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Carbon 60 Status Report

10th September 2021

Dear Reader,

We are making good progress on our [spiritual] cure for cancer. Fortunately or unfortunately I am a meticulous person and taking great pains to make this product as perfect as possible.

However, during this process, we have found a new way to improve Vulcan's Fire yet again! As if it needs improving at all..

I am calling this new product a [spiritual] cure for cancer but it will also heal many aliments for example MS, Parkinson's disease and in fact all illnesses belonging to the alchemical Fire principle.

Asklepios Hair Elixir

Finally we have this product manufactured and placed into jars. However we have only a limited quantity and are busy creating more- although it is a slow process.

We are very confident about this Hair restoration Elixir product.

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pic of hair elixir

Vulcan's Fire and Elixir

We are continually astonished at the amazing power of Vulcan's Fire.

When we created it, it was designed for serious illnesses like ALS, cancer and many other serious diseases of this modern World.

What we did not expect is what our clients began to report- phenomenal skin rejuvenation.

I will let one of our client's report speak for itself..

hey Marten, hope all is well, i have a couple of questions for your regarding your Vulcan’s fire product.

Before i do that, here is my experience with that: first night i took a couple of drops only of the VF, put it on my face, let it dry and then put Elixir, then went to bed.

Very early in the morning i woke up cuz i had a sensation in both of my kidneys, like someone was stretching them out.

Interesting fact, i get the same pulling sensation (too weak to call it pain) when I’m fasting, and usually it occurs on a third day of my dry fast.

Just to let you know, I’m a health enthusiast and strongly believe that my body is my instrument, and since I’m an artist, i have to keep myself tuned up, that’s why i eat clean and fast twice a year.

I was quite surprised to find out that those two drops of VF got me into that state of detoxing so fast.

Next day i skipped, as you recommended, and did a bit more on a third day, but i was disappointed to find out that i didn't have any reactions whatsoever.

Then i started putting almost a whole dropper each night and i can tell you, not every night, but i would experience random pains here and there, they were mild and nothing to worry about and not consistent at all.

Now its been two weeks and i think my body totally adjusted to this product, so i feel completely nothing.

But a glorious thing happened!

My hubby started telling me how great i look..and he is not an easy person when it comes down to such thing ( i know, that’s his worst quality, its ok, i can live w that) so one day he said: Bab, you look great, seems like you r getting to bed on time finally ( and i didn’t at all.not even close..)

The other day he was like: your glowing what are you using? I actually noticed it myself. My skin looks…different. Its my third week now and I'm gonna drink it if needed!.. ladies, this stuff does something..!

The only adverse reaction I've noticed which has been pretty consistent since i started using it that it added to my already fiery temperament.. i would overreact a bit more often then i wanted to, but im still not sure if its from it or from life.

So that’s all i have to say for now, Marten, and i want to get two more of the VF plus the Elixir, since they go so fast.

My only question here, since i dont have any reaction at all from it now, can i start using this combo in the morning as well? also a full dropper is ok? again i have no reaction. Please let me know thank you!!

Greetings and with gratitude to Ms. N.V.

As usual, odd pains come up here and there which means the products are doing their job.

I have said before- watch out for odd inexplicable pains or symptoms. The Elixir is magnetic and finds it's way straight to the most serious complaint before moving on to the next ailment.

The Elixir will heal issues you are not even aware of and heal them. Ms. N.V. had a few issues and now they are gone. That is why her body 'totally adjusted to this product' because all healing is done, she is extremely healthy and there are no issues left to heal.

What happens when everything is healed, does the Elixir stop working?

No, it does not simply stop working. It carries on REVERSING ones age quietly in the background, building the immune system, repairing cells back to better than they were before. This is because of great spiritual power.

In other words- this is a genuine Elixir of Life. But one will only reverse their age to early 30's, eventually. Any faster and the healing power would be too great for people who are unprepared.

This is the forth report on amazing skin rejuvenation and all women had this product for only 2 weeks!

Two weeks!!

All 4 women wrote because they received feedback from others. Other people noticing how well they looked.

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Gentlemen, Ladies, you must try these products!

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VF and elixir photo

We are very grateful for any feedback you may have.

Best Regards