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Carbon 60 Status Report

March 13th 2020


In our report of January 17th before the outbreak of covid 19, A Ms. D.R.S. wrote to us saying she has not caught a cold or flu this season despite working in an environment which could be described as a perfect breeding ground for colds and flu.

Coronavirus is not the flu but pneumonia is one of the symptoms.

Her report may turn out to be very significant, here is part of it:

My health is stronger as in my immune response seems stronger, physical challenges feel easier to handle/recover from. Where I work, the physical environment is challenging (old building/poor air/ancient carpet not cleaned etc). Many people and much respiratory illness that spreads and then respreads as people get re-infected. I have gone through this set of events relatively unscathed and have not had a cold for this season.

You mentioned in one of your newletters that you have heard from your customers about physical changes but not much on vibration/balanced emotions/balanced masculine and feminine changes. I waited to write because while those kinds of changes are more subtle and harder to observe as changes, I believe I have witnessed them in myself. I meditate and work on my own self improvement pretty much on a daily basis. I think that consistent observation of self has helped me recognize and track the above subtle changes.

I am VERY grateful for your work and your approach to creating C60 and wanted to say thank you. As I continue to observe my own changes, if they are significant or even just a continuous but observable steady set of changes - I will keep you posted. I look forward to eventually trying your elixir (when I have saved enough money - it will happen, I have faith). Again thank you for the work that you are doing. Sincerely, [D.R.S] - North Carolina, United States

I also wrote (January 17th):

For some reason I seem to be a magnet for the cold and flu virus. I get the flu every year and it's there for months.

But not this year! At most I may have some flu symptoms which go away in a few days.

The Elixir enhances the immune system and also helps push the flu virus out. It is not a cure for the cold or flu virus but the effect is almost the same.

It also helps with coughs. Immune system really strengthened.

Now I feel I could be walking through a room of people, all of them infected and not get anything and for me this is one of the biggest blessings!

I'd have to add to that and say I still have not had a cold or flu despite being in close contact with a local school, and schools are the worst!

Not a single person that we know of has caught the flu or a cold while taking Red Lion olive oil or the elixir for that matter.

I'd like to ask if anyone, anyone at all has caught a flu or cold this season using Red Lion olive oil or the elixir and please write to us at

This has now become crucial research but we can only do it with your help. But you must be taking RLC60 every day to provide an accurate report.

There is a strong uptick in sales right now and I think that is because people have discovered they did not catch a cold or flu this winter and have decided to stock up. I believe sales will peak in July.

Please be patient! We're under a lot of pressure to get orders out as quickly as possible.

Elixir Versus Carbon 60 olive oil

Both are very good. Our research is showing that alchemical carbon 60 is about 9 times more potent in combating covid-19 than regular commercial carbon 60.

For example regular carbon 60 was used by the gent with a 9 year rash on his chest and nothing happened. But he tried alchemical carbon 60 and the rash disappeared overnight. Please click here to see the video.

It's also unlikely regular carbon 60 would heal black widow spider bites but alchemical carbon 60 will mitigate many symptoms.

The Elixir is much more powerful than Red Lion carbon 60 olive oil in combating the virus.

We have a new elixir coming out and there is a huge difference between the old elixir and the new one. The new one is likely 3 times more potent.

Hopefully we'll be bringing the new elixir out by next report. It is life-changing! That's all I'll say for now.

To help protect against covid-19, people who have signed up for the newsletter can avail of a 20% discount on Red Lion olive oil. The coupon code is: redlioncovid19

It's good for 1 bottle of olive oil and can only be used once.

But if you know of someone who's risk may be particularly high like an older person, email us before you purchase and we'll allow a discount for 2 bottles using a different coupon code.

Pulverized carbon 60

The quantity in the syringes is not 2 grams of alchemical carbon 60, it is equivalent to 2 grams of commercial C60.

Actually it's not equivalent at all, it is far more potent. As mentioned above, the gentleman in the video who had a rash for 9 years tried everything including commercial carbon 60 which did nothing.

So while the actual quantity of alchemical carbon 60 is a trade secret, the potency is far more than 2 grams of commercial C60.

I hope that doesn't upset anyone but if we sold you 1 gram of this stuff it would be very very expensive and would be good for much more than hundreds of bottles of carbon 60 olive oil.

I didn't tell anyone but all this time we've made the syringes as powerful and as potent as possible without the possibility of hurting someone.

Intense healing can be dangerous so we take one step back from being too powerful and that's what we sell in the syringes and the olive oil. That's why even the oil is capable of healing.

Pulverized carbon 60

I'm talking about the concentrate used in making carbon 60 olive oil. I've said in the past it can literally save people who are dying.

So if anyone knows of a covid-19 sufferer, we will send a FREE 2 gram syringe of Red Lion pulverized carbon 60.

The condition is they must document everything daily for 2 weeks in a blog and preferably on video.

They don't mix the pulverized carbon 60 with olive oil but take it directly every day. Hopefully this will turn out to be very valuable research for the future.


Think of carbon 60 like a crystal. Sublimation can shatter the crystal and this method of separation is not very cost effective.

A lot of dust is created or amorphous carbon 60, graphite and diamond. I'm not sure if this happens when the C60 sublimates or when it is deposited on a substrate like quartz or mica.

Also, carbon 60 is damaged by the process in that the shape of the C60 molecule is deformed.

On the plus side no solvents are used during sublimation which has to be a good thing.

More Weirdness ...

We've added so much life now to the carbon 60 the question must be is it still growing after we've stopped alchemical operations?

It's like comparing transistor radios and a microwave. How many radios equals 1 microwave?

If we had to give a figure we'd say the new alchemical C60 is 900+ times more potent but when your talking about life, it's not that easy to figure out.

It seems obvious now but we are doing a third alchemical operation on the C60 and a forth. Each step multiplies the previous one and the carbon 60 we were producing was 70-90 times more potent.

So the third step increased the potency to about 600 times from about 80. The forth step I was told not to reveal under any circumstances but it multiplies the previous step by one and a half times.

We could multiply the potency to dozens of that but it would cause a healing crises (or herxheimer reaction) in anyone who took it.

However I'm going to perform this new technique for many hundreds of hours to the soot we produce. That should put us on the path to making the fabled solid water (not ice).

We are making this already (as a consequence) but we're not sure how. Anyway it is in tiny amounts.

Cutting ties

Become an expert at cutting ties. Practice practice practice until you develop some skill.

Try this:
Say you're trying to loose weight. What we constantly do it create thought form about the weight. Lets give it a name- Conor. So the more you think of Conor i.o.w. am I loosing weight today? Do I look thinner? How much have I eaten today? Oh no I ate too much. Wonder what my weight is?

On and on it goes around and around your head, meanwhile Conor is growing stronger every day. The bigger Conor gets, they more 'food' he requires so he bugs you a bit to feed him some more.

So cut conor off! Every time you think about am I big, am I small, what do I weigh? did I eat too much, cut them all off and send them into the Akasha principle (mentioned last report). Then breathe a sigh of relief.

My advice? eat small because that full feeling can be an addiction. Eating small will break the addiction but it must be a permanent thing.

Also you'll be practicing cutting ties and developing skills there- while helping loose weight.

This is a key because it will dawn on you that there are plenty of other Conors out there but also because you'll gain an insight into what thoughts really are.

Pub Life

I was in the pub with my friends Gerry and Gov. Gerry went and told this lady who was in a group we didn't know- very good looking lady btw but he told her that I was a drug dealer! Omg (he meant carbon 60 but neglected to mention it). Embarrassingly I had to go explain myself lol.

Father doesn't really like awe- you can't talk to someone who awes.

Best Regards