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Carbon 60 Status Report

16th July 2020

Dear Reader,

Sales at Red Lion are continuing to get stronger but one thing we've noticed- people are not spending just $200-$300. We're getting individual orders of up to $1,500. No idea why this is happening but we're not complaining!

Elixir reduces age but when does it stop?

As many people are finding out, the Elixir is changing people's personalities, releasing old past negative emotions and healing their physical bodies, energizing them with a lets-go! attitude.

As mentioned previously, the Elixir finds the worst ailment first and heals it- unless it is applied directly over an area for example an ankle injury. In that case it will heal the injury and then proceed to the worst health issue, heal that and then onto the next issue and so on.

But what happens when all injuries are healed? The Elixir simply doesn't stop and continues reversing age damage which is really just another injury. It repairs at the DNA level and will return many injuries to better than they were before age damage or physical damage occurred.

For example the Elixir will repair age damage to organs including the brain, heart kidneys etc.

There are two stages the body goes through which total roughly 15 years age reversal. The first stage reduces the bodies age by 10 years and then another 5 years. You could say age reversal happens in blocks. So the first block is 10 years and the second block is 5 years.

The first [10 year] block is the most important and is visibly dramatic. All can see a huge difference in age reduction of someone using the Elixir including the person themselves. Remember physically looking younger is also occurring on the inside too.

The second stage where the body's age is reduced by a further 5 years is not as rapid, but one should take a break between the blocks. I don't mean take a break from the Elixir but a break of about 4 weeks is needed between stages insofar as one can go on a retreat, or self isolate or regular meditation for 4 weeks, resetting and recovering the body for the next stage.

So lets say one has reversed their age by 15 years, if one keeps using the elixir, they will age very slowly and time as you know it will be more flexible than you thought. But how much age reduction and how slowly you age thereafter is, is entirely in your hands.

Probably due to the times we're living in, we didn't get as much feedback this week. Hopefully that will change because feedback is extremely valuable in that it helps others understand how much Elixir to use, what it's capabilities are and when and what they can expect.

So having said that, thanks to Ms. K.T for this report, it is priceless to others in similar situations.

Hi Marten. Thanks for responding.
I think the new Sekhmet concentrate is helping ME by eliminating the side effects of my seizure medication...which is very toxic, but I must take it. I have been taking this medicine 2x per day for the past 30 years to control my seizures.
I have been living with this medication side effect for 3 decades, and no doctor could do anything to help me with the awful side effects.
As a test, I took the concentrate and felt a I was lifted out of my brain fog (caused by my seizure medicine.)
The best way I can clarify, is to say that it’s as if the Sekhmet concentrate cleared away my biggest seizure medication side effect “brain fog”..... and I felt clearer than I have felt in years.
I verified this benefit for me several times with the same result.
Feels like I suddenly woke up after after a long, long sleep. A little disorienting at first, but then clarity at last. 😀
I like the results I’ve experienced so far. To test my results long term, I will probably need to buy some more concentrate.
If this helps people with seizures...this will be a big deal for me to let as many know about this as possible!! 😀🌈
Thanks, K.T.

Frequencies continue to rise as Earth hurtles into a new part of space!

As the frequencies do rise it drives people who are of a lower frequency insane! Hence you see a lot of people throwing their rattles out of their prams in several cities recently.

These people actually believe they are more advanced than anyone else and we're all dinosaurs! That's a problem because when someone believes their path is higher, they will go to any lengths regardless of the consequences.

What's happening in my view is these people who believe someone else should look after them are going crazy because the new higher frequencies are ones of self reliance not nannied by the state.

Luckily Red Lion customers are having their physical bodies healed, their personalities changed, freeing themselves of old negative emotion and riding the new high frequency waves to a new future. So Red Lion customers are staying reasonably sane- always a few exceptions of course lol.

Cutting Ties

I'd just like to go over cutting ties again as it's important when using Red Lion products.

Past negative experiences are not gone- They are simply buried way down in our gut somewhere. Remember these are negative emotions and emotion is energy in emotion. This is also called the law of Conservation of energy; where energy cannot be created or destroyed.

So forgetting about the past does not destroy negative energy, it is still there. Although forgetting about the past is a good idea so that one doesn't 'enliven' old negative emotions. But it is best to remove them first and then begin to practice thought control so they never come back.

Negative energy causes us to be unhappy and sooner or later will lead to health issues. Holding on to the past also prevents us moving to the future. As they said in a movie one time- if you dig up the past, all you get is dirty.

This is where cutting ties is so important. When one cuts ties, there is nothing to forget because the issue is gone, dissolved into the Akasha principle.

On the face of it, a difficult emotional past issue seems very big, too big to simply go away so easily. But these issues are like a balloon. They look big and difficult to get rid of, but cutting ties is like popping the balloon with a pin and in fact one finds out the issue was not that big a deal after all.

We are told to 'have faith' and that is a good place to start. But the stage after faith is: Knowing. IOW once you Know you can do/be something you don't need faith anymore. You KNOW it.

Lets start with the biggest issue you can think of, the biggest negative memory maybe from childhood or a past relationship. You have to have faith that cutting ties will work in the beginning. But then you will Know it does work because if it works with the biggest issue it will work for all other issues.

So imagine a past negative situation as a kind of bubble in front of you connected to you by a thread, string, electric wire, sinew it doesn't matter how you imagine the connection to the 'situation bubble' as you are working with symbols and it is the energy of intention which is most important.

So again imagine this old past hurt and all the hurt emotions, the people involved and all of it is now contained within this bubble.

Cut the tie to this bubble. Imagine The bubble now floats away from you but instead of just letting it float away, imagine it going into the Akasha principle.

What's the Akasha principle? It's where the elements I'm so fond of describing come from, the electric and magnetic, male and female principles a.s.o.

Akasha is infinite, vast, limitless, deep. It is no color but one can imagine it as a blue black color. You could imagine it as a kind of vertical sea, vast, infinite and blue black where your bubble now floats over to and as soon as the bubble merges with this limitless Akashic sea, the 'situation bubble' is dissolved and gone forever.

Imagine as the bubble is being dissolved into the infinite Akashic sea that you happily let go of the situation, it is destroyed and dissolved and becomes part of the Akashic sea, like a drop of water into the Ocean.

Make a conscious decision there and then not to think or ponder the operation you have just done but go do something else! As Italians say forgetaboutit.

Repeat the operation if you need to several times even in the same evening, and the next day several times. You'll find suddenly that you have no issue! Then you will have moved from faith to knowing you can deal with any past issue and become happier in the process. Then become a cutting ties maniac!

When you let it go you gain it because you are free to receive it.
When you hold on you loose it because you become it's slave.

Best Regards