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Carbon 60 Status Report

5th November 2021

Dear Reader,

We have sold out of Panaceia's Tincture but are in the process of manufacturing more. 30ml bottles seem to be an issue for the moment- whatever is going on but we have them on back order.

Because of the unprecedented volume of business, dispatch have been under pressure. But all orders have been shipped now.


Why do I speak in hieroglyphs when talking about alchemy? Is it because I am protecting trade secrets?

No, it is not about protecting our corner. I would be happy to share alchemical secrets but if i did- I would be punished. The Father would put me living in a tent or worse a cardboard box!

Giving out alchemical or magical secrets is akin to telling the public how to make their own personal nuclear device to power their home.

That’s fine if everyone was responsible and mature enough, but some would use the nuclear power plant for bad reasons like threatening a town or blowing a town up.

Also, one must earn the right to alchemical secrets and that is not easy let me tell you. An analogy would be thinking- ok we have this person who is a really good person but they want to be a surgeon.

No matter how good and wonderful this person is, we cannot allow them to be a surgeon when they are in 5th grade spiritually speaking.

They must go through the training and they must pass exams to get to high school, then university and eventually become a surgeon no matter how wonderful their intentions are towards humanity.

Many alchemists of old ruined their sexuality for example. They became asexual and had no desires at all. But Alchemy is far more dangerous than that.

However, I do try to give hints in a way that I will not be punished lol. The wise will be able to fit the clues together. Done in this way, I can ensure only the spiritually mature have access to secrets.

You’ll find all alchemists obey the ‘law of silence’ and write in cryptic ways so that only a spiritually advanced person or one with long experience of alchemy will understand the clues.

Panaceia's Tincture

Panaceia’s Tincture clears out sexual abuse and that means the most serious type of sexual abuse, particularly for women. It is not lightly I say this. It is a powerful product.

P.T. could be described as ‘life changing’ with regards to the most serious sexual abuse.

Panaceia’s tincture will lift ones energy- this product is something really big. If any lady has had serious sexual abuse, we would like to hear from you as we’d like to sponsor you with this product.

Of course we would expect such a person to spread the word and bring other people, particularly women to us for healing of sexual abuse issues.

P.T. will clear out emotions but will also clear out the physical body. As we know, Panaceia’s Tincture belongs to the feminine Principle and the Earth Principle is a part of that.

Therefore, one may find themselves going to the bathroom more often while these toxins are being cleared and ones body- purified.

If you intend to use Vulcan’s Fire to amplify the effect of Panaceia’s Tincture, you should take a few drop of Vulcan’s Fire, but only 1 drop of Panaceia’s Tincture.

If you take more than 1 drop of P.T. and Vulcan’s Fire- expect to be in a ball of depression for a few weeks. Of course this would be traumatic, but you would clear and heal a huge of emotional baggage.

Vulcan's Fire works extremely well with Panaceia's Tincture- it adds fire energy to it. If you have stomach issues Panaceia's Tincture works amazingly well.

What does this tell us? Well, the stomach is where our self worth is based. If using Archigenes Seal, take Panaceia's Tincture if issues develop.

If one does not amplify Panaceia’s Tincture with Vulcan’s Fire, as always begin with one drop daily and increase the amount you take which is personal to you, to a comfortable level for you. Again- your intuition will tell you how many drops per day is comfortable.

However, Panaceia’s Tincture is expensive and multiplying it’s effect with Vulcan’s Fire will save you money because Vulcan's Fire will amplify P.T. by between 6 and nine times.

Buying one bottle of V.F. and one bottle of Panaceia's Tincture is the same as buying 7.5 bottles of Panaceia’s Tincture.

But Panaceia's Tincture's real power will be a spiritual > physical cure for cancer. Women will not get cancer if they take P.T. regularly. Unfortunately, women are more prone to cancer than men are.

It is unfortunate that women find it more difficult to forgive past hurts than men do- that is the nature of the female/magnetic principle, but Panaceia’s Tincture will help and heal in a wonderful way.

Women can expect to feel love, enjoyment, family, celebration and reaching the next level in their recovery. We shall be jumping for joy to heal our beloved women.

For men, Panaceia’s Tincture will help one be chilled, tranquil and calm and also help men to speak about emotional issues which will help to free them emotionally, which will obviously help with sexual issues.

Also, P.T. acts as an aphrodisiac particularly for men over 40- they will feel it’s effects more than younger men. So men over 40 will return to the days of their youth.

It affects female fertility, so those that are burdened will come into the light. If you have moonstone, place it beside Panaceia's Tincture. Never use Opal as it will drain the energy.

Burning Ties

I’ve explained this method before but I’ve modified it a little.

First you have to realize something. If you feel anger or hate or you pine for someone, you have ties to cut! Move on!

Think of a person on the street that you don’t know. You feel zero for them apart from empathy as another human being. But you don’t feel love or hate or anger or fear at all for them right?

That is the way one should feel about every negative person in ones life- which can be especially true of family or a broken heart, or the death of a loved one.

Some feel they have some sort of obligation to keep the dead person alive by thinking of them constantly. IOW keeping their memory alive. Don't! They most of all do not want you grieving.

Remember them from time to time with happiness in your heart and talk to them in Spirit.

You should feel little towards a person on the street and you should feel the same way about negative people. If it causes you strong emotions to think of them, you need to cut ties.

Therefore, cut ties with someone every single time you think of them. Your subconscious mind will constantly bring them up and when it does, use the subconscious memory to remind you to cut ties!

Magicians tun negative situations into opportunities and you should begin your training now rather than later.

Cut ties with them over and over and over again. Imagine a cord between you and the person- but imagine it as a physical cord. Now imagine the cord being set on fire and it burns and falls to the ground as ashes, while the smoke from the cord floats away on the wind.

Negative people can suck your life-force but if you burn ties with a negative person one becomes ‘unavailable’ to them- as available as someone on the street.

Remember- if you hold any resentment or any feeling towards a person, it means you still have a connection to that person. It’s up to you if that is good for you or not.

Taking this to the next level, Imagine burning a cord which connects your head to the negative person's head. This is the Mental world, the mental realm.

If there is an emotional connection, imagine the cord being attached from ones heart and burning that connection. This is the Astral World.

But it is very good to imagine a cord connecting ones legs or feet to the other person and keep in mind that you are setting a physical connection on fire and the physical connection is incinerated. This is the physical World.

So, there we have the connection being set on fire in all three worlds- Mental, Astral and Physical. It is best to burn all three connections and keep burning them every time they come up.

After a while you will actually feel it- omg there is no connection now! They can never get to me again!

You can also use this technique with situations. There are other things you can use this technique for but these hints will suffice for now.

Phoenix Blood C60 Olive Oil

This product is very different than the stand alone Phoenix Blood product. What it will do is give huge energy and it really helps women. But it does not bring joy in the same way as Phoenix Blood water does on it's own.

Can help around reproductive female reproductive like endometriosis pain. Good for longevity too.

Phoenix blood water-based product is more powerful, but it is different. C60 Phoenix Blood olive oil and Phoenix Blood water based are very difficult to compare, they are different products.

C60 Phoenix Blood Oil is celebration, expecting celebrations, inviting invitations for celebrations, inviting new happenings and fun and making changes and those that are going through changes, it makes them happy to go through changes, it stops the resistance to change.

As I said C60PB does not bring joy, or strength of the body, but very much the mind. It gives a strong will but people who are depressed or a little down- victim like, it will strengthen them that they do not need to be a victim.

It changes one's mind- strength of character rather than joy or a strong body, but is specifically about the oil and women's health, and their sexuality and fertility. It can help with polycyctic ovaries or any of the female issues.

Vulcan's Fire and Sekhmet Elixir

We have been getting questions, particularly from women about age reduction and these two products.

They answer is a big YES it will make you look younger and will make one's body younger.

A friend of mine went on a date he got through Tinder. He has been using Vulcan's Fire and Sekhmet Elixir for the last few months. But I'd have to say he has also been using other Red Lion products for the last few years especially C60 Olive Oil.

They went to the pub and his date asked him what age he was. He asked her what age did she think he was? She said 49? He asked her, would you say I could be 46? She said yes, I'd believe that.

He told her he was 57. She looked at him with her mouth open and simply said no! That is not possible! She looked confused for a moment because men usually lie about being younger not older!

She would not believe him and in the end he had to tell her his birth date was September 1964. She is 51 and was absolutely shocked- she thought she was going for a younger man!

But anyone who is using Vulcan's Fire will tell you what an absolutely phenomenal product it is. How ones skin feels thicker because the combination of the two products works on rebuilding collagen.

Women have told use their skin is so soft and young looking they do not need to use a moisturizer. This is within only a week or two. There are no skin products in the World that could compare to Vulcan's fire and Sekhmet Elixir.

When one looks younger, one's outlook on life completely changes. One looks and feels like they did many years ago. One feels rejuvenated, to live a second time and full of life again because one's skin feeling younger and thicker, is a constant reminder. We feel that is worth far more than the cost of these two little jars.

Here is a review from one of our favorite customers, K.T. with thanks.

Hi Marten,

Sorry it’s taken me a while to get a review to you on the Lemon Oil [Archigenes Seal] I purchased…. But I have a quick update for you.

I began using it, and had some stomach issues, so I stopped using it for a while, because I was more excited to experiment with the Dragons Blood product line.

Four weeks ago I started using the ARCHIGENES SEAL as directed. I worked up to 3-4 drops in water, with a splash of my homemade vanilla extract, and AS Of THIS MORNING I have lost 10 pounds! The water tasted yummy!

It definitely made me very hot, like I had just taken my thyroid medication. I am hypothyroid. I loved it, since I am always cold.

I did notice that as my metabolism was heating up, at night, my face was as oily again as when I was a teen. I had to wash my face 3 times a night and peed quite a bit!! 😂

It was irritating to have oily skin again as a 50 year old, but worth it. At least I won’t get any more wrinkles!! 😎

I didn’t do anything different for the weight loss, and as you know cannot normally exercise since I have no knee cartilage and have crippling arthritis. I can barely walk usually.

With the extra 10 pounds lost, I have been able to walk much more with less pain. I still have pain but this is so much better!!

Keep it up Marten…my life is so much better every day because of what you create. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

You are a blessing for me, and I hope so many people read these words, and decide to take a chance on healing themselves too! There is nothing to lose but pain and suffering.

Who wants that anyway? Not me!

Sincerely, K.T.

Stomach issues or acid in the stomach are what we expect with this product. It is super fiery.3-4 drops is a lot in my opinion.

First thing to check is that one is NOT taking this product after taking Vulcan's Fire. Naturally, Vulcan's Fire will amplify an already fiery Archigenes Seal many times.

Take Archigenes Seal first and wait maybe half an hour before you take Vulcan's Fire. That way, Vulcan's Fire will not amplify Archigenes Seal and cause issues.

But if one does get acid- stop taking Archigenes Seal for a few days to a week. Your system will build a tolerance to it, and then go back to taking 1 drop daily and build up to two or three drops eventually.

Please DO NOT forget to take this product in a glass of water!!


🜂 🜁 🜄 🜃

Best Regards