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Carbon 60 Status Report

May 10, 2019

Dear Customer,

Where to begin!
The shipping rate is slowly getting faster. This week we're shipping over 300 grams. But by the end of May we will have all Septembers orders shipped. Following that, Octobers orders should be shipped quite quickly as we improve production and the new reactor comes online. Please note that producing carbon 60 is a slow laborious process and with one reactor we only produce 1 gram per hour.

But we now have our second reactor online. This will produce twice or three times as much as our current reactor. I can finally give some kind of time frame!

Carbon 60 olive oil

Our C60 is very different. It could be said to be 'holistic'. Regular C60 is really put through the ringer as it is dissolved, dried, redissolved and put through machines, then dried and so on.

You could say regular commercial C60 is like processed food. Processed food contains little life-force, whereas fresh vegetables have a lot of life-force. Often one can tell what a person eats just by looking at them!

'Processed C60' has had it's emotional content removed and that is why women should be careful taking it. Our C60 is made in a holistic way. It's emotional content is still there.

Regular commercial C60 is definitely not perfect! It contains derivatives of C60 that are heavily degraded or oxidized. This is half the reason it produces the red color it does.

Imagine you dissolved a sandwich in toxic chemicals, dried it and somehow put it back together.. It might look fine, but it would loose something along the way.

Our C60 will not be the same red color, but will turn dark gold initially, then go towards a red color at maturity. But it will be a natural balanced color.

Process for making RL carbon 60 olive oil

Sonication is not suitable with our C60!

Clean hands, clean equipment, sterile environment, hair net, keep in dark when making C60 olive oil. No electric light. Oil can harbor bacteria and water droplets and cause botulism for example.

So there must not be the slightest trace of water in the vessel. Perhaps after washing and drying the C60 mixing vessel, leave it for 24 hours in a warm place to dry it out completely. That way you can be guaranteed there is no water. Water in oil = botulism or some other nasty anaerobic bacteria.

  • First mix C60 and high quality olive oil- mix very well.
  • Heat mixture to about 85 degrees centigrade for less than one day.
  • leave sit for ten days without heat.
  • At ten days, mix very well and heat again for less than one day.
  • Leave to settle for a further 4 days or longer.

What is the potency of RL C60?
Worlds apart! Commercial C60 is very rough. It’s fiery and lacks emotion. It’s not made with soul it’s not made with heart- very commercial.

What does potency mean? Because the emotional content hasn't been beaten out of the carbon 60, holistic C60 could help people let go of the emotions of the past among other things.

We're currently measuring potency or our C60 versus processed C60 and it is 50% and growing because not enough time has elapsed yet.

This is a healing product. The higher vibration one emits, the better the product. Never make C60 feeling resentful or angry. At this level – it matters because the carbon 60 is highly evolved and vibrates on a high level, so it will pick up negative energies very easily. This is the true meaning of the word desecration.

Coarse dense food is not altered very much when affected by negative energies because it’s vibration is already low. But a highly evolved product is extremely sensitive to vibrations. It’s on a knife edge of power. Any negative vibrations will quickly lower it’s power to a course dense product like processed food.

Try this...

Place hematite in oil as you are making it or try clear quartz.
Clear quartz doesn’t normally bring abundance, but the combination of carbon 60 alters it’s frequency towards abundance. Clear quartz will bring money if 'married' with C60.

The first thing the crystal will work on is one’s attitude, because that is the biggest obstacle to gaining abundance. Then when attitude is right the path is clear. If one is sharp with life, life will be sharp to him! Which means the sharp one may make money now but sooner or later he’ll find himself in a sticky situation. Sharp people never win in the end.

If one is greedy to life, life will be greedy to them. If one is hateful they will be hated. If one is altruistic, life will bless that person over and over- but only when blessings are very needed or at a time when maximum advantage can be achieved.

Dumorite quartz is normally used for weight loss. People put it in water to drink and for some reason they loose weight. But in C60 olive oil it will bring in an overwhelming sense of joy, elation, happiness, well being.

This is classic alchemy. A stone will do one thing but when combined with C60 it does something completely different. In effect the C60 male/electric power alters the frequencies of the stone. What does being dissolved in toxic chemicals do to the frequency of Carbon 60?

Molecularly our C60 might look the same as processed C60 but in essence it is not. That means our carbon 60 is far more suitable to women, but it will always suit men's physiology. Pregnant women should not take carbon 60 or Carbon 70!

Best Regards