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Carbon 60 Status Report

May 26, 2019

Dear Customer,

Yikes! Sorry for the late email.

Friday was busy because we ship on Saturday morning. We're continuing to supply carbon 60 olive oil as usual but we've also been shipping hundreds of grams of pulverized carbon 60- which is why I'm a little late with the newsletter.

So where are we? All Septembers orders (so embarrassing) are almost shipped and we're rapidly moving to shipping Octobers orders. I don't feel it will take long before we begin to catch up on all Novembers orders and so on.


The new reactor is working very well. As I noted last week, production is slowly getting faster if that makes any sense. I had planned to have a third reactor built but I think I should concentrate on production and shipping orders for the moment. The third reactor can be built maybe in June or July.

Below are a few pics...

reactor window
An image of...

Carbon 60

The power of our carbon 60 is now phenomenal! We don't use helium btw (or solvents). There's nothing wrong with using helium, some manufacturers use it to up the production of C60 from 10% to 12% for example.

But helium produced carbon 60 is not the same. It will show different graphs. In fact there is literally nothing RL C60 anywhere in the World and likely there never has been.

We're continuing tests and this will take probably 8-10 weeks. More results of just how badly damaged commercial C60 really is, are showing up. As I said last week, much commercially produced carbon 60 is chemically damaged due to solvents. The amount of solvent is unlikely to do any harm due to the microscopic quantities- but that's not the problem.

We purchased C60 from other manufacturers for comparison (not telling you whom lol).

FT-IR spectrum of commercial sample

You can see the characteristic peaks at peaks of carbon 60 at 1,180 and 1,425 cm-1. But FT-IR analysis also shows a large number of additional signals which are possibly derivatives of C60 that are heavily degraded or oxidized. However FT-IR is not a suitable method at all.

When we placed our samples (dissolved in gasoline) of C60 in a LC-MS, we found a set of substantial signals with a mass of m/z 720 which correspond to C60. But the commercial samples, although in the same area (720) the spikes were stunted and more of a triangle shape. Our C60 showed up as one massive thin spike at m/z720.

What this means is something we already know. The purity of our C60 is off the scale! Almost :)

If you are doing tests yourself, elution conditions should not be 50% methanol /50% toluene. In fact methanol and toluene are not a very good basis for this type of test.

As you can see below, the sample on the left is regular gasoline (petrol). The one in the middle is our C60 and the sample on the right is commercially produced carbon 60. The red/brown color in the commercial C60 is due to oxidization (rust is oxidized iron).

Our C60 is a dark gold color, leaning to red and is darker in olive oil. If you have powdered C60 at home you can try this test with gasoline. If the test looks like the sample vial on the left- you don't have C60!
gasoline c60 samples

Alchemical Theory

There are three basic processes in alchemy.
  • Separation
  • Purification
  • Cohobation
These three processes are the basis of the evolutionary process not only in alchemy but in nature also.

Meditation; we die (separation), we are purified (in spiritual realms) and are born again (cohobation). Is this not a circulation? What we do in alchemy is reflect these processes and accelerate them. What happens when you circulate the evolution of a plant in a natural way? You end up with the Red Lion (philosophers stone).

Plants die (separation), they putrefy (purification) and a new seed is planted. Except the seed is not the same as the ones before it. It has evolved, infinitesimally yes but evolved nonetheless. Plants and animals looked very different when dinosaurs walked the earth. What happened to the plants? They evolved by the above processes and we can do the same but in a much faster way.

Best Regards