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Carbon 60 Status Report

3rd December 2021

Dear Reader,

I am very happy with the way things are going here at Red Lion. I have decided not to create new products but to coagulate all the knowledge about products and spirituality before it gets too complicated!

So, I am trying Not to create new products right now but I'm told my head will not stop working and I will have new products in the next month or two! omg!

To be perfectly honest with you, any new product would want to be unbelievable for me to bring out yet another product. Because I need to deal with the business side of things as it is growing weekly.

We are getting such wonderful feedback and praise- so grateful for that.

Here is yet another report of healing from a client in the U.K. I have her permission to use her full name..

I’ve recently started to take Vulcans Fire and Panaceias Tincture I had them sat in the cupboard as I was as hesitant to try them, my SIBO has been uncontrollable for 5 years and I’m very sensitive.

Long story short I slowly took the plunge and I’m fine 😝!

My stomach is the best it has been in years. I’ve been even been able to eat food I haven’t been able to for a very long time. I’m still trying to work it out, it’s not been long using it at all!

As I’ve now ordered more oils I wanted to know how to add them too.
I’ve ordered Dragons Blood having had Breast Cancer, so do I take this with the PT after the VF?

Also I really want to use the Sekhmet Elixir on my face can I do this along side the other internal oils?

I was just going to follow the instructions 3 VF drops on face thin layer on face?
I’ve only just found out about all this C60 stuff and really feel that you guys are the best I’m slowly making my way through all the past newsletters there’s so much to learn.

Can’t wait for more results-exciting!!

-Jayne Wilson

Many thanks to Ms. Wilson for her report. When we got the report, Ms. Wilson had Vulcan's Fire and Panaceia's Tincture for two weeks.

Panaceia's Tincture is not called that for no good reason.

Does it heal the digestive system? A better description is- it brings joy to the stomach. It does wonders for the stomach, so yes it does heal, very quickly and powerfully. Panaceia's Tincture also makes ones body become tough and strong. This tough and strong effect is not to be underestimated!

Why do I say that? I said last week that I would describe why Panaceia's Tincture is the physical embodiment of one of the Words of God.

In ones mentality, Panaceia's Tincture makes one see their behavior, and their bad behaviors. It makes one look at ones self. Therefore it will purify and ennoble ones thoughts so that one becomes pure of thought- morality to the point of making one a very 'holy' person. It will also make one Verax ipsi Esto- true to ones self.

The Astral Body
Panaceia's Tincture is like a suit of armor for the Astral body. It will balance and spiritualize the astral body to the point of identity with Divine Virtues. It will also make one invisible in the astral world and Master of the Astral light. One's Astral body will also become impervious to the decay of the elements which means astral immortality or mummification of the Astral body.

The Physical body
There are many different type of energy. One of those particular energies is called life-force energy. Panaceia's Tincture is the most perfect physical embodiment of Life-force or vital energy. This is why it will give one youth and appeal and work miracles in the medical field. It changes bad frequencies into good frequencies.

But what I am most pleased about P.T. is it's healing effect on severe sexual abuse and cancer- which will be a boon to women.


Transmutation of Relationships Through Alchemy

The word Alchemy really means transmutation. We can apply alchemical principles to anything and everything, including relationships.

For example, through Alchemy, it is possible to transmute negative personal characteristics into positive ones. Or the transmutation of ideas.

As noted previously, I will be speaking at male and female conferences but I will never speak at conferences where both sexes are present.

I do not normally spend too much time answering emails, but the following email deserved special attention. I have been helping guide a man to transmute his masculinity and his relationship through Alchemy.

I will allow the email to speak for itself..


Thanks for the quick reply.

We started taking the C60 and liquid confidence in October. The entire month of October we grew closer and closer. We became more authentic and accepting of all parts of each other.

The bond of love has grown stronger and we have daily experiences of knowing what the other is thinking. I personally have had some huge realizations about where I was stagnant as a man and realized I needed to grow up and get moving towards my deepest purpose and have taken the steps to do so.

This has caused her to have greater trust in me as a leader which has created an even more positive masculine and feminine polarity. The fire and desire we have for each other has deepened and expanded.

When we look into each other's eyes we feel like we truly see one another. We feel each other's past, present and future selves when we embrace. When we are together there are fits of laughter and joy every single time without fail.

It feels as if just being physically in the same room causes emotional healing to occur. We feel deep gratitude on a daily basis for one another and feel blessed to have so much beauty reveal itself to us in our lives.

We began taking the heart glue about 3 weeks ago. On the first day after taking one drop she felt a clean intense empty feeling kind of like how one would feel after vomiting.

I had something similar the first day. I felt as if I had a clean empty lightness as if I had been fasting. I am happy to report to you that the first day of taking heart glue resulted in love making that broke through to new levels of tenderness, devotion, and present-ness. It felt like the act of making love caused even deeper emotional healing for us both.

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

- K.U.

Many thanks to Mr. K.U. for this wonderful email.

Apologies for the redacted parts, there is a lot more to these emails, but here is some of my reply to Mr. K.U.

There is only male and female polarities right? The Air principle is not an element per se, but half way between Fire and Water. All three add to the Earth principle.

So you as a man can be divided into two parts- the fire part, which directs and controls and the water part- your body.

What if one day your body refused to obey your commands? That would be a disaster for you and your body.

My reply to him was quite lengthy, much much more than I have copied and pasted here. But the the above hints will suffice for now.

I am truly grateful for your guidance. It is hard to come across masculine teachers these days.

You have full permission to use anything I write to you.

Since my last report to you the heart glue has really done wonders. So much sadness and past relationship issues came up for her. It was like an avalanche. Today was the climax. I am thankful I have done the work I have done because I was able to handle it like a champ.

The product did exactly as you said it would. All past relationship sadness came up and cleared. I believe the storm is over now. Our love making continues to get better and better and better and I feel she can receive my leadership more fully now that she has cleared so much. Thank you for this gift to us.

I am going to follow your advice to the tee.

I had a daily practice of the Middle Pillar for over a year. There were multiple occurrences when breathing the energy up the body and out the top of a head like a fountain where I would black out for a moment like a shattering of consciousness and regain consciousness moments later but with my whole body shaking like a seizure on the floor.

Each time although scary left me feeling clean and clear and renewed.

She is a firey latina so the red string is quite fitting. I am part Irish German and Polish so she has for sure brought lots of fire into my life.

Thank you Marten, I will meditate on all of this and integrate it into my life.

I treasure your guidance.


The middle Pillar ritual is dangerous because it opens one's aura. With an AC electrical current, it doesn't matter if you touch the positive or the negative wire- it will kill you just the same.

Energy is like that and negative entities are attracted to energy, be it positive or negative and can enter ones body. You do not want to be possessed by a negative entity! So, try to avoid doing the Middle Pillar ritual :)

What is Belief?

The manifested belief is the highest aspect of the Akasha principle. Belief as a power is a compliment; it is the organ which bears the impulsive part of the will.

Belief is a quality. It's foundation is a particular belief in something. But the quantity of a particular belief is an absolute and unshakable conviction that our belief or wish will manifest.

A warrior goes to battle with joy in his heart.

Best Regards