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Carbon 60 Status Report

22nd October 2021

Dear Reader,

Things are going well here at Red Lion. We are thinking of moving again to a bigger lab and upgrading all our lab equipment.

What does it mean when you become an alchemist?

When performing alchemical experiments, one must consider oneself as a god. Alchemists believe everything has a living force. Some things have more of this 'living force' than others. We are children of the most High and have been told we are gods.

If you, as an alchemist are upset for any reason, resentful or angry, that is a powerful influence on an alchemical experiment. The very worst time to have a negative influence is upon young beings born in the lab.

You can take this idea into life too. Why did people in the past bless their food?
To purify it from negative influences.

For example, when at a restaurant it is not the quality of food one should be looking at but the qualities of the chef. If he or she is hateful, resentful, depressed or angry, the food they prepare will also contain these frequencies. Do you want to eat the frequencies someone else has imparted? lol.

This effect is also present when you prepare food for yourself. Never prepare food when you are upset. Ask the Father to purify your food and use the physical action of blessing to seal and ground this purification.

Of course here at Red Lion, we purify all our products with Divine Blessing so that it is as high a frequency as possible.

Ora et Labora

This is a very old alchemical maxim dating back eons. When you are creating young beings in the form of tinctures, elixirs or the philosophers stone for example, one's purity is very important.

The word laboratory is a combination of oratory and labor, or laboretora. Your lab should be private and sealed in some way so that no one may enter lest they impart their frequencies on your alchemical experiments and pollute them.

The best way to become purified before you enter your laboratory is to pray and ask the Father to cleanse you personally. Your lab can be a simple curtain pulled around a table. But the curtain should be of natural fibers. One should attempt to be happy and full of joy.

Alchemists go through great purification to remove greed, jealousy, the desire for power, lust a.s.o.

Also, it is best if you cover your experiments in cotton or silk. The type of power generated by alchemical experiments attracts all sorts of unwanted spiritual and astral attention. You do not want a black witch or magician to be attracted to the powerful light. Natural materials will hide and insulate all your experiments.

If you do not believe there are black magicians and black witches, or their numbers are small- think again! The freemasons would call you a fool. There are many in the U.S., Europe, especially eastern Europe and Africa. Africa is riddled with voodoo and black magic. But don't worry, judgement day is coming for them and sooner than they think.

Panaciea's Tincture

As I said in our last report, we have made the alchemical panacea using the Hemp plant. Panaceia was the Greek goddess of universal remedy. So, we feel this name is apt given what this product can do.

It is the Father's will that this product should be released at this time, and in fact all these alchemical products.

An alchemist constantly checks the colors of his or her experiments. Sometimes, for example when producing the Philosophers stone, the product goes through many different colors. Each color tells what stage the product is at. For example, black is female or putrefaction 🝤.

The color Red is the spirit or fire stage. Yellow is the stage of the spiritual Air principle.

Panaceia's Tincture will cure many many illness- spiritually first which will lead to a physical cure.

The public generally do not realize we all have cancer cells in our body. These remain dormant throughout people's lives and never become an issue. But for some, these cells become active and result in the manifestation of the disease.

Panaceia's Tincture will kill all cancer cells in one's body, including dormant cancer cells. What does this mean? It means the average people will live between 7 and 10 years longer because of the absence of these dormant cancer cells.

Of course that figure is an average. If a person decides to eat and drink cancer inducing foods, or has a mindset which induces cancer, that longer lifespan will be less than 7-10 years. However for those who care for themselves, they will experience a much longer and younger life- up to 20 years and longer.

I'm afraid we only have 37 bottles of this tincture, it takes a long time to create and is tricky to make. The price we expect is $298 per bottle. We think this is fair price for curing cancer and dozens of other illnesses, and it will.

But I realize too that this product is not proven. So Red Lion offer a massive discount of 70% off. Therefore the initial price will be $91.4 for 30ml.

Please click here to avail of this offer



Chemists consider the body dead. Mix this chemical with that one and it will do this or that to the body. Chemicals like N-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)acetamide or paracetamol.

Chemists do not believe that everything has a spirit and simply ignore everything else except physical chemical reactions.

Alchemists on the other hand do not use chemicals. They use metals, minerals and plants, but substances with the highest life force. Chemists do not believe that every living thing has a life force.

Lifeforce is like white light. If you place a prism in front it it, it will break into many colors. Alchemists identify these frequencies and increase them. These differing frequencies of metals, minerals and plants (spagyrics) are in line with whatever one is doing.

Alchemy is simply a magnifier and manipulator of energies. The frequency of the plant Dracaena Draco is extremely fiery. The brain is fire/male/electric 🜂 too.

The lung area belongs to the Air principle 🜁, the saps belong to the spiritual Water principle 🜄 and the legs are of the Earth principle 🜃.

Therefore, Phoenix Blood's specialty which is made from Dracaena Draco is the mind.

Phoenix Blood

Some people will feel joy the first day they take this product and some people will not. It needs time to build or to load. During the first 8 weeks it is important to take P.B. daily.

After 8 week of taking Phoenix Blood daily, one will be 'loaded' with it. One is loading one's body with Phoenix Blood.

After those two months, then one will see differences daily. That's not to say one will not feel differences during those two months, but it takes 2 months for the body to be loaded with Phoenix Blood.

Phoenix Blood activates the brain. It will make one curious and willing to learn- it helps to cure a lazy brain!

So rather than be 'programmed' by watching 'programs' on television, one will be inspired to learn, create and do. Spiritually speaking, Phoenix Blood shoots sparks up to the brain to regenerate parts of the brain. The buds are waiting to open.

Alzheimer's Disease

Phoenix Blood can improve an Alzheimer patient dramatically.

Is this a spiritual cure which leads to a physical cure of Alzheimer's disease?

Cure is not the right word here. It is an ongoing cure. Yes, it cuts the disease out, it will cure Alzheimer's disease but if the patient stops taking Phoenix Blood, Alzheimer's disease will come back.

I think a better description is that Phoenix Blood relieves Alzheimer's disease- in a dramatic way.

phoenix blood

The Sword of Damocles

This is an alchemical technique mentioned in the last report. It was discovered/presented to me. No-one in history has this method, not even the Egyptians.

It is a very powerful technique and we must be careful on it’s timing. The sword stabs the product and purifies it like swords do. The Sword of Damocles brings death and as we know, death means transformation.

So, the product is transformed after this alchemical operation, ready for the next operation.

The goddess Frigg

Again, this is a method completely unknown to alchemists in the history of the World.
But after the Sword of Damocles has stabbed the product, The goddess Frigg is used to pull energy from the vacuum in three stages.

The first cleanses, the second draws the energy in and the third stage is a combination which seals the product.

The Uitta

This is also an alchemical operation known to the Philosophers [alchemists] through the centuries, even thousands of years ago.

The Emerald Tablet states: as above so below to accomplish the miracles of the One thing.

With this method, the timing is not so critical but care must be taken not to make the product too powerful.

Some Questions and answers

A client wrote to us asking some questions, here they are..

I just made my second purchase on your website. I am beyond impressed with the results my girlfriend and I have had with the c60 and the solar charm. So much so I've decided to get one for myself.

​So glad you have results.

How should the solar charm be worn? Shes been carrying hers in the little bag that came with it. Is it okay to add a string or chain of some sort to the loop at the top to wear it around the neck? And if yes what type of string or chain is best? Can it be worn next to a silver necklace?

​Your G.F. can try to wear it but I would be worried it will pull the loop out. The golden thread is very important- it's frequency. Next to Silver is fine. If your G.F. was to place it in a little pouch and tie that with a chain and wear it, that would be fine. It would be protected that way.

How much c60 should I be taking daily? I started with 8 drops and felt so good and warm like coming out of a hot bath. I have since then moved up to 4 full droppers full a day.
From what I've read on your site this is quite a lot. I have yet to experience any significant emotional downtime which is why I have increased the dosage so much. I find myself craving it each morning and looking forward to the feeling of warmth and comfort from my first experience of 8 drops and I may be chasing this feeling.

​Yes! chasing experience is a thing. If you feel fine with no issues, then I don't see a problem. But just be aware of what your body is telling you- any aches or pains? Any emotional discomfort or sleep issues etc.

But you have moved to a higher level and what was once enough for you does not have the same effect because you are healing emotionally, physically and spiritually. But you do not need to take so much- remember, it is building building and growing. Try to let go of experience chasing and go for the long haul instead.

How much liquid confidence should I be taking? I started with 9 drops and now take 2 droppers full each morning. No issues sleeping.

​Again, if you have no issues I don't see a problem but as I said above, it is building. So be careful with your body, it is not an experiment. Allow the products to build and take your time.

I have just purchased heart glue. How much of this should my girlfriend and I be taking? and for how long should this be taken? Is it okay to get another glass bottle and transfer half of the heart glue into another bottle so her and I can both have our own bottle? I was wondering about the liquid confidence as well. I am only able to give her some on the days she is with me. Can I transfer some to a new glass bottle

​It's fine to transfer to another bottle. We always recommend starting with one drop and finding one's own level- whilst being mindful of one's emotions, physicality and spiritual state.

She should be more careful than you as Liquid confidence is a masculine product. Women need to be more careful in general with alchemical product as hormones can be affected. Heart Glue is a process whereas Dragon's Blood is not. And of course she needs to stop immediately if she becomes pregnant.

I have also purchased a sample of dragons blood and wondering how much of that to start with as well.

​Again, start with one drop and gradually increase the dosage to a comfortable level. Your intuition intuition will let you know how much you can take personally.

Is it okay to be taking all of these in the same day albeit at different times?

​Yes, no problem but it's best taking fiery products like L.C. or Dragon's blood in the morning and spreading dosage throughout the day.

Thank you so much for including the small glass jar sample of Vulcans fire in my last order. I felt its power just from holding it. How would you recommend getting the drops out of it? Is a plastic pipette okay to use or is glass prefered?

​We use a silicone rubber stopper in these tiny bottles as eye droppers for them are unavailable. But in future, we will supply a plastic disposable eye dropper. Funnily enough, alchemy has no problems with plastics. An eye dropper is fine to use, either plastic or glass.

I am excited for this phoenix blood c60. Will it be okay to take that with the sample of phoenix blood as outlined in your newsletter - sipping in distilled water throughout the day?

​Yes, just be careful with Phoenix Blood, take it slowly and steadily. After 8 weeks, it will have built up a lot in your system.

How should your products be stored?

​A cool dry place and in the dark is ideal

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to ask 🙂

Best Regards