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Carbon 60 Status Report

24th September 2021

Dear Reader,

Let's examine what Alchemy is. Here is an analogy..

You have a plant sitting on your dining room table. Now this plant is not doing very well. So, you give it the best water, the best vitamins and minerals and the best plant food to help it.

The plant perks up somewhat but it is not flourishing no matter what you do. It soon gets a disease and you call a 'plant doctor' to help cure it.

The plant doctor gives it medication which treats the disease but the plant is still not doing very well and will need this medication to keep it free from disease for the rest of it's life. And that life will be short-lived.

What an alchemist does is take the plant out of the dining room and place it under direct sunlight in the middle of the garden.

Now the plant can and will heal because it has the power of the Sun to heal itself. It does not need medication anymore and begins to become healthy and strong with no disease.

What has happened?
The plant doctor gave the plant physical medication or tried to treat the physical symptoms of the plant's disease when it needed spiritual power all along.

Life-force is what cells in our bodies are built upon and is what our cells require to stay healthy- not medication.

This is what an alchemist does. He brings the light of spiritual power directly to the human body and now it can heal itself quite easily. This is why alchemy is far more powerful than physical medicine.

Don't get me wrong though, doctors are extremely helpful and and badly needed. But they ignore the power of spiritual healing unfortunately. However, they do their very best with what tools they have.

I said 'he' when I refereed to alchemists. Surely there must be female alchemists? Well females tend to go for natural remedies which is wonderful but almost zero females take the path of the alchemist.

That is because an alchemist receives the highest esoteric secrets and must go through great sacrifice to be qualified for these secrets. If secrets are given to the unworthy, they will abuse them for fame, wealth, control and power.

In my own case, I went through painful sacrifice for many decades to be given this knowledge.

What I went through, Masters could not go through without addiction, abuse, suicide and death as a result. A regular person would be dead within the first 2 decades let alone 5 decades. Only a handful of people on this earth have been through similar experiences.

This is why females are clever! They would prefer not to go through suffering thank you!

Anyone who tries to gain this knowledge without sacrifice will be blocked and a spanner in the form or a financial or relationship fiasco will be thrown into their lives to distract them and keep them busy haha.

So please don't think Marten had it easy and he is so lucky! Anyone can become an alchemist if they are prepared to go through many decades of pain and suffering.

I am a Hermetic Magician and have studied Western Hermetic Magic in the Christian Tradition- also for decades. I used this knowledge to understand the deeper and significantly more powerful alchemical path.

I am not and never have been part of any circle, group, lodge or society. I have never been part of any secret society or group and never will be.

To join a group is too limiting for the aspiring magician, as the magician's progress is limited by oaths and rules, all of which are for the weak minded.

The only group I belong to is one of 7+1. The Father is obviously the head, two mighty adepts are in Spirit and 4 are on earth. The '+1' refers to a female Master who helps with emotional requirements.

The Father has given me the gift of Divine Energy which some call grace. I place His grace/blessing into all Red Lion products. The Father is VERY much involved with this project as it is now time to exalt the humble and humble the exalted as we careen headlong into the Age of Aquarius.

I did not want to give out this information but have been encouraged to do so for months!! The Father is calling His own back to Himself.

I am here for Christians or those who practice brotherly love- which includes atheists incidentally, as some of them are very Christian towards their fellow man. Christ is a frequency not a person. Our Lord had the Christ frequency as did Buddha..

The Future

I think we all know what covid has done to government finances don't we? It has cost many billions of working hours throughout the World.

We have to be practical. There will be an economic downturn due to the effects of the virus. But I feel it will be short lived.

What happens in times of economic downturn? Precious metals go up in value. So, if you have some savings, I'd encourage you to buy physical precious metals- not certificates!

Your money will be safe in these metals. Physical silver is quite reasonable right now and I feel it will increase in value around Christmas time.

Dragon's Blood

I'm not sure people understand what this product really is and what it can do. Please bare with me. Thanks again to Ms. K.T, who sent us this report several months ago..
Hi Marten,
I wanted to let you know how things are progressing with the Dragons Blood.
I have discovered over a short time that my personal will and strength is so much stronger compared to before, that I am recognizing my old self once again. stronger self before I was married.

I stand up for what I WANT now. My husband really is shocked... but it’s a good thing. Maybe my life needs to change in ALL WAYS. We shall see.

Before taking the Dragons a Blood I was suffering from what some would describe as PTSD. I was afraid of any confrontations and would cry often. I had no strength to fight for myself and for what I wanted in life. I felt the life essence and joy was gone.

This is not a joke or exaggeration...The Dragons Blood has transformed me from night into day. I feel as if those old sad connections to my heart and soul from deep childhood have been permanently severed. I no longer feel ANYTHING of that trauma from the past. My heart HEALED!!

I can say it feels like the old depressed me actually died and I can say I have no feelings about that old me dying whatsoever. I no longer recognize the past belonging to me... nor do I want to think about it...It’s an amazing product you have!!

My tastes have changed. I don't crave bad food any longer. I find myself craving certain nutrient rich foods as if I were pregnant. My body must need the nutrients. I started making my own milk kefir and drink it daily. Yumm!

All I can say is if this were advertised on TV as a way to permanently break from pain and sadness from the heart... you would have a million customers overnight, and the world would be a much better place.

So many people need this and don’t know it What do they have to loose...pain? A new life to gain?

“I AM Dragons Blood!!” It’s really at a bargain price for what it did to my life!
For one example, I went to my Doctors apt last week. Usually I get anxious, cry and become a quivering mess when I go. For the first time EVER IN MY LIFE. I was calm, and strong.

When I got home I was so blown away by that... I giggled! Too funny! 😀
I will continue to take your Alchemical products forever! Western medicine has provided nothing effective for me... thank goodness I found your website!

Keep it up Marten. You are making this world a much more bearable place for me to live, and now thrive. 😎
Dragon's Blood heals issues of the past. It cuts them out like a sword and even past life issues. In my own case, I have a sensitive stomach. But I was told that a spear was thrust through my stomach in one of my previous incarnations lol.

We are born with confidence, but judgement and past events occlude the self love we were born with. So, by cutting out all those blocks, Dragon's Blood brings our natural confidence back.

Thanks for this report we received from Ms. G. last week..

Hi Marten,
I had to write this down before I forgot about this truly amazing experience I had this evening... Just so you know, I've been taking vulcans fire with dragons blood for some time.

Increasing my dose steadily. I've seen healing of long term bodily pains and ailments and thought I could not want for more but I was blown away with what I experienced..

I had asked you at the beginning of taking your elixers, what would I experience and You told me that I would know when it happened and by god I did.

I was driving the car on the way to singing rehearsal and as I drove down a country lane surrounded by trees I suddenly got this overwhelming feeling.... It was like everything I was thinking or could possibly think... Just fell away and I became very aware of the present moment..

Its truly difficult to properly describe. Like nothing else mattered but that moment... Everything I looked at became so real I felt part of it all... Connected more than I have ever felt.....

Then the feeling changed to one so different I suddenly felt like I could take on anything, take on the world, and be totally successful in anything... Literally anything....

When I arrived at the church... The most appropriate place to have found myself at this moment.... I had to sit and take it all in.... I felt invincible... Like nothing could stand in my way... I could have got up on the alter and preached and sang to 100s of people without any resistance....

I didn't want this feeling to go.... It was almost like a tiny glimpse into what our all powerful father is.....

I can't thank you enough for the tremendous work you have done to make these alchemical elixirs that will help so many... Image if 100 people felt the same feeling I experienced... Wow...

I can't wait to see where I go from here.... No more insecurity or fears... They have been blasted away...

Thank you... Love and light to all
Many thanks to this lady Dot for her report.

Hello Marten
If it is appropriate for your newsletter, here are my observations. I am very happy with the results I am getting after such a short time. Thank you so much.

I have been using C60 Red Lion products for 3 weeks' on psoriasis which has been covering my left leg from the knee down, and there is a milder version on my right leg.

Vulcan's Fire and Elixir of Asklepios are applied topically once a day and drops of Dragon's Blood are taken orally before eating in the morning. The redness has been calming down to the point where the bright red spots on my left leg have reduced in color and intensity, and the right leg is almost clear.

This unsightly and embarrassing skin condition has prevented me from doing things I love such as sea swimming and feeling the freedom of going bare-legged in the summer months.

On the emotional level, I have had a number of challenges; my heart has been torn apart many times. Marten was keen to make sure that I was ready to process deep-seated grief and that has begun to happen.

I have been moved to tears while listening to an evocative piece of music or a tender radio story and afterwards I feel my heart warming and expanding. I have more energy and the mist in my brain is clearing. It feels like I am coming home to myself.

I am thrilled to hear Dot is recovering so well. She has been to many doctors over the years and none have had a satisfactory answer for her. But one can see how emotional energy affects the body.


Thanks to the Father and a mighty Alchemist Adept in Spirit, Red Lion brings you joy. And by God I think we need some joy right now don't you?

Phoenix Blood

Last report I casually mentioned we had discovered a new form of Dragon's Blood. This was a pure 'accident' when in reality the mighty Adept in Spirit created the circumstances for it's discovery.

This Adept was an alchemist many centuries ago and went though much worse than I did- horrific horrific deaths, many of them and all chosen by him for his evolution. He is now very light and joyful, full of jokes and good humor but is powerful in-deed!

These are some of the 'friends in high places' I have often referred to.

This is simply an announcement for the coming product. It will be priced at $170 for 30ml and unfortunately I am prevented from offering a discount on this product.

The Sun Shines

What will Phoenix Blood do? What is it capable of?

The first thing is- one cannot take this product unless you have been taking Dragon's Blood or Vulcan's fire for a few weeks.

The shock and power of this product would be too great if one simply started taking it unprepared. I am really warning you here! Please do not take this product unless you have built a tolerance to it first with V.F. or alchemical Dragon's Blood.

What Phoenix Blood will do is bring great joy, incredible joy. Joy that cannot be explained.

It is like people start laughing and they don't know why they are laughing it's like I just feel happy!

There are medical benefits too, there are quite a lot of medical benefits to it. Autoimmune diseases are one example. It will be amazing for the disease ALS.

It can work on MS and it would also work on motor neurons disease because is makes part of the body relax or it make joy which releases endorphins. It relaxes the tendons and muscles, so it will help with muscular dystrophy.

But it is joy, unexplained joy as if this joy has come out of the blue and a feeling of this incredible inner peace and happiness- wanting to spontaneously burst out laughing, it's a feeling of upliftment or elevation which of course will bring confidence and self love.

It will help some of the symptoms of Hashimoto's disease because it is a very muscular disease. Because the heart can be affected, purely because the heart is a muscle it will help the heart, but it does not close ventricles or anything like that, it will not close the valves.

We can see from the above reports how powerful a product alchemical Dragon's Blood is right? Well, Phoenix blood makes Dragon's Blood look as weak as dishwater XD

It could be taken directly, but I don't recommend taking the product directly as an accident can happen and you take 3 drops instead of 1 drop. It must absolutely be kept away from children.

Please begin with 1 drop in a glass of water for the first week and then increase to 2 drops in a glass of water the second week. However I would not go over three drops daily- even when taken with water.

After several weeks, you can take Phoenix Blood after taking Vulcan's Fire. Vulcan's Fire must never be mixed with anything but taken prior to alchemical products and after medical products.

If taking Vulcan's Fire first, waiting 15 minutes and then taking Phoenix Blood, only take 2 drops of P.B. in the morning and 1 drop in the evening- in a glass of water.

Again- you must build up to using this product. It's power is too great. If you feel acid in your stomach, back-off for a while until you heal and your tolerance builds, then continue with a lower dose.
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We are very grateful for any feedback you may have.

Best Regards