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Carbon 60 Status Report

19th November 2021

Dear Reader,

I'm being invited to give talks on spirituality, magic and alchemy in Europe early next year. I'm also open to, and looking forward to many more speaking engagements.

But these conferences will be men only and women only. At a female workshop- no men allowed on the premises! At male lectures- no women allowed on the premises!

There are secrets I am not allowed to disclose to men and secrets I am not allowed to discuss with women. Secret knowledge is power- give it away if you wish to be powerless.

Here is an analogy. Say you wish to make a bomb. You are offered the plans to make a bomb, or you are offered a physical bomb. Which is more powerful, the bomb or the knowledge to make it?

Thank goodness none of our clients are interested in making bombs unless they are sent to the Taliban :)

Of course Afghanistan is in the process of reaping what it has sowed in the World- mostly heroin.

At these conferences, I will also be giving the gift of true Divine Blessing to everyone, which was conferred to me by the Father. The Father will be guiding me and it is His words I will be using.

I am smart enough to know I am not omniscient, which is why I will call upon the brains of the project!

I will be discussing the magical-alchemical view of topics like men in today's world with women, and women in today's world with men.

Initiation to Mastery, hints on secrets to magical power and alchemy. These will take the form of 'seeds' and seeds always grow once planted, given a little water.

The magical view of so-called 'diversity' and it's impact on Christian culture and traditions, why particular countries are poor and will always be poor so long as they remain stubborn, and how low frequency cultures affect high frequency cultures- alchemically speaking.

I look forward to talking about the most explosive topics in the World today and I have No fear of tackling them head on. In fact I relish the battle!

Many thanks and appreciation to Ms. K.T. for this review:

Hello Marten,

Tonight I had a severe burn and treated it with Red Lion Products.

I was taking Meatloaf out of a 350 degree oven, and there was a hole in the potholder.

The pan hit my hand and forearm, and rather than drop the dinner, I moved as fast as I could to the table. The hot pan was on my arm for a full 4 seconds!!

It burned so bad. I was in such excruciating pain, that even Ice was not helping. My entire arm, wrist and hand were bright red, I could not touch it without pain, and a blister was starting to form.

I quickly placed the Vulcans Fire all over. (Touching my skin was unbearable like FIRE.) Then I placed the Elixir all over. OUCH!!!!!

After a few minutes my fingers started to tingle…the pain and swelling started to lessen. It was still so bad that every 30 seconds I still needed an ice cold glass to lessen the skin temp and relieve what was left of the pain.

It was amazing. After 1 hour, normally with this type of injury I would have blistered skin filled with liquid, and peeled skin with lingering terrible redness and pain.

I have many scars from past injuries and infected burns.

With my own eyes I watched the blister stop forming in its tracks. I did not feel any more pain until I touched my skin.

The VULCANS FIRE AND ELIXIR NUMBED IT SOMEHOW ON THE INSIDE. Seems to have turned off my pain receptors inside after 15-20 minutes.

I watched my skin go back to normal color, and in the picture you can see a barely there pink mark.

My entire hand was bright red and could not be touched. Now… No BLISTER…just a raised mark!

You can see the IMMEDIATE HEALING!

It is now 2 hours later and I am completely healed with normal looking skin color!! I will definitely keep these items in my emergency kit.

You’re a lifesaver!
Thank you Marten. 🌺🌸

This happened to me too, I burned myself on a lab hotplate while working on experiments, although not as bad as Ms. T.

From past experience I knew the score- it would sting for probably 24 hours and without cold water I’d be in a lot of pain.

My finger blistered immediately and I applied Vulcan’s Fire and Elixir on top of that and waited.

Within 1 hour the pain was gone and the blister seemed to simply dissolve back under my skin- it did not burst and did not peel. The skin simply went back to it’s original condition.

These two products are as I said INCREDIBLE for skin healing, for looking younger, for healing bones and age reversal but especially for looking younger.

If you have an itch or skin which is irritated, apply some Elixir to it and that is all you need to do.

Ms. T. is right- a jar of Elixir and Vulcan’s fire should be in every household along with the paracetamol; so I have been told anyway.

But it’s much better to just drop the pan- You’ve had enough pain now, you are more important than the meatloaf! Be kind to yourself, work on being Joyful.

Panaceia's Tincture

It does not seem appropriate to advertise our type of business any more than it is appropriate to advertise a Doctors surgery. However, women have been instrumental in supporting Red Lion and we are very grateful for that support.

But we intend to help our beloved women in a big big way, which is why I'd like to talk about a very serious matter.

A man wrote to us about a partner who was raped by over 15 men. So, we have decided to sponsor his wife with Vulcan's Fire and Panaceia's Tincture.

I have this lady's permission to post her comments..

It’s made me fearful of men. I don’t go out and when I do I’m scared and I’m scared of being at home too because I’m scared a man will break in. I just have a lot of fear and anxiety. It made me angry for a while.

Below is my reply which will be helpful to other people who have suffered similar experiences.

Hi Mr. S.

I have to warn [your wife] about the products we are shipping to her this week.

First they are not dangerous in any way- made from pure natural food grade ingredients- olive oil and a minuscule amount of CBD oil.

The issue is their alchemical power. [This lady] should prepare herself.

Panaceia's Tincture is VERY powerful as I said before. I see her having complete healing before the new year.

This sounds quite an incredible claim and I understand that considering what she went through, but I stand by what I have said nonetheless.

I will ask her NOT to use Phoenix Blood at the moment because she needs to cry, she needs to let it all go.

If she has Phoenix Blood, the Joy it will bring will block her from releasing these emotions- it will stop her from crying and she needs to cry.

How much she suffers is proportional to how willing she is to simply let it all go.

But Panaceia's Tincture in healing her will bring out strong emotions. These emotions must come out for her to heal, regardless of whether or not she takes Panaceia's Tincture- they must come up to the surface to be released somehow.

Panaceia's Tincture will speed up this process- where it may take a lifetime or more to accomplish same. Of course taking a lifetime or a few lifetimes to heal will be far more gentle and less painful.

So, she may get flashbacks- but consider this a wonderful sign as it is the negativity coming up and being blasted out. She may cry a lot and go through an emotional roller-coaster.

My advise is for her to take 3 drops of Vulcan's Fire, wait 15 minutes and then take ONE drop of Panaceia's Tincture daily.

If [this lady's] emotional healing becomes too much for her, she can always skip a day or a few days. So her healing is completely in her control. If that is the case, the length of time it takes to heal completely is up to her.

How quickly she heals depends on how much she is willing to suffer these healing emotions being brought to the surface to be cleared.

But, she can take comfort that is and when she does experience these emotions- it is a sign, she will know she is getting better, it will all soon be gone forever and the path to Joy is lit for her.

Then in one or two months depending on how much she has cleared, she should take Phoenix Blood to begin her joy and put her on the path to make her the happiest person she has ever felt.

P.S. I may use this email, iow my own email above, in the newsletter but absolutely no names will be mentioned. As I said I am determined to help other women who have suffered in this area, if that is ok..

Here is the reply from this lady's husband..

Thank you for your email. I’ve forwarded this to [my wife] & I’m very grateful that she gets to try something that you stand behind to help her heal.

Her trauma has made her severely insecure & she requires constant reassurance so letting go of all the strong emotions will definitely help her. Yes you may use this email for your future references no problem.
Many thanks for permission to publish these emails, they will help many other women and men too.

What I meant by 'letting go' is simply walking away from this experience and putting it in the past. Not reliving it or reflecting upon it- ever. Never thinking about it again. Never ever feeling sorry for oneself or self pity. Watching every thought and living in the present as much as possible.

This lady will be shocked to find one day that these experiences mean nothing to her at all. She will think of them and have little or no feelings about them. Like a story she read one time or as if it happened to someone else and she no longer lives in fear but is empowered and full of joy.

An amazing lady with so much courage it is humbling, and a reminder why we do this at Red lion.

To help this process of letting go, the lady mentioned above should use the burning of ties method mentioned in our previous report- relentlessly, every day multiple times a day for months.

She should burn the ties to these men on three levels- mental, emotional and physical.

Burning the mental ties could be imagined as a cord between her head and the heads of the men, and imagine that cord being set on fire.

The emotional or astral cord can be imagined as a cord between her heart and their heart- setting it on fire again and watching the smoke drift away with the wind.

The physical cord burns a bit longer with more smoke than the astral or mental cord. The physical cord should be imagined as a cord connecting the feet.

She should also place these experiences into the 'Dumpster of Oblivion' mentioned a few reports ago, again relentlessly, multiple times a day every day, with determination.

Next report, I will be talking about how Panaceia's Tincture is the embodiment of a magical formula and how it is a physical manifestation of the 'Word' used by our Lord- the same Word of God mentioned in the bible and it's affect on the three planes of the microcosm.

Of course it is not the only Word made physical. There are many Words of God.

Special Offer

If you have mentioned Red Lion to your friends or family and maybe how our products have helped you, we would like to give back to you.

Simply leave a note with your order, no matter how big or small your order is and we will give you a gift of a 3ml vial of Phoenix Blood.

You don't need to prove you brought people to us- we trust you! Simply leave a note with your order that you mentioned us to someone and we will honor it.

What is the Will?

The Will is a quality of the Spirit. It is part and parcel of the Fire element. One's Will is expressed in the objective or description or amount of a wish.

We make wishes but most people do not have the power to manifest a wish instantly. So, we make a wish over and over again to add to it's power so that it will manifest in our reality. One who has power to manifest a wish instantly is called a WAG in India.

The power of our will is the amount we produce, carry out, achieve and continue what we wish and aim for.

🜂 🜁 🜄 🜃

Best Regards