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Carbon 60 Status Report

January 3rd 2020

Dear Reader,

Christmas was for me wonderful and quite transformational. But that doesn't mean I'm not glad to see the back of 2019!

This year should be spectacular for us and we're getting ready as much as possible. I'm getting inquiries to speak at events and would be glad to share what I've been given.

Things at Red Lion are flowing well and we're expecting a flood of orders, so we're building up stock right now. But there is still a lot to do.

We're still in the process of moving premises but besides a few hiccups it's going well.


We've been getting requests for more information on alchemy so I thought I'd write a few notes on it.

In the Bible it is said: "seek the Kingdom of God and the rest shall be given to you in addition".

So the philosophers stone will give long life, excellent health and can transmute base metals into gold.

But these are sort of consequences of seeking a union with your higher self.

If you look for evolution to be a higher frequency and not simply for good health and wealth, good health and wealth and many other things will be given to you anyway.

But if you look for long life, health and wealth only, you'll find these difficult to achieve. In fact these things are quite base level compared to union with the Divine.

In working on say cutting ties for example you are seeking evolution and might be surprised to find yourself blessed in various ways.

If you continue purifying yourself you'll be blessed even more. So in alchemy we attempt to make these elixirs and soul medicines but they are not the goal at all!

They are the means to purifying oneself and in the process one becomes blessed with long life, health and wealth among other things. In fact the blessings don't stop, they never stop.

In alchemy there are three processes- separation, purification and cohobation.

We separate something into three parts, we purify these three parts and then join them back together again.

This is what happens to all life. It is separated (death), purified and reborn. So the alchemical temple is really a miniature version of the Universe except we can evolve things to a higher frequency much more quickly.


Salt is made from two extremely toxic chemicals but when mixed it is harmless.

But the reverse is true also. Mix two apparently harmless things together and they could be very dangerous.

This is especially true of alchemical preparations and if you mix something with the elixir- it could turn into something quite negative.

So again, please do not mix anything with the elixir. Do not add a 'spritz' on top to seal it or add or anything at all to it. You could do yourself a lot of damage. The elixir is a stand alone product. You cannot 'improve' it.

One of the main things about the elixir is the physical side but the emotional side shouldn't be ignored. The sense of well being and calm joy which results from balanced emotions.

The elixir is just as powerful with ones emotions and spiritual side as it is with physical healing.

We didn't receive many reports over Christmas and we've only had reports so far on the physical side, so I'm very grateful to Mrs. K.T. and Mr. J.B. for feedback on emotional side:

Mrs. K.T.
I just finished making my first batch of C60, using your concentrate with Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, and Rose Quartz.... and wanted to SINCERELY thank you.
I had been taking another company's C60 in olive oil for 2 months now...with some beneficial results that came to a plateau after a while. I did NOT have an Emotional Response to their product.
When I tried your C60 for the first time...something amazing happened, and I'm not exaggerating.....I felt an allover feeling of tingling in my body and a inner focus and high feeling of "being in love" and happiness/peace!
I wasn't expecting that spontaneous feeling. The next day when I took my morning dose, the same thing happened.
It sounds very kooky... and I would never tell my husband or anyone else, but wanted to give you the positive feedback on your creation. You are definitely on the right track with something spectacular and unique in the marketplace, so please never give up. So many good people are in need of what you create.

Feedback from Mr. J.B.

On a personal notes, I've been using the "Alchemical Carbon 60 pulverized" topically arround 0.1 ml every other day or so and what amaze me the most beside the effect is how accurate is your description of what would happen, the overzealous part and the coming out of old memory and difficult experiences of the past.

I only eat and drink in a 3 hours window everyday, so maybe I get more effect from smaller doses.

Seems a bit too good to be true, I just hope nobody will try to sabotage what you're doing, this could literally change the world, (the Maya predicted that a new era will start in 2012, the year of the C60 rat study ? ) or maybe I'm still in the overzealous phase, anyway I hope you take good security precaution for yourself and the product process.
I"m interested in Alquemy now, I see you give hints in the newsletter or maybe it's just clear instruction ?
It is worth is to wander in alchemy Forums ?
Lot's of ideas poping in my mind, I feel like having good ideas is not the hardest part, but make something happen out of it is.

Ideas are simply that, they are just ideas. Ideas belong to the fire principle and are un-grounded. They need the energy of the female to be realized.

So when you have an idea for example 'I now have a bar of silver' it is just an idea. But if you then feel happy and delighted, you will ground the idea and it will manifest in physical reality for you sooner or later.

The male should always come first and purifies the path for the female. So feeling should always come second.

The problem is the subconscious is female and the 'status quo' belongs to that principle. The subconscious abhors change and will try to sabotage your efforts.

Things like- you're too tired now to do all that positive stuff, why not do it tomorrow?

But you can sabotage the subconscious by living in the present moment because the subconscious/feminine/magnetic rules time and needs time to operate.

Living in the Now essentially removes the time component and the status quo is broken.

New Year Resolution

It's a good time to clear the past and move on to a new life.

Try this:
Write a list of achievements and read it every day.

But first cut ties as mentioned in a previous newsletter. That's because fire should be first and cutting ties is purification.

The list can be anything. For example you won a medal at school. You passed an exam, you got a job, you terminated a relationship! you are a kind person, you are peaceful, you began a relationship, you are a good father or mother, you said something inspirational one time, you can tell a good joke etc etc.

The list will be very small to begin with, maybe 9 items but add to it, take things out of it and adjust it naturally.

If it becomes a chore- stop. Go back to it when you want to continue to evolve. This is one way of 'seeking the kingdom of God'.

Eventually you'll end up with a list of between 180-270 items or more. You'll still experience highs and lows but try to recognize them for what they are- just part of the process and an indication it's working :)

Pulverized Carbon 60

I've been testing the concentrate, that's the pulverized carbon 60 in syringes myself and have noticed some results.

I've been taking 3ml per week.

It is quite unexpected what has happened. I feel much stronger as if I've been working out. My muscles have become stronger! The whole strength of my body has increased dramatically.

It has also made me emotionally stronger too. Now I can't make claims, but the pulverized carbon 60 in olive oil can literally raise someone who is dying it's that powerful.

But some of this is also down to mindset, how one views oneself. So cutting ties, reading a list of achievements and taking the pulverized carbon 60 is a powerful combination.

Here is another exercise:

Sit with your palms open facing upwards. You have chakra's in your hands and when you do this exercise, it's like you have a ball of energy in both hands sending and receiving intuition, inspiration.

You don't have to visualize a ball of energy, simply sit with your palms facing upwards every day.

Happy New Year!

Best Regards