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Carbon 60 Status Report

December 20th, 2019

Dear Reader,

I was delighted to be asked as guest speaker at a recent webinar hosted by K. Elmer.

I'm not exactly used to speaking at webinars so I was a little out of my comfort zone, and the 'webinarians' didn't realize in preparation for this event I forgot the most important thing- I left my notes at home lol!

So I had to wing it as best I could. But the support I have received has been truly humbling. Amazing support which I'm kinda shocked about.

I'm used to all this type of information so it's not exactly new to me. I'm very grateful for the opportunity K. Elmer gave to bring this 'light' given to me and to pass in on to other people.

Of course there are people who would not like this type of information and would do anything and have done things to stop truth being brought to people. I'll let you read between the lines here.

What an exciting time!


Alchemically speaking, ultrasound is an energy and can be used in whatever way you wish- emotionally, mentally or physically.

A square wave type of frequency adds Fire/male electric. A triangle wave adds a huge amount of spiritual energy. A sine wave doesn't add much energy at all but is better than nothing.

Fire energy as you may know by now adds all the male masculine qualities- motivation, confidence, fearlessness expansion etc. But the square wave may not get into all the corners whereas the spiritual energy of the triangle wave does.

The triangle wave is associated alchemically with the Air principle. Sine wave- Water.

Thanks to JK for asking this question. Don't forget, we're still learning too. As said at the webinar, there is a new product coming online in the next 3-6 months or longer which may even surpass the elixir.

I can't believe this myself but there it is.


I'd like to once again reiterate that there is no difference between the male and female elixir- except for the jars.

Both male and female jars are filled from the same batch and different jars are used because men wouldn't appreciate a fancy jar lol.

Ladies, please please don't add a spritz to seal the elixir on your skin or add anything at all on top of it. Doing this, you may as well pour the spritz into the elixir as it's the same thing.

The elixir should be spread as far and as thinly as possible. The more area of skin covered, the easier it is for the skin to absorb.

We've discovered that yes the body moves the elixir around to where it is needed but unbelievably, the elixir itself is magnetic and magnetizes itself to the worst area first.

It's best to apply the elixir at night. Again we can use alchemical principles here and the male always should direct the female. The male purifies first to make way for the female.

So cleanse your skin with witch hazel or warm water first to purify, then apply the elixir an hour before you go to sleep.

The following day you can use whatever cosmetics you wish as the elixir will have been absorbed the night before.

Age reduction is accelerated in winter because the skin is drier and the elixir is absorbed more easily.

No one has given us feedback on the elixir this week but K. Elmer did mention a bite from a black widow spider he got on his chest during the webinar.

He rubbed the elixir on the bite and apparently no symptoms showed and the bite healed within a week.

Symptoms usually include headaches, high blood pressure, palpitations, sweating, low saliva, vomiting, muscle cramps and usually lead to a visit to the E.R.

Very happy about this and it's building a real world knowledge base. So thanks Mr. Elmer! lol.

Pulverized Carbon 60

Just to be clear, I'm talking about the concentrate we sell in syringes which is added to 2 liters of olive oil and contains pulverized carbon 60 in an olive oil suspension.

Women should not take any more than 1ml per week and we do not encourage women to take pulverized carbon 60 in olive oil at all.

It will make women very emotional.

As I said previously and we don't encourage this either but men are taking the concentrate directly without putting it in olive oil. So here are a few more notes:

Ones physical body will be strengthened as well as memory and one will feel they achieve anything.

But after the 'superman' feeling there is a period of cleansing. Clearing feels like a bit of downtime.

How strong the downtime is and how long the downtime lasts depends on how much you take.

If men take 1ml they'll hardly notice the downtime but you will be clearing slowly.
If men take 3ml they will notice but it shouldn't be anything they can't handle.

The more you take, the more you clear, the happier you will be in the long term and the more severe the clearing will be!

You may find old memories coming up, old emotions, old relationships but all is being brought to the surface to be cleared.

Clearing leads to joy, confidence and happiness and I can do anything type of feeling.
Only for the brave!

Do enough clearing and you will be a candidate for Mastery.

So it's important to recognize clearing when it happens- otherwise you could use downtime to be negative.

What to do during downtime
The most important time to be positive is during downtime or you may find yourself digging up the past and if you dig up the past, all you'll get is dirty.

Being positive during this time will feel like you'd prefer to pull your teeth out, but being if you can be positive, you'll be cleansing the downtime and will wont be as severe.

Try to control what you think and manage this time.

This is a genuine elixir. That means if you keep clearing it will lead to wisdom, a strong intuition, even psychic abilities and mastery to name just a few.

Even things from past lives will be cleared for good.

For example a weird birth mark appeared on my forehead many years ago. It was smooth no bump or bite and was there for a few months then disappeared.

The mark came back a few years later in exactly the same spot and was again painless, smooth and no bump at all. It was like a red mark.

Turns out I was shot between the eyes in a past life. Someone must have been a very good shot!

Other marks have come and gone inexplicably on my body as I have been clearing but I didn't use an elixir, I used spiritual training which is similar.

It doesn't matter how one clears but that it's done if you wish to be happy. If you are single, being happy and confident is the ONLY way you will meet someone like you and have a happy relationship.

Now perhaps you begin to see what our true mission is- it's not only age reduction, to strengthen physical bodies and health but far deeper than that.

To heal people physically emotionally and mentally for the dawning of this new age of Aquarius.

Happy Christmas :)

Best Regards