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Carbon 60 Status Report

17th December 2021
Dear Reader,

We as a collective have the power to move mountains. The fact that I have been given permission to release alchemical products at this time shows the intent of the Father.

Of course I am not the only one, there are tens of thousands helping in ways bigger and smaller.

We have been going through 'putrefaction' as an alchemist would call it, but rest assured, the Father is in FULL control of everything that happens and His will is concentrated on this tiny planet above all others.

A Master once said to me- looks like we are on our own Marten..
I replied; Well, not exactly and we always were.

We are heading for a glorious future which I believe will happen about 2028-2030. A true golden age the likes of which has never been seen before in the history of the earth and we deserve it don't we? Think about it lol.

I received a question from a Ms. S. Her friend is experiencing severe menopause symptoms and she was wondering what products would be best to use..

No question she should take Panaceia's Tincture. If she purchases Vulcan's fire too, it will be like buying 5-6 bottles of Panaceia's Tincture and she can also use V.F. for skin rejuvenation.

Of course a few drops of Vulcan's fire should be taken first, wait 15 minutes and then take Panaceia's Tincture.

Here is a question from a Mr. L.

I have one question should you find the time to briefly comment on: the top 3-4 protocols for the evolved masculine lifestyle, what proportion and regime.

Protocols and regime..

  1. Mindfulness. Your thoughts are not you, they are thieves which steal your pride and your power as a man.
    Regime- continue until you are free, or bind yourself and you shall be free, then you'll feel like continuing present-ness for the rest of your life.
  2. Remembrance. Remember who you really are- every man has a potential hero inside of him. A warrior. One who touches the Sun.
    Regime- remember this all day every day- that your so-called 'imperfections' are simply guides to your God-man status and you should bless them and release them.
  3. Authority. When you step out of authority, you cheat yourself most of all. A man must never ever loose control of himself or embarrass himself.
    Regime- Your authority will be tested or challenged. Particularly by the heavens and you need to be ready when they do. Auto-suggestion is a good way to be ready.
  4. Joy. Learn to be joyful. A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men..
These are not secrets that should only be reserved for men, I will be saving those for lectures. And secrets only to be shared with women will not be shared with men in female workshops, as noted previously.

Many thanks for this email we received from Mr. C.E.

I’m also in the process of Heart Glue so I don’t know exactly when I will be getting into the new products anyways. Heart Glue is leading me to an incredible transformation!

I’ve let go of tons of resentment and woke up a few times to reliving memories of violent events happening with my Father in my dreams and was able to put them behind me! I also decided on deleting all the texts I had ever exchanged with my ex-girlfriend.

These products are miracles in a bottle! Your last newsletter shared a letter from K.U. that's my friend, Him and I started our alchemy journey at the same time in October! It has been life changing so far!! Thank you Marten and Red Lion team for changing the world the way that you are!!!

Many thanks to Mr. E. This is personal experience and a priceless description as to what Heart Glue actually does.

Slowly but surely Mr. E is becoming the warrior as all his weaknesses are removed.

But look! Do not go too fast haha. I am a strong healthy male of 180lbs. I can't remember the last time I took alcohol and only eat fish, chicken, salad and vegetables and because of the ascension process, I have been knocked sideways!

I won't go into it too much. There is no limit to how much we evolve but there are stages. I recently went through such a stage and oh my gosh it knocked the living daylights out of me hahaha.

So if you are taking 11 drops of this or that daily and doing other exercises- be careful what you wish for! You have been warned! Patience patience.

Thank you for this lovely email from Ms. D.L. who simply decided to write from her heart..

I just want to thank Red Lion for all that you do. I appreciate so much the care and love that goes into your products.

I have fortunately been able to sample a few and have been using C60 for a couple of years now so can attest to its fine influence.

I won't use any other C60 and tried a few before Red Lion, they lack the alchemical magic of Red Lion's.

I truly believe it has helped to keep my heart open and my self awareness has only increased.

It also allows me a good sound sleep at night with sometimes very vivid dreams. I give drops of C60 to my cats every day and their coats are very shiny and soft and their eyes so very bright.

Plus, they heal very quickly from surgery. I've given bottles of C60 to my daughter and notice how much more open she is as well. Thanx Marten!!! Your Alchemy is truly working wonders and is helping many!!!

Women are better at mindfulness than men are because men like thinking too much! Mindfulness is really a vacant state no? And so it is female.

Men should try to have 25% thought and the rest of the time concentrating on feelings in their body. This will develop a powerful intuition for men they will be thrilled with.

This lady's cats will likely incarnate as humans in their next incarnation.

Here is a question we received from a lady in Australia..

I take homeopathy and some other vitamins also, is it ok to take [C60 Olive Oil] in conjunction with them and would it interfere with my homeopathy.

Also what dose would I give my son he is just 16. I was diagnosed with Lyme and my son has previously had juvenile arthritis
very very grateful

We have to be careful what we recommend as everyone is different. So begin by taking 1 drop daily and keep increasing the dosage until you feel uncomfortable symptoms for example 'healing downtime' or lack of sleep or too much energy.

Your body will tell you how much is too much and then you can adjust the dosage to suit yourself or your son. There will be no adverse effects with homeopathic remedies. Please keep us updated on your progress :)

magician marseille deck

The Magician

I'm receiving a lot of questions about my path. Anyone can become a magician. The question is- do they want to!

Some of the wonderful benefits are the ability to change the weather. However, you may create some beautiful fine weather but with all this dry weather, you could cause forest fires! Or a deluge and flooding!

So I tend to leave the weather to Mother nature. I did create some fine weather back in March 2020 for a few months in Europe because there would have been a lot of suicides as there were strict lock downs and covid was not the far milder version we have today. But I had to stop- again hill fires a.s.o.

The best way is to create one formula to keep weather fronts back, and another formula to create the weather you want behind the fronts.

The ability to heal almost anyone of anything is yet another advantage of being a magician. For example, a guy with prostate cancer. Normal PSA count for this is about 8 for a healthy male. But this guy's PSA count was 1,300! Doctors had to stop chemo as he was getting peripheral neuropathy in his feet.

I said he would feel sleepy for a while and for about a month, he was sleeping 12 hours a day lol. He told me- every time I speak to you I feel like going back to sleep!

But the cancer vanished and his PSA count went to that of a young man, even though he was 69 at the time. He is still cancer free.

As I said, anyone can do these things if they are prepared for a tough and painful path.

One recent thing I have been given is the ability to speed up time, freeze situations or slow time down. It is using an alchemical stone. It doesn't work if I am not wearing the stone or have it within my aura.

But it is almost like I get 10-15 times more done within the same time as I would normally. This is wonderful when I spend time with my 8yo daughter. It's like one day is a week long and we do so much together. It's difficult to describe.

I can also freeze situations or freeze time within situations so that nothing moves within them and I can look back at the situation. Speeding up time is also possible but it doesn't work as well as slowing time down.

But the reason I was given this time thing is- I have a lot to do! And am told not to waste it with trivial matters 😀

As a magician, I can also defend myself from any attack, even from a knife attack and have done. The 'formula' is like a guard dog.

The dog is quiet and calm normally, but when it senses any form of attack- even verbal, it will attack the person most viciously, not when they are attacking but when they think the thought. I would not even be aware it has done this to be honest.

Besides a knife attack, I remember a thug in this town was attacked by the formula. For what ever reason his skeletal system was his weakest point and the 'spell' attacked his skeletal system AND prevented him from healing! But there is no negative karma for defending oneself.

But the formula is completely autonomous and when the attacker decides they no longer want to attack, then the formula will stop attacking them.

There are literally thousands of things a magician can do but these are really 'tricks' and one tends to concentrate on their growth.

I gave up healing a few years ago because you would not believe how ungrateful and resentful people can be!

However, alchemy is a much better way as people's own healing is in their own hands.

Phoenix Blood in Carbon 60 Olive Oil

This report is very much appreciated- thank you Ms. D. for taking the time to write it..

I tried the C60 with Phoenix Blood several days ago and WOW, what a product. The bottle felt electric to me when I first touched it and I could tell it has a lot of juice, so to speak.

I waited until the following morning to try it and when I did I felt it immediately in my head, like it was activating my brain. I also felt a tingly sensation on the top of my head in my crown chakra region.

I felt kind of fuzzy headed and a little dizzy. Kind of a mix of light-headed and foggy- so I took another drop to see what would happen. Then I felt more light-headed and foggy and found it was hard to formulate thoughts.

And then shortly after I watched a very short funny video someone had sent and though I would have found the video funny anyway... I started laughing uncontrollably for quite some time and throughout the day I was laughing and felt very giddy all day.

I am certain the product had something to do with this fit of laughter/giddiness. It felt to me like the combo of the intense laughter and the C60 with Phoenix Blood was energetically cleansing in some way. I don't know- it was very interesting. I am quite sensitive and definitely tend to feel things easily.

I am only taking one drop a day for now as I do find it to be quite strong, in a good way. I do find it is hard to think clearly after I take it and this feeling lasts a while so I'll definitely go slow and see how it goes. Soon I'll move to two drops and see what happens then. I do have an active mind so perhaps something is being balanced out??

As noted in a previous newsletter, Phoenix Blood takes about 8 weeks to build in one's system. But initially, your body will react to an energy frequency it has likely never come across in all of it's lifetimes and there is a feeling of euphoria.

But this feeling will settle down to a light pleasant 'smile' while the P.B. pushes you gently and relentlessly towards your goals.

Regarding this 'foggy brain' feeling, that is mindfulness. That is what you need to accomplish your goals.

We need to sacrifice our thinking ways to gain something of a higher value and that 'higher value' comes in many forms. For example one's intuition/psychic abilities will be off the scale.

This will bring out a gentle side which will be capable of making some very good decisions. For example the timing of a business deal or the approach a.s.o.

It will give one a huge edge in dealing with people and one develops the ability to make people dance to your tune! 😀

There are so many benefits I could list for example talking with the Angels is only one outcome. Phoenix Blood brings this 'living in the moment' into perspective but also clears one's chakra's out, making a strong connection with the Divine.

The 'Fire' of Phoenix Blood will eventually bring about the highest enlightenment, the highest spiritualization to the point of ecstasy. This ecstasy is a positive form of rapture. Both the intellect and the consciousness become enlightened.

In the emotional body, Phoenix Blood will bring a state of manifestation of faith. So one no longer has any doubts [please see the report below]. For example, a goal or project one is aiming at will materialize. Or if one is hoping to ennoble one's character a.s.o.

Actually, a sense of being noble or the quality of being noble with a pleasant calm disposition is a good way to describe the effect of Phoenix Blood, that coupled with the WILL and the Faith to accomplish anything.

Here is a well written and excellent report from Mr. A.G. regarding pure Phoenix Blood not in oil..

As I found myself taking these drops more & more as the days progressed I wanted to subconsciously avoid thinking about them, in case I decided every good doing or spark of motivation was triggered by the drops.

That being said, I have found over the last two months my motivation HAS become increasingly visible and tasks are becoming seemingly easier to fulfill. Originally chores or work, specifically with college, felt like an annoy tasks to complete, however, now i find myself compelled to do them, as if I'm at peace with my decision to spending that time allocated towards my given task

Stress & Anxiety has definitely been less of a problem. Work life and college hasn't changed, yet I feel comfortable in my environments, lack of tension and most noticeably by aggravation has almost reduced to nothing.

Whether this is an effect of the drops i find myself becoming more philosophical, going over scenarios in my head of past - current events and having the abilities to overcome or make sense of these scenarios

My drive has increased, my progress at the gym has become consistent, this could be the overall motivation factor but my confidence. This is specifically seen for me when I am addressing strangers or doing group projects with classmates, the fear of rejections or negative reactions seems to have subsided

These are all the effects i have noticed over the last while, hopefully as more time progresses i can notice even more changes in my overall mood and state of mind.

A completely unbiased report which describes perfectly what Phoenix Blood does for a person. It will lead Mr. G to fearlessness and joy.

I have felt the same thing- like one's spirit gently pushing in the middle of one's back, pushing forward but completely relentless! I cannot seem to get enough done and all is done with joy.

We must congratulate this young man for winning student of the year 2021 in multimedia and photography. We will be looking at his career with great interest.

Phoenix Blood was given to me by a mighty Adept in Spirit who was an alchemist and is the most powerful product Red Lion currently produces. So we have him to thank :)

Happy Christmas To Everyone!

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Best Regards