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Carbon 60 Status Report

June 5th 2020

Dear Reader,

Very sorry, the contact form on our website had a PHP conflict with another plugin which meant it hasn't been forwarding emails to our email service.

So we didn't realize there was a problem because we were still getting emails from the website in other ways.

I think there's about 320 emails! But we'll get through them bit by bit, so please be patient.

I purposely didn't give many instructions with the Elixir because I wanted people to find out for themselves.

I've put all previous reports in our blog. The search function at the footer of the site works very well if there is something you need to research.

Directions for use:

The Elixir will make you feel great, it will make you feel joyful and motivated, it will make you feel alive and give you Stamina.

But even though the Elixir will give you a 'feel good factor', you may get mentally tired.

So lower the dose in that case and try not thinking too much during the day, give the Elixir a break and get a good nights sleep.

Thanks for this report from Mary in Scotland:

I’ve done a lot of trekking with the attendant ligament injuries and eventual cartilage decline. No surgeries, but a bit of arthritis. Left knee worse than right. I used the other Asklepios and it did help somewhat, but this one was much quicker.

I put some on my knee which has been hurting for a long time and FOR THE FIRST TIME in months it felt normal the next day. Not to say it’s perfect yet, but of course I’m going to keep using it!

Now if I can reverse age about another 20 years. Wouldn’t that be lovely?


From Ms. E.K.

Hi, I love your products! I have been using the elixir on my face for a few months now and notice my wrinkles are disappearing. Thank you!

I use it (the sample) everyday sparingly in the morning after my shower. I know you suggest at night, though I felt it would end up on my pillow case so I do it in the morning.

I feel like it is pushing out old dental infection that I didn't realise was still there. So, now I read in your Newsletter to only use the elixir every other day and not on the third eye.. I DO feel that old emotional "stuff" is coming up to be healed everyday in some way, I have been able to keep up so far.

Do I really need to only use it every other day? Also a year ago I bought 4 bottles of C70 at that time understanding that was best for females. Then read in your newsletters that I should alternate C70 and C60, so I bought C60. I just ordered more C60 because I am out and just opened my last bottle of C70. I've been taking C70 for a while with just a few drops of C60 once in a while.

I've been taking a dropper full, though now it seems that they both are more powerful than what I bought a while ago. SO now I just thought as I am writing this that perhaps I should buy a "new" C70...though I would like to finish the one I just opened from last year. Any suggestions on how to take the older C70 and the new C60 would be so appreciated.

Thank you sincerely, E.K.

C70 is out of stock at the moment and we hope to have it back in stock in the next few months.

You can use the Elixir on the third eye but you have to be prepared for visions or psychic abilities and so on.


Elixir or oil is not recommended for very negative people as it will attempt to heal them of their negativity and they may end up in a serious healing depression.

But how can it work?

Some are actually afraid of the elixir. They are afraid of what it will bring out in them for example psychic abilities and wont even touch the elixir!

These people are usually born skeptics. They need proof. They need to see spreadsheets, graphs, flow charts and scientific evidence.

Of course they get lots of evidence! Firstly they get evidence from themselves when they experience healing and even strong dreams like Deborah discovered.

They get evidence from people telling them of amazing healing results. But the testimony of people and their own experience is simply not good enough- they must have scientific proof - go figure.

But spiritual chemistry is far more advanced than current science. One day science will catch up.

It's like a person in the year 1820 seeing an airplane- that's impossible! I see it, people tell me they see it too but how can it be! A metal object flying in the air is impossible!

But just because current science in 1820 doesn't have evidence doesn't mean metal crafts cannot fly, it just means the science of that time has not evolved enough.

But you can apply one dot and likely zero will happen. Have courage! It's completely in your control.

What's in a name

Just to explain but the new Elixir is still called Elixir of Asklepios but it is based on C60 Sekhmet whereas the previous Elixir was based on what we call C60 Ra.

As people who have purchased Sekhmet based Elixir already know, it is a light purple color.

15ml jar

Room Clearing

For a very sick person, it might be best to smear Elixir on all four corners of the room and bed but instead of every three months, weekly is best.

This will blow away clouds of negative energy created by the ill person and help them recover.

What we think feel and do manifests in our reality. So emotional energy directed by thoughts becomes physical- as you sow, so shall ye reap.

We know stress causes various illnesses. So 'stress energy' manifests as backache or the left shoulder rising up or causes organs to fail if the negative energy is there long enough.

Instead of putting stress energy into one's shoulder or back or organs, we could instead put it into a substance. Of course it wouldn't be very good for us.

What does the opposite of stress energy do? It enlivens. We can call this 'enlivening energy' positive thinking.

But instead of putting the 'enlivening energy' into our body, we can put it into a substance which it has an affinity with. Then we can call that a life elixir.

But an Elixir like this is like 5 years of positive thinking concentrated into a substance. This is more or less the basis of Alchemy.

Elixir reveals hidden illnesses

Sekhmet based Elixir is very powerful. This is why we recommend using a small amount at first.

What if you have a heart or organ problem you don't know about? Then you liberally apply the Elixir and a healing crises ensues? This could be dangerous.

For example the guy who had a triple bypass got chest pains after applying a small amount once to his knee. But had he applied it liberally all over his chest, it could have been more serious than a slight healing pain.

Luckily as I said he only applied it once and only a small amount and importantly it was applied to his knee. The healing crises happened in the form of mild chest pains but the second time he applied the same amount- no chest pains.

So the healing occurred and he can gradually increase the amount he uses.

Men don't generally give us feedback, so thanks to Mr. Paul Vangoff for this:

My dad is experiencing lower back pain due to degradation of the discs What would you recommend and directions of use I personally use c60 internally - it dealt with a chronic low level throat infection .

During the healing crisis lost the sense of taste for a week. Fully recovered and the best my throat has felt since childhood .

C70 transdermal - first time I used it I applied it to the skin . 1 hour later had the most extraordinary sense of euphoria / elation hence why I continue to use it topically . Would appreciate any input you have in helping my dad out . Thank you for time

We'd recommend the newest Sekhmet elixir for Mr. Vangoff's father. Patch test first on say foot, then apply a small amount to the lower back area once every 3 days.

You may also wish to apply the elixir on the outside of your throat and use C60 olive oil internally if you have a throat problem.

This will also unblock communication issues and improve communication abilities as one's throat chakra is there.

Thanks to Ms. K.T. for this report:

Hey Marten,
I know you’re a busy guy, but I wanted to know if you experienced the same effects from the new Elixir...
I did not start slow because I like to feel strong effects, and I’ve only been using it daily for about a week, but just now noticed some huge transformation in my face.

Some background: Nine to Seven years ago I was beautiful and glowed. I looked younger than my years. For the first time in life, I was finally managing my Arthritis pain well enough with medication and I was happy. Then everything changed.

From 2013, until when I found your products in 2019, I had begun to pretty much cry on a daily basis from both physical and emotional pain. My body inside and out was dying, and systems were failing one by one.

The toll that pain took on my body appearance and health and was horrific for me to to witness. I transformed into a completely different looking person and seemed to age 20 years rapidly.

You prior products brought me back from the brink of death thank god. Just in the time I have been using your Sekhmet Elixir I noticed my face change before my eyes....especially my eyes!

My eyes are no longer puffy, dark and baggy from crying. My skin is smoother and the dark splotches are almost gone. My face looks 20 years younger in only a week and it’s like I had a chemical peel and a facelift.

This is better than any face cream I have ever tried!!
What the heck is going on? I am completely AMAZED.
Hope and manifestation in a bottle is what it is.

Sincerely K.T.

Question from Mr. T.H.

I'm confused. I was trying to understand which product is more physically healing vs emotionally.
Is the Regular Carbon C60 and topical elixir (the 15ml non gender sample)
Mainly Physical and some emotional?
and so does that mean the Pulverized Alchemical C60 products have way more emotional and some physical?

Taking Red Lion carbon 60 olive oil internally will heal emotions and physical body. But because it's taken internally, from the inside out it will have strong emotional healing.

The Elixir on the other hand gives very strong physical healing but less emotional healing as it is working from the outside in. However in saying that it will give one great 'get up and go', joy and well-being.

So the oil is better for emotional healing- if your tough enough!

Elixir Dosage

First patch test on say your leg- only a smear is needed.

If you have an injury for example high blood pressure or heart problem, apply the elixir to your face for a few weeks and not over the area of the injury. It's best if the Elixir is applied only every second day to begin with.

Used in this way the Elixir will get to the injury but not before traveling around your body. So the injury will not get the full healing blast of the Elixir, and there is less chance of a severe healing over-reaction.

So applied to the face for example gives very gentle healing to areas that need it. And your body becomes accustomed to the Elixir.

But if you have a knee injury, apply the elixir there instead of ones face. I'm saying avoid the organs if you are a beginner.

After a few weeks you could apply the elixir directly over a damaged organ but only a smear and wait for a week to see if there is any pain. Then repeat the application.

If all is well, you can gradually increase the amount you apply- say knee and face and then organs. When you feel emotional healing discomfort- reduce the amount to a level you are comfortable with.

This is the same with carbon 60 olive oil- start with 1 drop per hour for 8 hours daily and gradually increase the dosage until you feel emotional healing discomfort in the form of downtime and again reduce the amount you consume.

After a few months you may feel you can increase the amount you take yet again.
This way you will find a level that suits you perfectly and a level you control and emotional healing downtime you control.

Again, the more emotional healing downtime you experience, the happier you will be long term. So it's up to you how much or how little emotional healing you give yourself.

The oil will in no way give the same healing effect to joints, skin and organs as the Elixir. The oil will heal these albeit slowly, but will give powerful emotional healing.

The oil applied to skin will work well but it is simply not on the same level as the Elixir at all. The oil is Not a weak version of the Elixir. The Elixir has been through many more alchemical operations than the oil.

If your body is used to Red Lion products then you need not be as concerned about a healing crises.

Contact your doctor and tell them what you're doing.

Thanks to Ms. D.R.S. for this feedback..

Hi Martin - Not sure if this is the best place to send you updates. If not, let me know where to post (big smile to you). I wanted to report on using the elixir after having it since Feb 11, 2020.
I have used it carefully - lightly and mostly on wounds and skin moles that need attention. I also have used it around my eyes some but didn't feel it did much there.

On wounds and skin moles - well, it certainly has been quite magical! I had a dog bite (minor from walking my dog and neighbor dog got off leash and challenged/nipped me). Although he did not tear my jeans, he did a nip and catch my leg enough that I went to the hospital just to be safe. I had to get the wound cleaned; get a tetanus shot; strong antibiotics and then keep it clean etc.

The contusion was strong, wound marks in the shape of a mouth and one tooth wound was pretty deep. I was using Red Lion C60 in olive oil on it (a drop a day) and that seemed to be helping it.

It didn't itch or ache (as had been described by many who have had a dog bite). When I got the elixir, I started using it immediately and on a daily basis. The wound began to heal very quickly (especially the deep tooth wound) and no scar tissue developed which surprised my doctor.

The numb feeling surrounding the wound began to ease completely. I was impressed on how quickly I was healing. There never was any uncomfortable feelings with it - no aching, no itching, no discomfort at all. I did notice that a great deal of hair developed but only on the spot where I put the elixir.

It is on the front of my leg about 4 " below my knee and I don't usually have a patch of long hair there. As I have aged, there is less hair on my legs and to find that patch was pretty fascinating!

I also used the elixir on any chigger bites I got after being out in the woods with my dog. Chigger bites have always been extremely itchy and annoying for me and took forever to go away.

On the 2 separate occasions that I got them, I used the elixir immediately. Results were NO itching - at all!!

I probably used the Elixir 2 or 3 times each time I got them. That was amazing to not feel any itchiness at all. And they faded quickly compared to any other time.

Perhaps the most impressive has been a mole that developed on my thigh in recent years. Slightly smaller than a dime, raised above skin level and definitely a new development in the last 2 yrs.

I started putting c60 [oil] on until I got the elixir and then switched over to that. Results are very profound. It began to dry out and shrink. It is probably 1/2 the original size and continues to quietly dry and shrink.

It may need a few more months before it completely disappears but that does seem to be its path currently. I believe if I continue to lightly but daily use the elixir on it, it will disappear. Amazing!!

To me it looks like the Elixir and oil are healing Ms. D.R.S.'s migraines and they are being brought to the surface to be healed. I'd guess when they go away she will never suffer a migraine again.

Alchemical symbol of the philosophers stone

Best Regards