up emotions because we have many reports of alchemical C60 bringing up old emotions for example the report in the last newsletter by J.B.

What is it that makes you old? it is negative emotion.

Emotion is Energy in motion. What is energy? It is matter. Matter comes from the old word matre which means mother.

So emotion is female. We could say negative emotions or we could say negative matter right?

Stress causes back pain and many complications. A male or vice-versa a female who pecks at a guys confidence day in day out for years lowers his testosterone and he becomes 'caring sharing' and is definitely not an alpha male.

So you can see how altering a persons perception of themselves can change a persons physiology.

But what if we suddenly removed all this 'negative matter'?

Just like gravity, we are pulled back to what we would be without the negative matter- we call is age reversal but it really isn't age reversal it is the relieving of stress, anger resentment, bitterness and when these are removed we go back to the way we were or should be.

This is why no product will give age reversal unless it removes the 'negative matter' which is old emotion.

Depression ages us, stress ages up, anger ages us and some of these emotions like insecurity target particular organs for example low self esteem corresponds to kidneys.

So a person's kidneys may become 'older' because of the negative matter we call insecurity.

Remove this negative matter and what happens? The kidneys return to their youthful selves. Unless they are damaged beyond repair that is.

So J.B reported last week that negative emotions were brought to the surface and he was forced to release them.

But what if these emotions were not brought out by alchemical carbon 60? It took about 2 to 3 weeks to bring these emotions up and out to be cleared.

The emotions must have been buried very deeply indeed. If they were buried so deeply, they would have kept 'aging' J.B. day in day out for years to come.

But now they are cleared and they cannot age J.B. anymore.

That's because alchemical carbon 60 heals at an emotional level. Regular carbon 60 cannot heal at an emotional level because there is no emotional component to it.

C60 Sekhmet - Pulverized

I'm talking about the concentrate in syringes now. Do not take this directly from the syringe if you have an underlying health condition!

The potency of pulverized C60 Sekhmet is like a [healing] punch to the body. With the previous version of C60Ra, one could take up to 5ml per week.

But with C60 Sekhmet only 1ml per week is advised and ONLY if you are healthy.

Oddly enough C60 Sekhmet will still bring up negative emotions after a few weeks but it has more of a stronger physical effect.

If you have clogged arteries definitely do not take the concentrate. It is almost like using a defibrillator. It is healing but the healing shock to the body could be dangerous for some.

C60 Sekhmet is a completely different product to C60Ra.

You must use high quality olive oil. If low quality oil is used, the alchemical properties will be negatively affected.


For legal reasons I cannot make medical claims or say the elixir will improve this or that.

But we're now performing clinical trials of the elixir on the 'family jewels' area of male subjects and getting dramatic results.

If you decide to test this for yourself- warning! Do not apply more than twice a week. If you do, you may discover you have a case of blue family jewels!

The results we're getting include all effects of raised testosterone for example increased energy in physicality, muscular buildup, speed as in more athletic, joints muscle tone and all round masculine boost etc.

With this boost we're noticing that any weight training or cycling/walking is producing double the effect than normal.

So I'd encourage anyone testing this to do some light weight training and exercise because body tone according to our research is developing twice as fast and twice as solid. These effects seem to happening fairly quickly, not taking months.

The heart is also a muscle and we're noticing the heart seems to skip somewhat during exercise. This is the heart balancing itself and getting stronger again developing at double what it normally would.

Testing is indicating the elixir is acting on the hormones of the body like a steroid.

This is why applying the elixir cannot be done more than twice per week.

A friend of mine mine told me testosterone is the heart hormone. Some very fit young men die of a heart attack and doctors wonder what the problem was not realizing it's usually due to low levels of testosterone.

Wash and thoroughly dry your skin, then apply elixir 1 hour before bedtime. Please use a very thin coating and of course tell your doctor you are applying the elixir and ask him/her to monitor you.

We've only begun research on the testosterone effect but definitely rejuvenation and toning seem to be the main effects so far.

We feel there is a bigger purpose to this testosterone effect and it's likely we'll know more by the end of May. But I'm certain one of the effects is to do with men's sexuality/potency/fertility sperm quality.

Thank you to C.D.T his sister and her husband for this report:

Hi I’m Alienor 31 yo, MD in Swizerland, living with my husband and little girl of 6 months. I contracted Covid19 on the 17th of march, one day after my daughter and one day before my husband.

We don’t know how we caught it, I’m not exposed at work being at home with my girl since she was born.

We were pretty bad ill with generalized pain, asthenia, temperature, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath for around one week.

We also lost taste and smell. My husband experienced severe chest pain and my baby only had 24h of temperature and light couch with grumpiness.

I was taking [Red Lion] C60 4 ml/day for around one month before Covid with Chaga mushroom 1gr/day, liposomal vit C 50mg/kg/day and vit D 15'000 UI/day.

Form the moment I was sick, a took around 150mg/kg/day vit C daily with [R.L.] C60, vitD and Chaga, as did my husband. We are now both recovered except for taste and smell that is slowly turning back. We are keeping on with the basis treatment.

We don't believe Chaga mushrooms do very much at all with covid-19 but vitamin C works extremely well with alchemical carbon 60.

Hazelnut and Walnut Oils

We've also been testing these two oils with C60 Sekhmet. The results are disappointing but using walnut oil does have a positive effect on the brain albeit not enough for it to be a commercial product.

Dosage- Red Lion C60 olive oil

What is the correct dose to take if one has covid-19? Again we're not saying carbon 60 will kill the virus- it wont. But testing on patients and customer feedback is indicating a stronger immune system.

The dosage we recommend with the new C60 Sekhmet olive oil may surprise you- 1 drop per hour for 8 hours every day. Yes I mean 1 drop per hour not one dropper.

You can take a little more at bedtime and 8 drops can be spread throughout the day. Of course I'll be completely ignored as usual! But that is what we recommend.

Carbon C60 doesn't store in the body for very long hence drip feeding is best. You may notice your temperature rising slightly. Sleep seems to be affected positively.

Research is showing 1 drop per hour for 8 hours gives better age reduction than say three dropper fulls taken all at once.


Do NOT rub C60 Sekhmet Elixir on your lungs if you contract covid-19.

The elixir may cause an immune system reaction to endotoxins released when large amounts of pathogens are being killed off.

But because the body does not eliminate the toxins quickly enough, it could lead to a severe healing over-reaction.

But if you do not have covid-19, applying the Elixir to the lungs is a good idea. It will prepare them.

Where to place the Elixir

If you get the virus as I said, do not apply the elixir to the lungs. But it should be placed on the thymus gland and especially the neck area.

Do not place Sekhmet Elixir on the third eye area!!

It could make one have visions, or may cause one to hallucinate. If one wants to go on a journey or go within ok that's up to you, but it can effect the third eye.

The third eye area is that flat piece on your forehead between the eyes just above the nose.

But if you have headaches caused by covid-19, try applying the elixir to the temples.

C60 Sekhmet takes a lengthy time to create and is much more powerful than anything we've produced before but the price will have to reflect that.

There is nothing like it anywhere on the planet right now.


Do not use our products in an atomizer!! I seem to be saying 'do not' quite a lot in this newsletter but taking any powder, even wheat flour powder into ones lungs is a very bad idea.

Women's fertility

Some women can place the new elixir on the ovaries area but not all. Women should not use the elixir in this area if they don’t wish to get pregnant or if there’s a blockage or cyst as it could put ovaries into a healing shock.

But it could cause growth in healthy women who don’t have underlying ovarian conditions with regular use. Applying the elixir once a week is fine if a woman is trying to get pregnant.

Our research is showing daily use could make women very fertile. Some women don’t need more hormones and Sekhmet Elixir could cause a cyst. So women who use the elixir on that area need to be very healthy.

But if a woman has an ovarian issue, apply once per week but do not use it continually and have your doctor monitor you.

From now on our carbon 60 olive oil product will be formulated with C60 Sekhmet as will the elixir. We still have old stock of pulverized carbon 60Ra but that too will be replaced with C60 Sekhmet.

Special offer

We're offering the new elixir to anyone who signs up for our reports.
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Stay positive, be 'self centered'. We'll get through this and then oh man! Things will be better better and even better than they ever have been before.

Stay Safe