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Carbon 60 Status Report

7th October 2021

Dear Reader,

Interesting but the planet Mercury is said to rule communication and finances. We are half way through Mercury retrograde and it's ironic Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all went down last week, and they are all about communication.

At last! After many weeks, we have successfully made our [spiritual] cure for cancer which will be far more powerful than any physical medication.

This new product is a genuine Panacea in that is will be able to cure many illnesses, not just cancer.

Of course when we say 'cure' we mean the illness will be cured spiritually first. A spiritual cure is like switching the electricity of the illness off so it dies because it has no energy, whereas medication attempts to destroy it physically.

How is this Panacea made alchemically?

The laws of the Universe state that everything is made from 4 principles- Fire ๐Ÿœ‚, Air ๐Ÿœ, Water ๐Ÿœ„ and Earth ๐Ÿœƒ.

Cancer is a fiery disease- it expands and devours. ALS is a water principle based disease in that it contracts and shuts down.

To cure cancer, we need the opposite polarity of cancer which is the water principle. The most powerful water or female plant on Earth is the Hemp plant, so that is what we have used.

To explain it's manufacture, I must use alchemical terms. First we make philosophical alcohol. Alchemists call this Mercury as the god Mercury is god of the Air principle. Itโ€™s symbol is โ˜ฟ.

Philosophical Mercury is 100% alcohol but made in a special way. Many things like metals will impart their frequency to Mercury thus polarizing it, but it must be neutral, 'now' or the akasha principle. A thing is said to be philosophical when it is in this non-polarized state.

Sulfur is then distilled ๐Ÿ  from the hemp plant using a soxhlet extractor and dissolved ๐Ÿข in philosophical Mercury โ˜ฟ (nothing to do with the metal). We then end up with a tincture ๐Ÿˆ.

What is left is the caput mortuum ๐ŸŽ which is useless to us for this operation.

The oil or sulfur ๐Ÿœ and โ˜ฟ are placed in a prison. Then a sword is used on it for 4 drams ๐Ÿณ. The Sword purifies, but too much will destroy the female nature of this particular sulfur. Other sulfurs can take a lot more.

Next, the opposite polarity of the goddess Frigg โ™€ is used to further purify the sulfur, and then a Frigg vortex with a blade on it is used to stir and draw in Hyle.

Interestingly, the old Norse goddess Frigg is where we get Friggโ€™s day or Friday.
The goddess Frigg
Grace is used between the 2nd and third stage of Frigg. The third stage is a combination of negative and positive Frigg, but the sulfur must be left overnight to allow it to settle before the third stage can be applied.

When all previous stages are completed, the sulfur is treated on an Uitta โˆž for 90 drams ๐Ÿฒ.

Bitcoins etc

From an alchemical point of view, gold will always be valuable. Which would you rather have $100,000 in gold or $100,000 in bitcoins?

Alchemically speaking, gold is the highest most perfect spiritual metal, and is in fact above platinum no matter how much they are worth in monetary terms.

Gold flowing through society is the life blood of a country. It is the spiritual energy of a currency backed by gold flowing through an economy which leads to a golden age.

Of course the ex-rulers of this planet did not want the perfect spiritual energy of gold flowing through society, they wanted their own negative energy paper flowing instead. And bitcoins are worse- alchemically speaking!

I know some will disagree with me for saying that but I am an alchemist and that is my point of view. Any philosopher [alchemist] would agree with me.

I predict a crash of Bitcoins a.s.o. of monumental proportions. Physical precious metals will always be valuable no matter what happens.

Sleep issues?

If you have sleep issues, please consider taking Red Lion products early in the morning- they are like taking a double latte!

Vulcan's fire versus Dragons Blood,
What is the difference between them?

Vulcan's Fire amplifies medication and alchemical products by up to 17 times. It adds power to whatever medication one is on, or amplifies the effect of Liquid confidence, Love potion, Sekhmet and hair elixir.

Dragonโ€™s Blood brings confidence, directness, moving forward, cutting out negativity from the past. Dragonโ€™s Blood will clear and heal trauma from the past but it tends to heal physical trauma for example past life wounds carried over.

Our bodies have memories. So you your body will remember you broke your ankle. Dragon's Blood is about removing the memories of past physical ailments from the body, which includes past life memories, because we also carry those with us too.

Vulcan's Fire removes emotional memories so emotional healing occurs, again, even from past lives.

Why does Dragon's Blood remove physical memories but Vulcan's Fire removes emotional memories?

If we divide the four principles into two parts, we get Fire/Air and Water/Earth.

Because Dragon's Blood is made with water, it is on the Water/Earth side of the equation. Therefore it's specialty is removing physical memories contained within the body.

Vulcan's Fire is made with oil. Therefore it is part of the Fire/Air principle, which leads to emotional healing.

One cannot go up but always down in the hierarchy of the elements. So fire goes to heal water or emotions whereas Water goes to heal Earth or physical memories.

๐Ÿœ‚ โ†’ ๐Ÿœ โ†’ ๐Ÿœ„ โ†’ ๐Ÿœƒ

All our products build up within you. Taking the same amount daily, one will become confident, healthy, abundant and joyful.

How does Vulcan's Fire taken with Dragon's Blood work?

Vulcan's Fire enhances Dragon's Blood. It makes D.B. go into the system faster, but it will enhance emotions.

You could get healing downtime time or reminiscing of the past, past judgement, cutting the past out but some people need to do that.

Taking Vulcan's Fire then Dragon's Blood enhances emotions like a feel good factor for instance. You take Dragon's Blood water first, it will strengthen whatever that is dealing with. It is like Vulcan's Fire and Dragon's Blood are having a conversation with each other.

Vulcan's Fire strengthens the effect. It enhances and deepens the effect. V.F. would do the same with medication.

So one should take only one or two drops of Vulcan's Fire and no more than three drops of dragons blood, if one combines them.

And absolutely never never if pregnant.

ALS disease is a water principle disease and of course the combination of Vulcan's Fire and Dragon's blood has a huge impact.

But Phoenix Blood makes Dragon's blood look weak!

Phoenix Blood

We have revised instructions on how to take this product. It is very powerful :) Previously we said one should not take it unless one has taken Dragon's blood or Vulcan's fire for a while. But I realize that means buying two products.

Try this

Get a water bottle and fill it up with distilled water. You can use bottled water or filtered water, but we prefer distilled ๐Ÿ  water as alchemically speaking, it is philosophical water. Try to get the biggest water bottle you can.

Put 1 drop into the bottle of water and drink that throughout the day. With this product, there is a risk of people being greedy and taking more than they should, but please do not do this!!

Remember, it builds. One drop builds upon the drop taken the previous day and those drops add to the drop you take on day three a.s.o.

If you take too many drops, you will likely feel hot, you may have stomach upset and possibly dizzy spells.

Take note of how you are feeling and if you notice any contraindications, stop for a few days and go back to taking one drop in a bottle of water through the day.

After a few weeks, you can begin to take 2 drops in a bottle of water and again- sip the water over the course of the day. Never take one drop directly! Eventually, you can take three drops in water daily but there is no need to take 4.

Phoenix Blood is made from the Dracaena Draco tree and is a food grade resin.

The Fountain Of Joy

As I said, this product builds and grows like a fountain inside of you. A fountain of joy.
Is it possible to be joyful all the time? No, because we have to sleep but it is possible to be joyful for 21 hours a day and that joy only grows with magical Phoenix Blood.

The joy is building. It does not level off. It does not rise and then fall if you take 1 drop daily. 3 drops after 2 months will not lead to the same level of joy. The joy will be far higher by then.

This happiness, this feeling of wanting to burst out laughing at the slightest thing, or smiling for no reason happens quite quickly- you should notice in the first few days, depending on the type of person you are.

Naturally, Phoenix Blood will cure depression.

Women must be more careful with Phoenix Blood than men, because alchemically speaking, Phoenix Blood belongs to the electric or male principle.

It may affect hormones and make women a little more assertive than they would like. So women will feel joy but donโ€™t over do it! Patience, allow it to build within you and you will not have any such issues.

I have never described what Red Lion products have done for me but always let other people speak for the product.

But I can tell you I have tried Phoenix Blood. I am a stern judge of my own products but I felt my heart skipping a beat. I could not stop smiling. I would laugh at the slightest thing.

When in this mood- no one can best you!! Everyone else aught to watch out lest you turn that joy on them! Youโ€™ll know what I mean sooner or later.

Deborah our shipping manager reported than she cannot seem to stop going, working, organizing, finding things to fix and do. This is not Marten's evil plan to have his employees work harder lol.

It's uncomfortable for joyless people to confront someone so happy. It definitely gives one an edge when dealing with people in general.

Deborah finds herself working at home, going out, meeting people, more work. She wil not admit this, but the other day I asked her if she feels joy from the product? She said- well I haven't really noticed, but I did! I noticed she is smiling all the time! :D

Then I asked her today and she told me she is 'buzzing'. Now, she was taking 3 drops as she is well used to Red Lion products, but has since dropped back to 2 drops in water daily.

As I said last report, I am prevented from giving a discount on this product. It will retail at $170 per 30ml bottle, but I have figured out a way. If you spend over $250 on any order, we will include a 3ml bottle of Phoenix Blood free of charge with your order.

This is roughly 60 drops and should last for at least a month.

Please click here to purchase this product

phoenix blood

Carbon 60 Olive oil and Phoenix Blood.

Phoenix Blood could be called liquid joy. I am so impressed with this product I have decided to make a version of our carbon 60 olive oil with Phoenix Blood.

Red Lion carbon 60 olive oil with Phoenix Blood will be more expensive, but for the next few weeks, you can buy it for the same price as regular carbon 60 olive oil.

It is not as powerful as a bottle of Phoenix Blood, but will still bring you happiness and joy over time.

Please click here to purchase this product

c60 phoenix bl

We are very grateful for any feedback thank you.

Best Regards